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Currenly, adding in all the multi collered cards, this is not even close to being finished. I have other private decks where i make the list of each type of card i am adding and then paste it in here. the rest of the description is notes for myself for cube creation

think 450card 100 multi (495 maybe)multicolered: 10 per color combo (2 colors)

UW: control or etbmisc: modemai the agelessplaneswalkers: is Dovin baan and/or narset transcendant

UG countersmisc: rashmi, eternities crafterplaneswalkers: kiora the creashing wave, maybe master of the depths also

UB millplaneswalker: note: add tezzeret the schemer


RG creature ramp maybe redo

GW tokens

WB. Adding now enchantments or lifegain

UR instant+sorcery, consider adding goblin electromancer for a niv mizzet it to op or up

BG adding now, graveyard stuffs


each color combo has 2 planeswalker, 2 misc, 1 god and X actually basedeach color has 1 epic: W: elspeth, champion of the sun G: doubling season U: clone legion(?)(no)(storm crow?)arcanis B: best tutor or griselbrandremember to add booster tutor

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