Shelldock Isle


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Lorwyn Rare

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Shelldock Isle


Hideaway (This land enters the battlefield tapped. When it does, look at the top four cards of your library, remove one from the game face down, then put the rest on the bottom of your library.)

Tap: Add (Blue) to your mana pool.

(Blue), Tap: You may play the removed card without paying its mana cost if a library has twenty or fewer cards in it.

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Shelldock Isle Discussion

K0rt on U/B Shadowborn, but with a Twist

6 days ago

@TheRedGoat I use to run Perplex as a one-off however it was incredibly bad when you had resolved Lost Legacy, while Tolaria West and Shelldock Isle are always live. It was also easier just to mulligan into a Lost Legacy then run the Perplex to search for it, especially considering how fast modern is.

crosleydr on Oops, it went to your grave (Esper-Mill)

1 week ago

Por algum motivo a linguagem html desse site impede o uso de acento, ento boa sorte lendo hahaha.

-2 Altar of Dementia
+2 Mind Grind
um bom mill, disponvel no modern E baratinho. Deve ter na Domain, mano.

-2 Glacial Chasm
+2 Terrenos Bsicos / +2 Shelldock Isle
Glacial Chasm infelizmente no Modern, e no tem muito o que substituir no formato atual. Um terreno que vire criatura uma opo, mas eu no acho que seja igual, nem de longe. Eu colocaria 2 terrenos bsicos de acordo com a mana base, mas o Shelldock uma boa forma de conjurar algumas mgicas extras diminuindo seu CMC.

-2 Consuming Aberration
+2 Suffer the Past/ +2 Crypt Incursion
Consuming Aberration uma carta bem cara, e que infelizmente no causa impacto assim que entra na mesa. Ele forte pro deck, mas fica nisso, um corpo pesado que faz o efeito se sobreviver ao prximo turno. Como poucas criaturas so relevantes no seu deck, bem provvel que ele v ser removido (j que o oponente no ter gasto seus removals) antes de causar algum impacto. Como o Glacial Chasm deve ser retirado, pensei que o deck continua precisando de um sustain contra matchups como Burn, e qualquer outro tipo de aggro. Lifegain uma forma de se manter vivo enquanto voc mantm o plano de millar o deck do cara. Suffer the Past mais agressivo e tem menos sustain, porque dependente da sua mana, mas Crypt Incursion no tem agressividade nenhuma, embora tenha um sustain absurdo dependendo do deck.

Leyline of Sanctity um side bem comum nos decks que usam branco e que faz voc perder automaticamente a partida contra o deck. importante pensar em removals de encantamentos, pelo menos para o sideboard.

Jewishman on Mono-blue Hyper mill

1 week ago

Running every possible fetch land is a good way to get the most out of your hedron crabs.Otherwise have you considered splashing black to get access to the best mill cards? Glimpse the Unthinkable Crypt Incursion Mind Funeral Darkness Breaking / Entering (play both halves with Shelldock Isle ).Ensnaring Bridge and Mesmeric Orb are also good pieces.

Peisistratos on Competitive Modern Mill

1 month ago

Thanks for your comments and support Darkite and Sgt.Pickles! :)

Now on with the answears: Shriekhorn is a bad card but does what we need: being an extra mill spell, being a one mana play and so on; I've tried to cut it several times for anything else (like removals..) only for getting to the conclusion that I wrote (and I think that is a firm one): we cannot go lower than this in mill spell department because if we do so we really open ourselves to lose the game by ourselves; and we can afford to play extra mill spells only in the 1-mana slot. Thankfully it is effective enough, and I don't recommend touching it.

Your first 20 lands are practically untouchable. Fetid Pools would be the 21th. But at that point I would play Darkslick Shores because entering untapped (even if sometimes only) is more valuable than cycling at 2 mana half of the games you play against grindy decks.

Shelldock Isle despite entering tapped is astonishingly good: in order to win this deck need to cast around 5 big mill spells - those are Glimpse the Unthinkable, Breaking / Entering, Mind Funeral, Archive Trap, an early Mesmeric Orb possibly with fogs, an early Hedron Crab which survived late (Shriekhorn is not to be counted among them: it is mostly used to round up the count early, which is more important than defence or draw spells). Shelldock Isle entering tapped tally with the poverty in 1 mana early spells, and it is an important gear for casting one of the late mill spells (the first 4 ones of the list above - that is 16 cards!) so that it actually can be counted among them (so that we have a total of 7*4=28 big mill spells, 8 of which good only early and 4 of which good only late). In conclusion, it is too much important for our aim of winning on turn 5 to be cut.

And if with Shelldock Isle you don't hit a late mill spell you could choose a fog, which is equally good against aggro, or a Visions of Beyond which, even if it is always worse than the alternatives in this case, sometimes is still a worthy play even at 3 mana total.

Darkite on Competitive Modern Mill

1 month ago

Although I have to disagree with Shriekhorn (to an extent), and Shelldock Isle to me, feels more like a liability, I really love what you did here, as you clearly put a lot of work into making this guide. It helped give me a new perspective to my own mill deck as well. I used to run Darkness myself, I don't know why I cut it, probably because i was making room for white as a splash. I personally prefer running more pro-active means of protection, but darkness is probably more effective overall. Thanks for this amazing guide!

Peisistratos on Competitive Modern Mill

1 month ago

Hjaltrohir it doesn't seem to me that your removal plan can keep you alive long enough to net the small value those inefficient value cards can give you (Snapcaster Mage, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip..). Also, half of the removal suit is dead against the half of aggro decks, and against some creature decks they are useless overall; not to mention combo and control decks.

And in my deck (fog-plan against aggro) Snapcaster Mage, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip are so ineffient that they make fogs useless because they hinder you in trying to win the game the following turn: at that amount of mana (4 mana to net game-progressing value, for each of them) I'd be better casting two mill spells. And Mill is so slow that you will surely have 2 spare mill spells to play on turn 4. (That is also why Shriekhorn taking turns to do its work is not a real problem: later in the game we will cast our expensive spells still in hand).

The limits of any other removal suit makes turn-1 plays worthless aside from mill spells. I initially included Tome Scour for fast metagames, but then the meta slowed down and together with the great aboundance of discard spells made me want more powerful (and expensive) spells. Shriekhorn, on the other hand, is still worth it: it's a turn 1 play (which is more important that other turn-1 cards due to the previous considerations) which smooths your toil of getting good Visions of Beyond, Crypt Incursion and Shelldock Isle and makes your Mesmeric Orb better in that you can still play Mesmeric Orb AND get early Visions of Beyond, Crypt Incursion and Shelldock Isle without giving up the late-game power (if played early) of Mesmeric Orb. And, unlike Tome Scour, Shriekhorn is good with Set Adrift and can let you draw 3 from Visions of Beyond alongside a lone Archive Trap (13+1+6=20).

Cadoiz on Force of Mill

1 month ago

Yea, against hand disruption, Shelldock Isle is great, that's true.

Oh sorry, I meant Mind Funeral. Mind Grind is too mana-expensive as you have to at least play it for 7 to make it better than Mind Funeral.

Surgical Extraction would be a definite pick for a SB-card, but I didn't meet a Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre yet.

I guess, very few people get that it would be better not looking for a basic, even more if they haven't seen an Archive Trap so far.

You can almost feel the passion, that's really great. Thanks again for all.

TheGodofNight on Force of Mill

1 month ago


Shelldock Isle is one of those "win more" cards, if you have them at 20 cards or less in their library, the card underneath can just seal the deal for 2 mana, which is nice. "Hideaway Cards" are unique in that they aren't widely popular, so folks tend not take advantage of them, so they don't cost a bunch, but they can at least clear some dead weight from the top of your library, protect a card from hand disruption (like Thoughtseize and that ilk), and it gives you an opportunity to combo out in an explosive finish.

As for Mind Grind, I thought you referenced Mind Funeral. I prefer the Mind Funeral to the Mind Grind as I am less upset if they counter it, having not spent more than 3 mana on the effect. This is really a matter of meta and preference of course.

Milling an Eldrazi like Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre just means that they get to undo all of your mill work, and cards like Surgical Extraction can pluck those Eldrazi. Sure they get to put their graveyard back into their library, but without a win condition, your victory is inevitable.

Archive Trap specifically needs your opponent to search their library. Since many high end modern decks run fetches for consistency and thinning, Archive Trap does a lot of work for you. Even if they aren't running fetches, Ghost Quarter can force them into searching their library. I realize that Ghost Quarter says "they may search", meaning that they don't have to, but if you lost a land, especially a non-basic, you are most likely going to replace it if you have the option. If not, you cost them a land drop and and slowed them down, so either way, you are coming out on top.

I know my replies are long and detailed, but as you can tell, I have a deep passion for modern mill, and I always enjoy the exchange of ideals and concepts. I left some suggestions and a post on your mill deck for your review. I look forward to that exchange, and I hope that we can bring your deck into the top tier of your local meta.

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