Armada Wurm


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Return to Ravnica Mythic Rare

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Armada Wurm

Creature — Wurm


When Armada Wurm enters the battlefield create a 5/5 Wurm creature token with trample.

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Armada Wurm Discussion

RijtBart on Choo Choo, it's the train to Value Town! EDH

1 month ago

Great deck. I really like what you have done. This helped a lot with further finetuning of my derevi deck, witch some more tap effects. So thank you for that!Some suggestions:

Conjurer's Closet over brago, because he must do damage in order to get the trigger started.

Gwafa Hazid, Profiteer will help you even further gain control by making your opponents creatures useless. You could cut the signet, as you have enough ramp.

Murkfiend Liege to use your blink creatures multiple times.

Hedron Archive could help you draw even more cards while being a mana rock for as long as you need it.

If you like what Avenger of Zendikar does, you could look at Trostani's Summoner and Armada Wurm. They are much value.

GregariousG on Living Tokens

1 month ago

Cards to Consider

Ze_Geuse81 on Spawn and Burn.

1 month ago

Well i'm a huge fan of trostani she's a power house but i have to tell you that you are sorely lacking in the token departement sure you can make some bigger tokens but your missing the real staple so here are a few budget suggestion that will get you in the game so here goes Advent of the Wurm, Darien, King of Kjeldor, Armada Wurm, Ant Queen, Hornet Queen, Avenger of Zendikar, Rampaging Baloths. Then for some real power throw in Beastmaster Ascension, Cathars' Crusade, Earthcraft, Parallel Lives and the most impressive token makers IMO Giant Adephage, Entreat the Angels, Archangel of Thune(this card id op with trostany but it's expensive) hope some of these helped you out. !! you can check out my deck here : your deck

Fathinar on Playing the Lottery

2 months ago

I would consider adding more creatures maybe bring the creature count to somewhere between 30-35 i know they are all big beefies with high cast costs. But I feel like with the ramp you have it cant hurt. plus the idea is to have good things for mayael to dig for. I would start with Armada Wurm and maybe Craterhoof Behemoth Aegis Angel. something like Arborback Stomper will help get some life for free if you need it. Avatar of Slaughter for the game ending hit. Boldwyr Heavyweights because you should have the biggest creatures at the table and its a 2 for 1. Bringer of the Green Dawn/Bringer of the Red Dawn because reasons Council Guardian Deathcoil Wurm doesnt mind being blocked lol. Dragonlair Spider is great for blocking and creature racing. Enlisted Wurm though im not sure how cascade works with mayael. Garruk's Horde just seems natural in here as does Gladehart Cavalry. Living Inferno fight clubs all by its self as does Nessian Wilds Ravager. um Panglacial Wurm because i dare you to cast it from your library. i will scoop right then. Primeval Protector will be almost free even if its in your hand. Scourge of the Throne i mean your deck loves attacking why not do it again? Siege Behemoth,Tornado Elemental,wolfpack and Thorn Elemental because we want to just do straight damage to people. Stalking Vengeance will make people think twice about clearing the board. Tyrant of Discord sounds awesome. Vagrant Plowbeasts u know why. Vigordoesnt have time for anybodys shit. Windbrisk Raptor id like to see some lifelink in this deck because it has the potential to pump out assloads of damage per turn. there were a ton of creatures i omitted which had cycling and in hindsight they may be good but im sure you can do a search for them but if you ever find your hand flooded with creatures it might be a good out. also one last thing since i love this card Blade of Selves I didnt price anything out because I didnt feel like it since you could buy any of these one at a time and slowly build the deck into something that you wanted.

hardhitta71194 on hardhitta71194

2 months ago

The7thBobba, Dredgar

He was about to reach for a basic land and come up with an Armada Wurm.

studajew on Trostani Tokens

3 months ago

I can understand the creature aspect for using your commander to gain life from them. Here's a handful of suggestions.

  1. Sakura-Tribe Elder for Selesnya Signet. A creature that can chump-block and bring a land into play is better than a mana rock that can be destroyed

  2. Rites of Flourishing for Zendikar's Roil. It's kind of conditional and without the ramp you aren't building a quick army.

  3. Cultivate for Harrow. You don't really have land sacrificing effects to the point harrow would be needed. You'd rather just thin the lands out of your deck and hit your land drops for turn.

4.Enlightened Tutor for Shrine of Loyal Legions. Loyal legions is a slow card. Being able to get an artifact or enchantment to put the game in your favor would be awesome.

5.Rampaging Baloths for World Breaker. It grows your army and has a lower CMC. Also for Kavu Lair you are only running 9 creatures that have a high enough power to draw a card. Armada Wurm is the only card you use that creates a token to make you draw a card. You would need one or more of your anthem effect on the field to be able to draw a card. This would be useful for that.

dahhahm on

3 months ago

If it's gonna be budget and not about stomping plebs and taking names it might as well be cool and fun to play. I say add in more Advent of the Wurm. That's probably your best card to proliferate anyways might as well run 4. Then Scion of Vitu-Ghazi that guy. Then throw down another with Armada Wurm. You might have fun playing 1/1 tokens on a budget, but you could be playing 5/5 trampling wurms on a budget.

amicdeep on g/w token

4 months ago

i second Rootborn Defenses it's better than Druid's Deliverance in most instances. it can be used offensively and if used defensively makes you blockers able to kill attackers without risking your tokens.
Intangible Virtue would pull a lot of weight (vigilance matters!) and taking you centurs out of bolt range is always good.
Windbrisk Heights good dig.
Grove of the Guardian 2 of
- 2 Secure the Wastes for Trostani, Selesnya's Voice2-3 of will turn this into a decent midrange as Secure the Wastes is only good after turn 4-5.
Wayfaring Temple an ok card not sure if it fits.
id drop 2 Armada Wurm for 2 Thragtusk as it comes out earlier and is harder to remove (and that life is worth having)
Garruk Wildspeaker nuff said
Life's Legacy can give you a fresh hand off of a wurm
Avenger of Zendikar another possible wincon
i would -2Beast Within theres better/cheaper removal/token generation, -2Secure the Wastes -2/3Armada Wurm both are only good late game and push you curve up to much. -4Declaration in Stone its sorcery speed (and that's very relevant(in a bad way)) and its a poor card draw at best.

but its a good build (used to play something similar when Advent of the Wurm was in standard)

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