Spoils of the Vault

Spoils of the Vault

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Name a card. Reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal the named card, then put that card into your hand. Remove all other cards revealed this way from the game, and you lose 1 life for each of the removed cards.

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Spoils of the Vault Discussion

deathlich64 on How to kill yourself on TURN 1! (Modern)

13 hours ago

Can you just name a card not in your deck with Spoils of the Vault and insta-kill yourself or do you have to find the card to be damaged?

Coppercrack on BW suicide

19 hours ago

well, u r right, Death's Shadow is the only wincon, but Orzhov Charm can revive it, or bounce it. And i could revive at eot, that's kinda like haste. Trample would be handy, but Faith's Shield can give evasion too, and there are many removal spells to kill blockers.

Near-Death Experience is rather expensive and i have to be EXACTLY at 1 life. I think that's a very fragile wincon and it doesn't do anything, if i can't get to 1 life.

But u r right about the Lingering Souls. The deck doesn't need them. I just thought, they can act as blocker and give some board presence or be an alternative wincon. But maybe other cards fit better into the deck.

I think i will take out the Lingering Souls and add 2 more Spoils of the Vault, 1 Phyrexian Unlife and Drown in Sorrow or Pact of Negation.


1 day ago

I would like to suggest Spoils of the Vault. With a bit of luck, you should be able to lose 20 life if you name a card that you own in a single copy.

square711 on BW suicide

1 day ago

Unless I overlooked something (which I do more often than not), your wincon is based around Spoils of the Vault + Phyrexian Unlife + Rite of Consumption + Death's Shadow, right? It's a cool combo, but I'm not sure it's reliable enough to be your only wincon. All it takes is an Erase or a Banishing Light at the right time (i.e. when you've got no Faith's Shield in hand) and it all falls apart. Not to mention Death's Shadow doesn't have haste (so, you've got to wait one more turn to swing/sac it for the win) nor trample (so a single creature is enough to block half of your combo out).

Might I suggest Near-Death Experience as an alternate, slightly more manageable win condition? Also, mainboard those Drown in Sorrows (all your MB removal has a single target - what if you're up against a token spammer?) and Pact of Negation. Also, why run Lingering Souls?

llamaglama01 on Splinters Up Your Ass

3 days ago

Ummm Dig Through Time is banned. As well as Treasure Cruise. You need to take those out Thought Scour, and put in something that actually helps you find your combo pieces, such as Sleight of Hand, it just help you dig deeper into the deck and you do not run the risk of milling your twin. Spell Pierce is an amazing combo protector. Also, consider splashing black for Spoils of the Vault. I feel like that would be a really efficient tutor. Also, all in twin is by no means the best modern deck, at least pre-banning of cruise, dig, and pod. But I guess we will see! +1

JPODS0717 on Chaos Theory (2nd At TNM)

3 days ago

lemmingllama--My reasoning behind Spoils of the Vault is that if you kill yourself with it looking for what you need, you weren't going to win anyways. Laboratory Maniac is going to go to 2 when i add a playset of Serum Visions (Ive been testing and this seems to work best). The reason i run it mainboard Is so i can win game 1 vs tron. Also, it's an easy side out if it isn't needed. Perilous Myr is tricky. I have a playset, and i am trying to fit it into the deck. I think what will end up happening is it will replace Dismember in sideboard.

MetallicSting--I haven't run into cards with that ability in my meta yet. If there are extractions in your meta, i would recommend Swan Song over Pact of Negation sideboard.

lemmingllama on Chaos Theory (2nd At TNM)

3 days ago

Is there a reason that you decided to go with the Laboratory Maniac route instead of the Perilous Myr route? With Perilous Myr, you can kill your Grim Haruspex when you have combo'd off and drawn almost all of your deck, plus you can cast it for free mid combo. It also can be tossed before the combo to draw more cards off of Grim Haruspex, or as a way to remove threats. Laboratory Maniac has the fatal flaw of having 2 toughness, which is why I only run him as a 1 of in my Heartless Summoning deck in the sideboard against Emrakul, the Aeons Torn.

Also just to ask, how often do you kill yourself by using Spoils of the Vault? I've playtested it, and it would typically kill me far faster than my opponent, even though it helps me win. I personally decided that Serum Visions was a safer plan, plus it negates the chances of exiling all of your win conditions.

hateindigital on How to kill yourself on TURN 1! (Modern)

4 days ago

if i could suggest 1xSwamp and some number of Spoils of the Vault name Plains decked and no life... just a thought also why isn't this labeled as competitive. i think suicide could be a format with a banned list of cards...

Color(s) Black
Cost B
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 8.49
Avg. cube pick 4.65


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirrodin Rare

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