Spoils of the Vault

Spoils of the Vault

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Name a card. Reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal the named card, then put that card into your hand. Remove all other cards revealed this way from the game, and you lose 1 life for each of the removed cards.

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Spoils of the Vault Discussion

Programmer_112 on Paladin Combo

5 days ago

I've been playing this deck for a while on paper, and I've found that Spoils of the Vault <<<< Muddle the Mixture. Also, I think that either Monastery Mentor or Myth Realized should be played as an alternate win-con. Lastly, you could probably go down to 21-23 Cheeri0s in order to play more lands, which would support Muddle the Mixture as a less suicidal, more combo-friendly tutor (i.e., you can cut down to 1 Grapeshot).

Demention on Cruel Master, Turn 1 Victory

2 weeks ago

Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback. I agree 100% with your findings. I was also surprised at how consistent the deck was and it pulls out the turn 1 win's reasonably often but sometimes it just can't until turn 2 or 3. I put Spoils of the Vault in to help the chances of the turn 1 win and it has definitely done just that for me on several occasions. The issue with having too many burns spells or mana I have also noticed and I'm not sure that the mana can be fixed to still get the same effect but I am not completely settled on Spark Spray for it's cycle and would love to find something that I can use in its place to dig and still facilitate the combo. It wouldn't be a bad idea to scale down the amount of Master of Cruelties to put in other things to help the combo but I'm just not sure what would be a good fit, I put in Faithless Looting to help dig but it isn't always enough. I've been playtesting it on Magic Online and I also look forward to acquiring all of the real cards try it out like that as well.

asdf9660asdf on Breaking a Few Eggs

3 weeks ago

how does Spoils of the Vault do against hyper agresive decks like burn/zoo etc?

Femme_Fatale on Desper

4 weeks ago

What's your plan against Abzan and their Abrupt Decays, Maelstrom Pulses and Path to Exiles? Twin and their ability to completely ignore Phyrexian Unlife? Burn in general?

I think perhaps, if you really want to make this competitive, you need to change it up with cards that can help against the various meta. Orzhov Charm and Batwing Brume are cards to consider. Mainboarding discard is a good idea. Potentially having Dismember and Mana Leak main are good as well.

I made a junk Death's Shadow deck a long time ago, back before KTK changed the face of modern as we know it. Back then, it certainly was competitive and able to keep up with the Jund, Pod, Twin and all that. Now, it just doesn't work. Abzan focuses on being able to attrition you. Pelting you with discards making your counterspells completely useless as they put down extreme value outclassing most of your removal and putting them leagues ahead in terms of life. Twin can and will just slaughter you with Blood Moon, and their use of tempo play can make the life you end up losing into a guaranteed loss. Burn just smiles at your Spoils of the Vault.

All in all, the thoughts of Death's Shadow died with the prevalence of Siege Rhino and the ban of pod. It was nice to play back in the day but it no longer holds up to the current meta.

Sieg3sbiss on Podless Melira Pod (Budget Version)

1 month ago

Maybe a good card but adding blue mana cause of a tutor card isn't really worth it... Spoils of the Vault is much better, well it could hurt you a bit... but if your opponent can't counter Spoils of the Vault or destroy one of the combo pieces it's usually gg

Quail on Myr Cruelty (TURN 2 WIN)

1 month ago

If you can make Muddle work then I'm all for it, transmute used to be my favorite part of the deck when I first created it. Back then I focused the deck around 2 drops and Transmute worked decently well, but it still felt fairly slow. If you play a control type build (how I originally planned to play the deck) I can see it working better. But with the current build that I have going it focuses on 1 drops. If you look across the board everything barring Havengul Liches (and Heartless Summoning) cost 1 or less mana after Heartless Summoning is down. Trinket Mages cost 1 mana and can tutor up one of two combo pieces, one of which can also be used as ramp or a draw spell for free. It also allows me to get in the sideboard package which has numerous applications.

A big thing with the deck is that it runs very little lands, so even getting to 3 mana on turn 3 can be rare. Focusing on a very tight curve is the key to the deck retaining efficiency. If you go for a control type build (maining Remands, Thoughtseizes, etc.) I could see Muddle being pretty decent (the Sorcery speed hits it hard though still).

I really tried for tutors to work, and I tried out a ton in a bunch of different ways. The only one to be decent was Spoils of the Vault, but it was way too risky to play and was actually often a dead card in my hand.

New Sidisi might have a place in the deck (just super stoked for her all around since she's awesome) since she provides multiple uses other than just being a tutor. I don't think I'll put her in my current build, but it would definitely be cool to see people use her in more of a midrange build (if someone made a Gifts deck with her and it worked well I would be in awe) or something.

emask on Desper

1 month ago

@ AzrielBarakielHey there! Sorry for the necro, but I was reading through our comments about Angel's Grace and it wouldn't work to bring life back to 1 (if already below 1). It will certainly prevent us from dying that turn, but if the life is below 1, it will never go back up. Also Spoils of the Vault drains life vs damage, so Angel's Grace wouldn't really work there either.

All that said, I'm still considering as it can certainly save my bacon. Just thinking if it's worth having cards that save me, vs cards that help me win.

Anyway, thanks again!

Color(s) Black
Cost B
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 8.49
Avg. cube pick 4.65


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirrodin Rare

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