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Spoils of the Vault


Name a card. Reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal the named card, then put that card into your hand. Remove all other cards revealed this way from the game, and you lose 1 life for each of the removed cards.

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Spoils of the Vault Discussion

BLEATH on Desper

12 hours ago

So like...could you throw in a Laboratory Maniac as a one-of? Have unlife on the battlefield and cast Spoils of the Vault naming something ridiculous, oh, I don't know, Lotus Guardian ? Then proceed to draw a card with probe or the white wisp.

thatguy42 on "Speak 'Friend' and Enter"

5 days ago

Spoils of the Vault can help get the orb out faster

emask on No! Don't Jump!

1 week ago

Very nice! +1

Phyrexian Unlife has some fun shenanigans with Death's Shadow . Gather the Townsfolk is kind of fun too.

I have a pretty similar list if you're interested called Desper. Please feel free to check it out and see if it gives you any ideas! Games usually end with negative life and a very strong death's shadow or sometimes a laboratory maniac,

Spoils of the Vault is a neat card in a deck like this. Just in case you didn't know, but you have to pay life and mana for Bonds. I used to think it was just life and one mana, but unfortunately not.

Anyways, I love the direction you've taken. Best of luck!

nbarry223 on Desper

1 week ago

oh yeah, my bad. Still, you can find the same card you would with spoils, just you get to choose your life loss. It actually sets up plays a lot earlier than Spoils of the Vault can sometimes. I'd suggest running both though, as neither is a bad card, and has it's own use.

Spoils of the Vault lets you go under 0 life, but doesn't guarantee it, so it is better in the late game (with Phyrexian Unlife out). Plunge into Darkness lets you set up the early game better, with no risk of killing yourself prior to the Phyrexian Unlife . You can also use it to strategically lower your life (to something out of burn range) so you can play your Death's Shadow s where you otherwise wouldn't be able to, establishing board presence.

I think a combination of 5-6 of both is what the deck really wants, but you can decide that (and their individual numbers).

Instant speed tutoring is one of those things that you really can't have too much of. It's like running a Think Twice except you almost get to pick your draw (pay 6 life or so and you get some fairly good choices to choose from).

shadow63 on Desper

2 weeks ago

Spoils of the Vault seems like a really really bad card id use another tutor card

nbarry223 on 2014-04-07 update of Viga-BOOM! (turn ...

2 weeks ago

Okay, so I took out my mainboard answers to make room for ways to search for combo pieces I'm missing (since sitting there unable to do anything waiting turn after turn for a good topdeck is the main reason this deck loses).

It seems to have helped a lot, but I am still debating if I want to make room for Spoils of the Vault or not. I just foresee it backfiring in many situations, so I am a little torn on the idea. It's a very powerful tutor though, so I can see it winning just as many games as it loses (hopefully). Thoughts?

Need advice! My maybeboard keeps growing haha, and nobody has offered any opinions on how to fit any cards in (or if they are even worth it). The deck is essentially green/black right now, so feel free to suggest cards that are different colors too, as I have 4 bounce lands waiting to become a useful color (they are red for the simple fact I can use it for Vexing Shusher sometimes).

I will update the deck description tomorrow probably, so ignore the fact that some cards vary from the description to the current decklist. Going to bed for now.

emask on Why Win When You Can Lose?

2 weeks ago

You know, add some Spoils of the Vault and at one mana you can mill yourself out by naming a card not in your library. Nice quick losing potential!

+1 for awesomeness good sir.

nbarry223 on Belcher

3 weeks ago

I really wish I could replace the 3 copies of Desperate Ritual with something like Skirk Prospector but everything I come up with isn't modern legal...

I don't think I need the dual lands though, regular mountains will do (that 2 life might matter with Spoils of the Vault )

That's about all I can think of to improve this, and I am going to cut Gitaxian Probe because it truthfully does nothing for the deck. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.36 $0.81 $1.6 $2.98
Color(s) B
Cost B
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 8.10
Avg. cube pick 3.89


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirrodin Rare