Spoils of the Vault


Name a card. Reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal the named card, then put that card into your hand. Remove all other cards revealed this way from the game, and you lose 1 life for each of the removed cards.

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Spoils of the Vault Discussion

mil0ta on Waste Not Storm

5 days ago

I'm considering if I can make this work with black tutors instead of blue draw. If I did I would likely take out 4 Thought Scour and add 3 Spoils of the Vault and 1 Beseech the Queen. This way I could have a turn 1 play to fetch Waste Not and all the black mana from Waste Not definitely would help to fuel a Beseech the Queen for either a Pyromancer Ascension, Grapeshot, Past in Flames or just another Waste Not. It is dangerous to play storm without the consistency of drawing cards, but hey, what's a Rakdos deck without a little spice?

TehCAnnable on Красивая Смерть

2 weeks ago

Yep, you sure can :) Though this deck doesn't really need it with the amount of cards you can dig through with Spoils of the Vault and Plunge into Darkness.

sergio_salvador on All Spells, Zero Lands, Turn One Win: BOOM

2 weeks ago

How does Spoils of the Vault work on this deck?


TehCAnnable on Красивая Смерть

2 weeks ago

Unfortunately no, because you can't pay life you don't have, even if you wouldn't lose because of it. :P If I'm at 1, I can't cast Apostle's Blessing by paying the Phyrexian white cost, for example. However, life loss isn't damage, so I can cast Spoils of the Vault and go to a negative life total for a card if I have the Phyrexian Unlife out.

isleep2late on Fastest Turn 1 Kill, Guaranteed

3 weeks ago

toothman I've thought about Simian Spirit Guide and a lot of people have mentioned it to me, but I think Lotus Petal is just a better option seeing as I will need black sources to cast Spoils of the Vault . On top of that, I will also need to cast 0-costing spells so that Pact of Negation has something to counter (and isn't a dead card if my opponent doesn't cast any spells). Good suggestion though. If I find the need to cut anything in the future then I will definitely consider it.

Shadow17s on JANK TANK! Turn 1 Modern Combo.

1 month ago

Gilenborn Whoops forgot Narset, Enlightened Master wasn't flying i guess i needed to RTFC. Anyway they need something with at least 4 toughness and 2 power to kill Narset, Enlightened Master because she does at least have first strike so that's going to be hard on turn 1 in modern. Also she has hexproof so they cant Lightning Bolt her turn 1.

Second of all if your down to three cards and still haven't gotten the combo pieces you just sit there and wait it out till you do, and Spoils of the Vault helps with this because if you started with a land, Goryo's Vengeance and Spoils of the Vault you can target Pull from Eternity with Spoils of the Vault and hope that Narset, Enlightened Master hits exile and you topdeck a land then go off with the combo on turn 3 by playing Pull from Eternity turn 2 and another Spoils of the Vault if you still need Narset, Enlightened Master to hit exile.

Also another way you can win by turn 2 is by getting Narset, Enlightened Master straight into the grave if you Faithless Looting putting Narset, Enlightened Master in the grave then using Goryo's Vengeance on turn 2 to win with the combo. But that's if you get all 5 cards by turn 2 (2 lands Narset, Enlightened Master , Faithless Looting and Goryo's Vengeance .

Angry_Potatoes on How Fast Can I Kill Myself?

1 month ago

If only Spoils of the Vault was in standard lol

RedUndead40 on How Fast Can I Kill Myself?

1 month ago

Easy - Spoils of the Vault , choose a card you don't own. Boom.

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Color(s) Black
Cost B
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 8.49
Avg. cube pick 4.65


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Mirrodin Rare

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