Spoils of the Vault


Name a card. Reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal the named card, then put that card into your hand. Remove all other cards revealed this way from the game, and you lose 1 life for each of the removed cards.

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Spoils of the Vault Discussion

TheDeckMaker2300 on Alternate Win Conditions :)

1 month ago

hey i definately like this deck i was considering a alternate win deck.

you might thank me or not for this but im going to give you lots of potential cards for this deck that are budget/semi-budget (note some of my ideas will not work in this deck ofcoarse)(they will be catergorized by each win con)

almost all of them

  • Diabolic Tutor (just another plane old find anything you want card)
  • Last Chance or/and Final Fortune you just cast it when you have a win con from you list ready then at the extra turn upkeep you win (examples: epic struggle = 20 creatures, test of endurance with 50+ life.) and not to mention you have Platinum Angel in the deck if its out it will counters the you lose part of both of them when the turn ends. see for yourself http://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/magic-fundamentals/magic-rulings/magic-rulings-archives/259040-final-fortune-platinum-angel
  • now lets begin

Azor's Elocutors/Darksteel reactor

Barren Glory


  • Infinite Reflection
  • http://magiccards.info/query?q=ct%3Aenter+ct%3Athe+ct%3Abattlefield+ct%3Aas+ct%3Aa+ct%3Acopy&v=card&s=cname (the ones that can turn into creatures)

Test of Endurance/Felidar Sovereign/Celestial Convergence

Epic Struggle

Maze's End

Helix Pinnacle

Mechanized production/hellkite tyrant

Mortal kombat:pretty much any one creature from this list

Laboratory Maniac

Mayael's Aria

Near-Death Experience1.

hope this is to a help to you.

mansfordm on Modern Cheerios

1 month ago

Much love for this! Besides also being my favorite deck in modern I like how you have a solid base list here that people like myself can adjust according to their meta. I think Glimmervoid and the new land from aether revolt spires of industry would work well in here and allow you to possibly splash for a third color; I used to run Spoils of the Vault on the main and it always worked really well for me.

Slumpbuster on TK-421

2 months ago

Have run quite a few edits using Signal Pest, Goblin Bushwhacker, other Kobalds, and varying mixtures of Beck and Spoils of the Vault. Current version runs the highest number of 0 drop artifact creatures to help Opal on opening hand. Instead of 4x Beck's like some decks, I use 2 of those slots for Spoils of the Vault for more versatility. Used 4th Simian Spirit Guide slot for Dryad Arbor for a free green creature target for Summoner's Pact.

Although not playtested yet, I'm optimistic on the 3 Pacts as I can target the Dryad, Elvish Spirit Guides and Wild Cantor in whatever situation needed. A little nervous about committing to winning that turn as a do-or-die scenario, but honestly, I'm probably dead if I don't pull it off. Creature count is also the lowest at 31 than in any other version previously tested.

kabouse on Ad nauseam (plz dont ban ssg)

2 months ago

Yeah, i think Lab is worth in the main. At my local game store 5 to 6 people play melira company and with Lightning Storm only, i can't beat them. Also if i play Spoils of the Vault and happen to exile to many lands i can't win with Lightning Storm.

About Patrician's Scorn, nobody at my LGS play leyline or alot of enchantment. So Echoing Truth does the job for it

Kiortio on Ad nauseam (plz dont ban ssg)

2 months ago

Happymaster19 I believe so. The card it replaces in the deck is the 4th Phyrexian Unlife, usually, so it isn't so much a big deal. Lab man himself is a win condition with Unlife/Angel's Grace + Spoils of the Vault also, in canse you never see your Ad Nauseam

Ozurot on Lots of Pain, Lots of Gain

4 months ago

I get the insurance strategy with Sanguine Bond and could see it staying as one or two of but to me since you have Vizkopa Guildmage, my thought was activating its second ability after bidding a lot of life. You may even look at Spoils of the Vault. I'd recommend Ad Nauseam but then I think you'd end up twinking it and just be better of playing that deck and I like what you have here too much, but I still think it wouldn't hurt taking a few ideas from that deck archetype.

lagotripha on Cincinnati Zooicide

5 months ago

Cool things about death's shadow- If you go into negative life it actually gets a positive bonus, so a singleton Fling to combo out with Plunge into Darkness/Spoils of the Vault and Angel's Grace is legit. I'd consider cutting Pact of the Titan/Temur Battle Rage for some Hallow/Platinum Angel/Madcap Experiment action to provide another combo and source of mischief.

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