Omen Machine


Players can't draw cards.
At the beginning of each player's draw step, that player exiles the top card of his or her library. If it's a land card, the player puts it onto the battlefield. Otherwise, the player casts it without paying its mana cost if able.

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Omen Machine Discussion

SenseiRamen on Revelations

3 weeks ago

If you want to keep running a lot of recursion, I'd suggest swapping the commander from Avacyn, Angel of Hope to Lyra Dawnbringer because Lyra is better for angel tribal and if Avacyn is on the battlefield not much is gonna die making recursion unhelpful.

Also, you have a pretty good amount of mana ramp but severely lack card draw. I know that mono-white has very limited options, but one good example is Alms Collector and I'm sure you can find others. Omen Machine could also be a big help because it could cheat out some giant angels and prevent your opponents from gaining too much of a card advantage over you.

Overall nice deck and hopefully this was helpful.

Geralf_Cecani on I Don't Want You to Play EDH (Grand Arbiter)

3 weeks ago

Maybe more card advantage? You only have 5 recurring sources of card advantage (im not including Land Tax cos that will never get you gas) that I can see, so maybe throw in Mind Unbound, Arcanis the Omnipotent or Thought Reflection. Also, Memnarch is not made cheaper by arbiter, but i have never seen a card better at shutting down a board than him. He also works well with counterspells. And Omen Machine

Starsky2814 on playing the game "the right way"

4 weeks ago

Here are some other cards I thought of since legality isn’t an issue:

Steelspike on I Don't Want You to Play EDH (Grand Arbiter)

4 weeks ago

I'm... I'm not sure I want to help you or not...

First, You're a terrible person.

Second, why no Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite or Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur?

Helm of the Host and Iona, Shield of Emeria seem a pretty good combo, to add on to what Teufell said.

Actually, helm of the host and your commander seems pretty broken too...

If you're going to go with an extra turns/heavy card draw theme, ensnaring bridge is not for this deck.

The blue decree is Decree of Silence, btw.

Also, Damping Sphere?

Dismiss into Dream is AMAZING. It not only makes your opponents not able to equip/enchant/ability target their own critters, but YOU can target them and force-sac them.

For some of the more problem combo decks, Omen Machine is fantastic for hosing infinite combos that involve drawing cards.

Also, with winter orb, Sunblast Angel seems like an auto include... Also, also Sleep...

I think that's enough for now. Hopefully I got your creative juices flowing!


Hotspeed10 on Chaos 4 wincon

1 month ago

Thank you so much cubemaster123. Ive had a busy week so Im sorry for taking forever to get back to you. I already had Omen Machine in the beck but Thought Reflection is definly a good add as well as Coalition Relic. I also Im adding Gamble, Fabricate, and Gifts Ungiven. I still unsure of Cyclonic Rift tough.

cubemaster123 on Chaos 4 wincon

1 month ago

Thought Reflection and Omen Machine is kind of a nonbo.

Bchong on Brain Fart Stax

2 months ago

Ok those cards make a lot more sense now... I have actually used so many of the cards in your deck kind of funny seeing somebody seriously playing lantern control... I kind of did it when I played eggs just because Codex Shredder and Pyxis of Pandemonium were wincons in my deck and I played Counterbalance because it is a soft lock on storm decks.

Maybe you want something like Toxic Deluge its just good removal and you're aren't going to be paying more than 2 or 3. Lim-Dul's Vault is also a very strong tutor and it synergies well with Counterbalance and self mill. And if you are willing to shell out $50 then Yawgmoth's Will is a great card in general.

Also Etherium Sculptor seems a bit weak. I am saying this just from seeing my friends kess deck he casts Ad Nauseam he wins anyways and most of your artifacts are 0 and 1 drops...if you are casting Paradox Engine then mana reduction doesn't matter anyways. I guess this is a meta call but you don't really have any graveyard hate, Nihil Spellbomb is a good flex pick. Preordain maybe? Night of Souls' Betrayal if there are hatebears around.

If you want some more random stax pieces... Zur's Weirding Shared Fate Knowledge Pool Omen Machine total meme pieces. And one's that go with your anti drawing theme.

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