Let's make Hallar a bomb.

I wanted this deck to be something cheap(ish) and not commonly played, but still effective. That is why I obviously left out some of the useful Planeswalkers, tutors, and insane cards like Doubling Season , Primal Vigor , etc. Though this started out as a budget deck, it's gotten to be a bit on the expensive side. But I made it for me and obviously included some relatively expensive cards that I already owned from way back in the day.

When I built this deck, I wanted to see what could be done with Hallar since I like playing tricksy and using +1/+1 counters.

The purpose of this deck is two-fold:

  • Play some kicker spells to trigger Hallar and deal damage
  • +1/+1 counter manipulation

My primary purpose when building this deck was actually not to include all the red and green kicker spells that I could find. Those are a trigger for Hallar, but a lot of them aren't that great and because of the high mana cost, you can't use them rapidfire. The high mana cost also leads to a poor board state, since you are focusing your mana on casting overpriced spells rather than playing creatures to protect you. And you will need protection, because Hallar will make you a quick target once people see.

So instead of using using a LOT of kicker spells, I focused on ways to distribute +1/+1 counters to Hallar or any other creature that could use it. Obviously this led to the inclusion of staples like Vigor , Forgotten Ancient , Kalonian Hydra , and Loyal Guardian among others. But I also wanted to use some cards for recurring counter generation, such as Ring of Kalonia and Ring of Valkas . Nice cheap cards that can pump up Hallar or any other creature. With the counter manipulation, hopefully you can build up Hallar before you trigger him and, if your opponents underestimate him, you can fly under the radar for a little while before the threat gets real.

I hope to use creatures like Forgotten Ancient , Scrounging Bandar , Vastwood Hydra , and Servant of the Scale as counter banks for Hallar so I can reliably dump counters on him.

I also thought about including some other creatures and effects that can make good use of the counters, such as:

Since I don't like my research to go to waste, I left everything interesting on my maybeboard. Most of these are cards that can provide +1/+1 counters, have a kicker cost, or would have synergized with the deck. Obviously there are a lot of staple and utility cards that I didn't include.

The one fun card worth mentioning for this deck is Permeating Mass . I think it's a great card because if you pump it up with equipment or auras or +1/+1 counters, you can use it defensively and offensively to slowly change the board. Since this deck has a sub theme of pumping creatures with counters, it means you can have better Permeating Mass creatures than anyone else. A really fun card that is never expected.


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