Curse of Bloodletting


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension (DKA) Rare

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Curse of Bloodletting

Enchantment — Aura Curse

Enchant player

If a source would deal damage to enchanted player, it deals double that damage to that player instead.

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Curse of Bloodletting Discussion

hotdogdude on Firesong and Sunspeaker, Boros Bros

1 month ago

Super cool deck, I wanted to abuse Firesong and Sunspeaker since they came out. What do you think of adding Curse of Bloodletting? I guess it fits the gameplan pretty well. Also which card could be changed to make it a little more budget?

lagotripha on Cecchino Pezzent

2 months ago

The curve feels too high, and some of your card choices are fairly low-impact. Cunning Sparkmage and Vulshok Sorcerer are best in combo lists ( Banishing Knack/Intruder Alarm/Cowardice/Fractured Loyalty/Power of Fire ) where they are a win condition rather than anything playing more linear, because 1 damage/turn for three mana is weak on its own.

They can work in more casual Deep-Slumber Titan lists. With Goblin Fireslinger existing though, (used for the bloodthirst mechanic) they almost never see play. Gorgon's head synergy just isn't reliable enough to see play outside Brigid, Hero of Kinsbaile commander, and is best non-budget for Basilisk Collar.

Looking for that kind of synergy is exactly the right mindset for effective budget deckbuilding, you just need to get used to all the options so you can find the good stuff.

Its best to go hard on exactly what you want to do with a deck, especially as a budget list. Expensive cards are usually the most versatile cards (or cards with no alternatives). So to play budget effectively, you need a strategy that keeps cropping up in MTG and go all-in. A direct damage burst with Quest is a good choice, and so is the incredible efficiency of Shrapnel Blast, so lets build around those. You want to spend a single turn taking somone from 14-15 to 0 with artifacts on the field.

Go to gatherer, advanced search. Search for red enchantments that might sit alongside quest to help hit that 'eight copy reliable' stage. Anything that catches your eye, add it to the maybeboard, so you can see how much each card costs. We can also do a search for 'double damage' and 'whenever a source damage' to pick up other likely options.

Don't grab cards costing 6 or more mana, because unless you build your entire deck to cast them, you'll never cast them. Assault Strobe, Temur Battle Rage, Dictate of the Twin Gods ( Fire Servant ), ( Curse of Bloodletting )Insult,Overblaze, The Flame of Keld all stand out to me.

But with them all sitting in or around the 5 mana slot, or being creatures pump spells, suddenly we have some deckbuilding restrictions. We need either a bunch of damage on the field which we abruptly double and win, or to spend five mana getting one to the battlefield then cast a bunch of spells.

So lets look at the tools mono-red has to do that. For the former, there are agressive creatures like Keldon Marauders, Mogg Fanatic, Mortarpod, , Seal of Fire Zektar Shrine Expedition, Emberwilde Augur etc, for the latter Fling Spark Elemental etc.

Getting a big list of all the options then picking the best, looking at both price and effect is a good habit to get into with deckbuilding- Learning to trim the fat and spot strong options helps immensely with draft formats, and can help massively streamline your lists. If you are having trouble finding options, look into the archived standard deckbuilding discussions for an archetype that might have useful tools, and steal those.

Just remember, redundant copies of any spell makes it good, and casting spells on turns 1-2-3 is very good.

akkd on Blair Witch

2 months ago

Update: I've decided to withdrawn the Red splash, and exchanged 1x Curse of the Pierced Heart for Trespasser's Curse and 1x Curse of Bloodletting for 1x Curse of Echoes.

DespairFaction on Aurelia, the Warleader - Budget

2 months ago

Hey I am a long time Aurelia player. I like what you've done working on a budget, but heres a few upgrades I would make.

Someone above mentioned Comeuppance its amazing, especially with sunforger. Here are the cards that have been underwhelming for me: Legion's Initiative, Spear of Heliod, Figure of Destiny, Curse of Bloodletting, and Wild Ricochet.

Once you free up those slots, you have some great cards listed in your maybe board I would start with some of those: Gisela, Blade of Goldnight, Hero of Bladehold, and Iroas, God of Victory are all absolute powerhouses. Some other things that I like for this style of deck True Conviction, Open the Armory, Sword of the Animist, and Mask of Memory. Sword and mask do so much work, and they generally dont attract the kind of hate that the more expensive equipments get. Anyway those are my thoughts, here are links to some of my Aurelia builds in case you want to check them out.

Aurelia 45 CreaturesAurelia Weapons of War

Seedubs3 on It's too late to lose the hate

3 months ago

Removed Curse of Bloodletting, Echo Mage, and Underworld Dreams.

Added in Kess, Dissident Mage, another Nightveil Specter, and Izzet Chemister.


Funkydiscogod I was honestly thinking about scraping the Ashiok plan, but idk what to have x4 of yet.

LeaPlath on It's too late to lose the hate

3 months ago

Yeah, this deck is filled with bad cards, cards that do nothing, cards best suited to other formats, and cards that are too expensive for what they are.

Grixis in legacy has access to some of the most powerful cards in existance. Brainstorm, Preordain, Ponder, Force of Will, Counterspell, Lightning Bolt, Thoughtseize, Cabal Therapy, Fatal Push etc. Why play Lightning Strike or Lava Spike when you can play Lightning Bolt for example.

For a start, you are way low on lands. In Legacy, you can sort of skimp a bit on lands, but then you are very reliant on fetchlands, Brainstorm and Ponder effects, and a fair bit of luck in order to curve out, and generally you keep your curve maxed out at 4, with Deathrite Shaman as a mana dork to keep things flowing together.

This deck, however, wants to cast 6 drops and 7 drops with only 18 lands and 1 mana rock. That is going to screw you over more often than not as you are unable to curve out or play things when they would be impactful. Hostage Taker might be a great tempo play on turn 4, but on turn 6-7 it can just be outclassed.

You also have a lot of "do nothing" cards that don't help you win the game or stabilize on their own. Curse of Bloodletting is a great example, as it is a 5 mana enchantment that will basically take up your entire turn and...does nothing unless you are already winning, or draw one of your 3 burn spells.

So, some ideas you might like.

You could turn this into a Grixis EDH deck, with one of the grixis legendaries as your commander (based off what I'm seeing so far I would lean Thraximundar), and I can suggest things from there.

You go Grixis Hard Control in Legacy, which can be quite expensive, but also quite interesting as there are a lot of interesting and unusual ways Grixis can take control of the board which are great for casual/FNM legacy but may not be top-tier viable.

You can go lower to the ground more tempoy, with powerful low mana cards and cheap threats aiming to get in quick and control the board.

You do some sort of Grixis spells deck, which plays a sort of combo-control deck best suited for casual.

Seedubs3 on RB +1/+1 Vampires

3 months ago

I would say Curse of Bloodletting and Bad Moon for a quick win opt with what you already have here. Olivia Volderan, Olivia, Mobilized for War, and Vampiric Dragon are just some more suggestions sticking to the tribal theme.

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