Curse of Bloodletting


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension Rare

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Curse of Bloodletting

Enchantment — Aura Curse

Enchant player

If a source would deal damage to enchanted player, it deals double that damage to that player instead.

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Curse of Bloodletting Discussion

hebleb on Mogis Trigger

4 days ago

Thanks, DragonFaceEater! I have tried using some of those cards before but in my experience, creatures are really hard to keep on the field especially with this deck lol so I cut most of them. I do like Cruel Reality and Curse of Bloodletting though. Although they both single out only one person and I usually don't like doing that but I think they deserve a try!

DragonFaceEater on Mogis Trigger

4 days ago

This seems really hilarious to play! I feel like Cruel Reality, Curse of Bloodletting, Fate Unraveler, Kederekt Parasite, and Sin Prodder could fit in your deck, Cruel Reality and Curse of Bloodletting would be good with killing one problematic player, or as good leverage to hold over anyone looking to attack you.Fate Unraveler, Kederekt Parasite, and Sin Prodder would be more like the cards you have in your deck, killing everybody equally. Dread and Orbs of Warding could help you with pillowforting, Dread with discouraging any attacks against you plus a huge threat, and Orbs of Warding can make sure that nobody can make you sacrifice things or any shenanigans like infinite mana plus Blue Sun's Zenith combos, plus the added upside of preventing a good amount of damage from token decks and things like that.

landofMordor on Bad Luck Brion

6 days ago

Hey friend. Thanks for thinking of me -- I'm happy to help!

It's a solid build. I don't have any groundbreaking revelations for you, because it's so good. Maybe, just maybe, damage doublers like Insult / Injury/Quest for Pure Flame/Dictate of the Twin Gods/Curse of Bloodletting could help you, as it's essentially a +X/+0 in a different form. Heartless Hidetsugu is definitely one-sided in this deck. Also, I'd think about cutting some of the one-use creatures you have like Ball Lightning in favor of things that grow over time. Falkenrath Marauders comes to mind as one example. Check out my deck @ Blood-Braided Beatdown (Primer) for a very similar concept in Jund colors to see what I mean.

Anyways, hope that helps! Excellent deck.

Minihorror227 on Curse after curse

1 week ago

Also after thinking about it, i could take red out as well. Red is only there right now for Curse of Bloodletting but with the addition of cards makog this a prison deck then it wont be much of an issue to not deal that double dmg maybe

HOPMONSTER on One More Red Nightmare

2 weeks ago

Awesome deck. I have a mono red dragon deck with Zirilan as well (not fully updated on this site though).

Some cards you def need:

Braid of Fire - a growing pool of red mana.

Conjurer's Closet - Use this on a dragon you've tutored for with Zirilan and poof, you don't lose the dragon.

Hoarding Dragon - Finds conjurer's closet or other Artifacts

Mirrorpool - Can also be used to copy a creature that you've tutored for with Zirilan, a copy that you get to keep.

Mudslide - All your stuff flies...

Hellkite Tyrant - An alternate wincon

Some other cards I'd highly consider: Mana Flare, Warstorm Surge, Belbe's Portal, Crucible of the Spirit Dragon

Some other cards to consider: Crucible of Fire, Curse of Bloodletting, Dragon Tempest, Rage Reflection, Ryusei, the Falling Star, Great Furnace, Rogue's Passage, Spinerock Knoll, Dragonspeaker Shaman

Good Luck +1

Grantley91 on This is What Glory Looks Like: a Savage Beating

4 weeks ago

Dictate of the Twin Gods would essentially quadruple the damage dealt by your Bolt, and Curse of Bloodletting would also double the damage dealt to your opponents. Reverberate would let you target another player if you were in a multiplayer game.

Love the gratuity to that Bolt scenario. Tis a shame Gratuitous Violence only works on damage dealt by creatures...

i24 on Mono red artifact fling

1 month ago

Bitter Feud, Curse of Bloodletting, Overblaze, Fire Servant, Gratuitous Violence, Quest for Pure Flame and Furnace of Rath will do the trick too.

Desperate Gambit is quite good for, well, desperate situations.

Onward can double the creature's power, and thus, double the amount of damage dealt.

Hybrow on Purphoros, God of Tokens (Multiplayer EDH Primer)

2 months ago

my playgroup is looking at the spoilers for the new Ixilan set.. and sent over this one...

Angrath's Marauders 3RR Creature - Human Pirate (R) If a source you control would deal damage to a permanent or player, it deals double that damage to that permanent or player instead. 4/4

might be worth looking at when the set is officially spoiled... casting cost may be a bit high for my Purphy deck.. but its worth considering. for me, I am probably going to drop Curse of Bloodletting for it.

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