Thicket Elemental


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Nissa vs. Ob Nixilis (DDR) Rare
Invasion (INV) Rare

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Thicket Elemental

Creature — Elemental

Kicker (You may pay an additional as you cast this spell.)

When Thicket Elemental enters the battlefield, if it was kicked, you may reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a creature card. If you do, put that card onto the battlefield and shuffle all other cards revealed this way into your library.

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Thicket Elemental Discussion

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Good Golly Gosh, Ghalta!

1 month ago

This is great. This roars 'greeeeeeeeeen' from every single card. I like it a lot. I do have some suggestions you might like to consider:

Scute Mob helps you cast Ghalta. And it does even better if games go longer. Root Elemental and Myojin of Life's Web are pretty similar, but both very powerful here. Considering your amount of token generation, Stag Beetle might be interesting for you as well. Also, how about Ulvenwald Observer and Soul of the Harvest? Also, Thicket Elemental, Garruk's Horde, Mouth / Feed and Cream of the Crop all seem like they could do a good job here. Oh, and then, there is Zendikar Resurgent.

WizardOfTheNorthernCoast on Rashmi's Surge

2 months ago

Thanks for the suggestion, Mardu_Maniac. I kinda like Callous Deceiver and Thicket Elemental. I'll consider those for future potential changes :)

mucusgran on Horde of Notions

3 months ago

Hello RARoberts, this is London Calling.

First up I'd try to leverage 5 colour a bit more, in budget I'd probably play Maelstrom Archangel and Chromanticore.

Creatures look good - I'd get rid of Silverglade Elemental, Void Stalker, Torrent Elemental and maybe Thicket Elemental though I'm unsure on that, they look a bit weak.

I think some artifact 5 colour filters would be handy - perhaps a copy of Darksteel Ingot and a Prophetic Prism. Ramping with Kodama's Reach and Cultivate, Explosive Vegetation.

Ditch Spoils of Victory and Sever the Bloodline, perhaps replace with good old fashioned spot removal. Deprive is probably a) not right with double , and I'm not sure I'd have a single counterspell - Swords to plowshares might be a bit techy, perhaps just a Doom Blade is okay?

Unclaimed Territory should go in says Joe.

Basically (last thing) if you are playing for Threshold you want a lot more self-mill. It'll take ages to get 7 cards in GY with an average CMC of 3.?, so either can the threshold idea (I don't think you need it!) or build around it specifically.

Mandalorian on Mono green(Advice needed)

4 months ago

Ill start by saying that Thicket Elemental is not Modern legal if you are looking to play this deck in a Modern setting.

The biggest problem with a deck like this is consistency. You might find yourself playing through games and think, "Oh man if only I had drawn that one card...." To try and avoid this you need to condense your list so that you have mostly 3-4 copies of cards you're playing. This will increase your chances of drawing these cards in matches. If you have 4 Elvish Visionarys in your deck instead of 2, you will natural draw them more frequently.

Being mono green means you can play some pretty powerful cards that other decks don't get to play, you should take advantage of that! Cards like Leatherback Baloth are very difficult to cast in decks that have multiple colors. In yours though, it's all too easy. Other cards that like being in mono green decks are Garruk's Companion, Kalonian Tusker, Aspect of Hydra, Dungrove Elder, Kalonian Twingrove etc...

A sample list could look something like this:

Remember we want multiples of 3 to 4 to increase our consistency and want to make sure we have a good curve.

4x Experiment One 2x Rancor 3x Aspect of Hydra

4x Avatar of the Resolute 4x Garruk's Companion 3x Den Protector

4x Leatherback Baloth 4x Dungrove Elder

2x Nylea's Disciple 1x Nylea, God of the Hunt

3x Whisperwood Elemental

2x Kalonian Twingrove

24x lands

Now this didn't take much thought so it's not a refined, or perhaps even good, list but shows that you can still have small numbers of certain cards, especially if they are legendary, but mostly want mulitples of 3-4 and a good curve. As our curve climbs we have less and less cards (11 2CMC cards and 3 5CMC cards), this should keep our hand from being clunky and full of uncastables. Anyway, I wont say what cards you should cut and which you should add more of, I think a bit of that has to do with what you already have. I hope this helps!

NathanTheArcane on What's cooking, Momir Vig? [advice appreciated]

11 months ago

I will suggest Thicket Elemental, you always pay the kicker cost when casting it. With Momir Vig, Simic Visionary out his ability triggers first then you put whatever creature on the top of your library. Then Thicket Elemental kicker ability triggers were you put whatever creature card from the top of your library onto the battlefield

NoNeedToBragoBoutIt on Omnath - Locus of Ramp

1 year ago

Holy ish, thanks for all the input BlueSunCorp & GS10 (again!).

I've been thinking about Parallel Lives and Doubling Season and i'm still sceptical as their immediate influence can vary a lot more as in, let's say, Prossh, Skyraider of Kher. I might take them out of my Prossh - Need some water for that burn? deck though to test them.

Fresh Meat isn't supposed to work as a benefit of saccing but should pull the game on my side after a board wipe. If my opponents fear Elementals and prefer a clear board they'll be just happy to see i got my pings and a dozen 3/3 beast that will be able to swing as the rest of the board is cleared. Absolute pet card of mine, you should try it out!

The reason why i'm running Starstorm instead is, that i can always cast it in response. If Omnath, Locus of Rage is targeted by spot removal i know a board wipe is going to go down soon and whoever wants to cast it is trying to avoid the pings. Starstorm allows me to clear the board in response and get all the triggers nontheless. Plus, it's really flexible. If i want to keep board presence and/or swing for a lot on my next turn i can always cast it with x=4 the end step before my turn. In a vacuum Blasphemous Act is bonkers, but for what i'm trying to do/avoid Starstorm is just the better fit.

As for your creature suggestions, i'd prefer Oracle of Mul Daya over Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip as for the imminent influence, insane synergy and big package of value. While theoretically a great combo Budoka Gardener with it's before a single yet big Elemental hits the board is simply too much investment. Not even talking summoning sickness. His ability before he transforms might be great in other decks but i purposely designed my ramp (mainly) around lands hitting the board from the library instead of going to my hand. So Courser of Kruphix and said Oracle of Mul Daya fit better in any case. Rakka Mar looks cool and i might test him out. Unsure if i need another token spawner though. Avenger of Zendikar is a definite force if it stays on the field, but judging from my experience he gets destroyed before anything big happens unless you can ramp after you cast him. So you'd need to cast him and either need a (fetch) land in hand or have enough mana open and a ramp spell in hand. On the other hand i'd love dropping him with In the Web of War on the field...

Either way, thanks again for your input, will try out Doubling Season, Parallel Lives and Rakka Mar.

1.Rubblehulk - I do have a copy and played it for a while. It didn't win me any games with Bloodrush and i never felt like casting it as a creature. I prefer going wide instead of big, as it helps against spot removal.

2.Thicket Elemental - Feels like i'd only run it for being an Elemental. If i'd be more into creature and tutor-based gameplay i'd just run one of the many green broken creature tutors instead.

3.Thornling - Um, no? Despite the creature type this would feel just off.

4.Undergrowth Champion - Another example of going big. Could be very cool landing it on turn 2-3, but apart from that, meh.

5.Phytotitan - An "undying" Elemental for ? Such a clunky mechanic as he returns tapped and all. If it had a smaller body but cost less and would return untapped i'd go for it.

6.Titania, Protector of Argoth - I'd love to run her, but she's a lot more effective when the deck is stacked with the optimal fetches and a Crucible of Worlds. I'm working/trading towards that end but before i get closer to that i fear she's too situational.

7.Omnath, Locus of Mana - I've always been a fan of Old-nath, but despite getting big and its creature type i don't see much synergy here. Rulewise i'm not even allowed to have both Omnaths on the field at the same time, if i'm correct. If i had one of these i'd totally play it - in my Ezuri - Regenerating Leader deck for it's clear and brutal synergy there.

8.Fertilid - for 2 lands and a single ping? There are easier ways to get the land and the single ping doesn't make much difference.

9.Cloudthresher - Flyers aren't too much of a problem in my LGS. If so i'd prefer Silklash Spider over this as it's a permanent solution for all flyers.

1.Khalni Heart Expedition - Great early game card, but later on i hate it for it's delayed ramp. Have it, cut it, never looked back.

2.Abundance - Hmm, love the effect - i would always pick "nonland" - but revealing it somewhat spoils it for me. There are cards in the deck that need the element of surprise. Maybe if i get one in a trade i'll try it out.

3.Rite of the Raging Storm - Hmm, fun durdle but outside of my turn chances are nothing really happens.

4.Journey of Discovery - Each mode on it's own has good value, especially the second one early game, but mid-late game its too expensive going for the entwined effect.

5.Mob Rule - Fun card, but my deck is very streamlined to beat face. If i were in the mood i'd run my copy of Insurrection instead.

6.Destructive Revelry - Hmm, spot removal isn't a particular strength of this deck. 'Til now that never caused any problems. If that changes my adds would be Unravel the Aether and Deglamer as they hinder graveyard recursion and enable me to shuffle away Gods and Darksteel Colossus (which doesn't see much play).

Thanks to you too. I'll give Abundance a try if i can get my hands on one. Titania, Protector of Argoth will be an addition at a later stage.

BlueSunCorp on Omnath - Locus of Ramp

1 year ago

I would definitely add some more creatures to the deck. Especially elementals that work with lands or retain some sort of benefit from playing/having them.

  1. Rubblehulk
  2. Thicket Elemental
  3. Thornling
  4. Undergrowth Champion
  5. Phytotitan
  6. Titania, Protector of Argoth
  7. Omnath, Locus of Mana
  8. Fertilid
  9. Cloudthresher is a amazing for annoying flying tokens, medium flyers and a clutch blocker in general. Tireless tracker is great for draw and a powerhouse later.

I would also recommend:

  1. Khalni Heart Expedition: This card works wonders early game. A good hand with this can net you Omanth turn 4 along with a 5/5 elemental. An average hand still means turn 5 or 6 at the latest.
  2. Abundance
  3. Rite of the Raging Storm
  4. Journey of Discovery
  5. Mob Rule
  6. Destructive Revelry
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