Quicksmith Rebel


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt (AER) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Quicksmith Rebel

Creature — Human Artificer

When Quicksmith Rebel enters the battlefield, target artifact you control gains ": This artifact deals 2 damage to target creature or player" for as long as you control Quicksmith Rebel.

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Quicksmith Rebel Discussion

MyMask69 on famished paladin brewers challenge!

1 month ago

So, you're wanting some hilarious "wtf?!, did that just happen?" moments. I would personally make things difficult for myself and try to do Famished Paladin turned to artifact with Saheeli's Artistry and given Quicksmith Rebel tap to do 2 damage ability and use it on a Sheltering Light 'ed Imperial Ceratops. I might even try to do something with lifelink and Quicksmith Genius to draw with The Locust God and Makeshift Munitions. Or, Heroic Intervention and Squire's Devotion on a Fervent Paincaster , exerting him to damage Cacophodon and untap/gain life. Then draw with the Saheeli's Artistry+Famished Paladin+Quicksmith Genius thing......IDK there's so many possibilities....

jakethewhale007 on Judgment Day: Avacyn the Purifier EDH | *PRIMER*

1 month ago

Hey there Daedalus! Not sure if you remember me, but you helped provide input to my semi-budget version of your deck with the MLD package back in October. Thus far, i've been undefeated in my playgroup with it lol. I love this deck! I use it sparingly now, only bringing it out when my friends bust out their more degenerate decks. It's always nice having this deck in my back pocket and I am so happy that I found your primer. I haven't quite kept it updated with some of the more recent changes you made (ex: I'm still running Quicksmith Rebel among other things). I've had a blast playing it! I just need to pick up a copy of rekindling phoenix. Thanks for all your help! I don't regret building this deck for a second and it has surpassed my expectations :)

Argy on Aggro Brawl

1 month ago

Well naturally!

tiagompm I told you - I solved Brawl with this.

I was considering Sentinel Totem to help against The Scarab God. Which card did you take out for it?

My preference will always be for Foundry Inspector over Quicksmith Rebel. I'd rather have my stuff hit the field earlier, than what Rebel offers.

I don't understand how Hostile Desert can be considered consistent enough, when there are only three lands that you can put into your Graveyard.

Glad you had fun with the deck.

tiagompm on Aggro Brawl

1 month ago

Argy I've already done brawl combats with the deck based on the one you present and it's consistent! I put the Quicksmith Rebel for Foundry Inspector(and even got it right!) and the Hostile Desert also worked because as the deck is aggressive, putting a terrain card in the cemetery strategically can be very good ... I did not put the Key to the City but put Sentinel Totem because they are playing very The Scarab God comander in Brawl...

In short, it's strong!

tiagompm on Aggro Brawl

1 month ago

Hello, I really like your deck and its suggestions:

Quicksmith Rebel to deal damage by artifact;

Hostile Desert to seize discarded land;

Key to the City to deal damage and to buy cards.

I hope it helped you!

clayperce on UR Modules ... Really?!?

3 months ago

I had actually tested Panharmonicon early in the process ... at the time, I found it to be WAY too high-variance for my playstyle. Seemed like it was either completely broken (with Decoction Module and Whirler Virtuoso) or completely useless (with the other Modules), with no in-between. I'll give it a hard relook though, because I tested it before I had Reckless Fireweaver or Maverick Thopterist in the deck. If not in this deck though, I could see it being really good in a deck that's more focused on the go-infinite wincon ... maybe with some Whir of Invention and Saheeli Rai.

Idk if Quicksmith Rebel is played in Vintage, but I've seen it in Big Red in Legacy, allowing the deck to get even more value from their Chalice of the Void, Ensnaring Bridge, Chrome Mox, etc. Here though, I'm not sure ... seems like LOT for a (potentially) repeatable Shock. I'm sure it's nice in super-grindy games, though, so I'll keep it in mind.

As always, thanks tons for your thoughtful suggestions!

Corrosive_Cat on UR Modules ... Really?!?

3 months ago

You considered how insane Panharmonicon is? Triggers Decoction Module twice, letting you go infinite a little more often, triggers all energy generation from creatures twice, creates four thopters with Maverick Thopterist, which in turn each deal twice as much with Reckless Fireweaver. If you have two Reckless Fireweavers and play a Panharmonicon and Maverick Thopterist, you deal 20 damage; you can pull this off real easily much of the time. Glint-Nest Crane also finds stuff a lot more reliably.

Also Quicksmith Rebel is fantastic removal, especially combined with Panharmonicon, and even gets played in vintage I think. Turns your modules into little Shock machines.

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