Quicksmith Rebel


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Standard Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Quicksmith Rebel

Creature — Human Artificer

When Quicksmith Rebel enters the battlefield, target artifact you control gains ": This artifact deals 2 damage to target creature or player" for as long as you control Quicksmith Rebel.

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Quicksmith Rebel Discussion

golgarigirl on AER Pre Release Pool - Opinions?

1 day ago

Thanks! That's always helpful, to see what you saw while building the deck, and see if there's anything else you pinpointed as strong along the way. Admittedly, this pool isn't the greatest, but one thing I really like about prereleases is you can make some really amazing decks out of what seems like the most hopeless pile.

I agree with your Red for sure...Kari Zev, Skyship Raider, Quicksmith Rebel, and Sweatworks Brawler are all strong pulls pushing you into the color, and the removal in Shock, Chandra's Revolution, and Destructive Tampering only help.

I see the appeal in the Black for more removal and evasion (and honestly, I did the same in my prerelease pool, after all...), but I feel like with the card pool you have, a bit of menace and Unlicensed Disintegration is not really enough to pull me in.

I think I would have attempted Green. Between providing energy to power your Territorial Gorger, and a Riparian Tiger (which, honestly, is better than most of the rares you can get out of the prerelease packs), those make for an excellent high end that can't be accidentally stymied by an artifact-light deck (as my Fen Hauler often was). Aside from all the energy cards, Scrounging Bandar is surprisingly good. I don't know how much use you got out of your vehicles in practice, but I feel like the Daredevil Dragster is good enough to include as well, if for nothing other than eliminating a few chumps and drawing some cards, maybe in place of the Irontread Crusher, depending on how many 3-power creatures you ended up with. Natural Obsolescence is actually worth considering in this format, given how common artifacts are.

One thing to look at in upcoming prereleases is the potential for a 3-color deck/a color splash. That depends on if there are a.) multicolor lands (none in this set) and b) other fixing (in this set Prophetic Prism and Renegade Map) in your pool. But here, we didn't really have that opportunity.

wijohn on The Gearhulk Revolution

3 days ago

Perhaps a weird suggestion for a deck that's called Gearhulk Revolution, have you considered cutting the gearhulks? I feel like what this deck really wants to be doing is playing cheap artifacts and then sacrificing them for value with Pia's Revolution, which I don't feel is super consistent with playing big artifacts that don't have recurable sac mechanics. Given that, I'd drop white all together and go RB. Bring in Syndicate Trafficker for the sac shenanigans, Inspiring Statuary for improvise on your non-artifacts and maybe Weaponcraft Enthusiast to get two early artifacts. Marionette Master might be worth considering for high end, it casts pretty easy with the statuary and it's just ugly with Pia's Revolution and sac outlets.

On a less radical note, have you considered using Quicksmith Rebel instead of Reckless Fireweaver? It's a little more expensive mana-wise but it makes your artifacts shocks on a stick, and it combos great with Paradox Engine if you're doing that (I swear I'm not trying to make your deck paradox RUG ;).

In the sideboard Yahenni's Expertise seems a lot better than Radiant Flames, especially if you're dropping white, and I'd bring in Shock in place of Declaration in Stone.

lordnova42 on Help with fleshing out my ...

4 days ago

I used to play magic back in high school, but quit shortly after, and haven't played in 14 years, until this weekend.
I went to the midnight pre-release, made a R/G deck, but didn't do that good, 16 out of 28. The Sunday pre-release I made a B/R deck, and took 2nd out of 8th (barely had enough players to hold the tournament).
Some of the guys I was playing with invited me to the Tuesday night standard games they play there, so I need to flesh out my deck.
Here's what I made for my second tournament:
7 Mountain
1 Spire of Industry
9 Swamp
1 Aether Poisoner
2 Alley Strangler
1 Consulate Skygate
1 Consulate Turret
1 Daring Demolition
1 Embraal Bruiser
1 Foundry Hornet
1 Frontline Rebel
1 Gonti's Machinations
1 Hijack
1 Irontread Crusher
1 Lathnu Sailback
1 Night Market Lookout
1 Ornithopter
1 Perilous Predicament
1 Prophetic Prism
1 Quicksmith Rebel
1 Salivating Gremlins
2 Shock
1 Spontaneous Artist
1 Thriving Rats
1 Yahenni, Undying Partisan

Here is my entire inventory of magic cards:
Using just the cards I already have, what cards would you recommend adding, or swapping out, to make this a 60 card casually competitive deck?
I do plan on increasing my collection, but I have a very limited disposable income at this time, so can't go out and buy expensive cards, so I'm probably going to stick to picking up a few booster packs each payday.

Drizzurp on Artifact Burn

4 days ago

I understand the inclination to run Bone Saw and Cathar's Shield as they cost (0) but you may be better off with some of the new Implements instead considering you're only running 4 creatures and will rarely have targets for them. After going to the pre-release event this weekend and coming 4th out of 28 people, I have a newfound respect for these new cards and the similar Puzzleknot cards that were released in Kaladesh. Consider Implement of Combustion in place of the Saw or Shield and perhaps even Fireforger's Puzzleknot. These two with the combo of Pia's Revolution are just bonkers. Quicksmith Rebel might be viable here too as an additional way to get some burn damage on other artifacts that don't include a "tap cost" within them. Either way impressive take on Red Burn good to see this is still alive and well! Plus 1 from me friend! Consider checking out my deck Boros Face Stomp not yet updated with Aether Revolt but soon to come! Cheers mate!

KillDatBUG on Aether Revolt Pre-Release MVC (Most ...

4 days ago

It's gotta be Quicksmith Spy for me. The U/R deck that it was in was the only time I 4-0'd during the six events I played in, and it was mostly due to this. Drawing a card every turn for basically free is completely insane, especially since the "drawback" is so easily circumvented by targeting an Equipment with the ability, or targeting a late game Renegade Map. This does need at least a few artifacts in order to be good, but those shouldn't be too hard to pick in draft.

Aside from that... Hm. In the last deck I played, I was a really big fan of Quicksmith Rebel, which is just as good as the Spy if not even better. Exquisite Archangel has a very powerful effect, and is definitely worth first picking. Some cards really impressed me (

Daedalus19876 on Judgment Day: Avacyn the Purifier EDH | *PRIMER*

6 days ago

Clearing comments - also, does anyone have any suggestions from Aether Revolt for this deck? :)

Currently, I'm finding slots for Restoration Specialist, Quicksmith Rebel, Hope of Ghirapur, and Spire of Industry. Anything else?

The_Grape on The Great Aether Paradox

1 week ago

You know what this deck needs. It needs a true combo engine. While storming off, you will eventually run out of mana and your things will be tapped. A Paradox Engine can fix that. Also, with your creatures, splash green for Cryptolith Rite. It allows your creatures to tap for mana to cast spells to untapped them! Also, add Quicksmith Spy and Quicksmith Rebel for draw to power your storm combo and burn.

Hey, you know what this deck sounds like now? It sounds like...

Icy Hot Jumbo Shrimp

Standard* The_Grape

SCORE: 1 | 159 VIEWS

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