Sigarda, Heron's Grace


Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Mythic Rare

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Sigarda, Heron's Grace

Legendary Creature — Angel


You and Humans you control have hexproof.

, Exile a card from your graveyard: Put a 1/1 white Human Soldier creature token onto the battlefield.

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Sigarda, Heron's Grace Discussion

Hexaflexagon on Human not Sideboarding in SOI ...

1 week ago

When I first looked at the Humans decklist, I was like, why didn't they have Sigarda, Heron's Grace in sideboard? Sure, she costs 5, but gives all your humans (and you) hexproof and can be easily ramped out with Noble Hierarch. She also has a manasink, allowing you to create chump-blockers and giving +1/+1 counters to Thalia's Lieutenant and Champion of the Parish. I've compiled a list of what she helps with and benefits:

  • Burn by giving everything Hexproof

  • Removal and/or Pacifsm effects

  • Pumping up your guys

  • Using your now unused mana

  • Top of the curve at 5

  • And last but not least, she costs only a dollar or two.

What's not to love?

Randomsome1 on Enchant deez nuts

2 weeks ago

Good start, a few cards don't seem to fit the goal of the deck.


Laboratory Maniac - I dont see a infinite draw engine to make this a viable win condition.

Teferi, Hero of Dominaria - You have an okay amount of instants (It's just how the deck wants to be built), but I think you're a little short on benefiting from his + enough for his cost.

Asceticism - This is great if you want to go into a Aura Voltron route, but the Sterling Grove and Privileged Position Combo is enough for protecting your creatures.

Sigarda, Heron's Grace - You're got 6 Humans and Tuvasa ain't one.

Acidic Slime - Great removal, but because it costs so much it's only worth it in decks that can consistently bring it back from the grave or blink it.

Pacifism - Because Arrest, Desert's Hold, Encrust, Lost in Thought


Aura Shards - I don't think you have enough creatures to really abuse this, but it is still really good.

Burgeoning and Exploration - good ramp cards, but only if you have the lands in available. With only 36 lands you will probably won't be using them as much as you'd like.

Abundant Growth - Great color fixing, but not ramp.

Luminarch Ascension - You might have enough protection to get this going, maybe.

Parallax Wave - I might be missing something, but this card just seems bad outside of a blink deck. It doesn't combo with Solemnity if that's what you were thinking.


Estrid, the Masked - She's still great protection for your Enchantments and your commander.

Wild Growth - 1 drop enchantment ramp

New Horizons - Color fixing, ramp, and some pump.

Nature's Lore Rampant Growth Selesnya Signet Simic Signet ETC - Even though they don't fit, they are always great consistent ramp.

Sol Ring - Come on, Really? xD

Mystical Tutor - Grab that board wipe or Approach of the Second Sun

Open the Vaults - cheaper Replenish

Leyline of Anticipation - Enchantment version of Vedalken Orrery

Supreme Verdict - Just a good wipe.


Land Tax - Might be able to do some cheeky things with Burgeoning and Exploration

One reason why you might not want to go the way im about to suggest is because my Controlling Girlfriend(s) deck does this too. But, feel free to copy me (You always do xD)

Ghostly Prison Propaganda Collective Restraint Sphere of Safety Norn's Annex - No one will be able to attack you.

Aura of Silence - more tax and can destroy something.


Totem Armor is strong. If you want to go down that path the precon has some good ones, but look up cards that give totem armor, they aren't bad.

jordybear2002 on Naya, Boros or Selesnya Angel ...

3 weeks ago

Ok so here is my opinion if you are just starting commander I would start with 1-2 colors. I think You have a few options here. Sigarda, Host of Herons, Sigarda, Heron's Grace, Shalai, Voice of Plenty, and Linvala, Keeper of Silence.These should get you a pretty good start. So here is a angel tribal deck that I built for ever ago but could be a help.

The Commanding Wings Of Heaven

Commander / EDH jordybear2002


SynergyBuild on Lost Flight of Innistrad

3 weeks ago

+1 from me!

Sigarda, Heron's Grace might do work here!

MarloweH on Massive Attack: Angel

1 month ago

I just realized that its been a while since activity in the comments. You should consider adding Lyra Dawnbringer. You could also run Shalai, Voice of Plenty as the commander. I know that technically it would be green white as the deck so the solution would get go mono-white and not use the ability or potentially splash green for ramp. If you wanted to splash green you could add Sigarda, Heron's Grace, Sigarda, Host of Herons. Splashing grean may not be where you want to go with the deck but all three green white angels would add some very helpful protection.

AaronMosh on Dromoka's Fam

1 month ago


I like it. I think that it is a valid replacement for Sigarda, Heron's Grace. It costs one less, has a more broad effect, and can distribute +1/+1 counters. Additionally I didn't like exiling cards from my graveyard for Sigarda's effect.

As always, thanks again!

WalkingIllusion on Human overload

1 month ago

For human tribal I'd suggest using Sigarda, Heron's Grace as your commander instead....

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