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pskinn01's Binder

Mainly interested in trading into about the same or fewer number of cards.

On August 5th, I decided to redo my binder. I cleared everything, and started adding the cards slowly back in. As of August 9th I have finish 1 of my 2 main trade binders I carry with me (they are 480 card slot binders.) My wants list is not current, as I took apart 8 of my edh decks.

I will ship after I received the cards, unless otherwise agreed to.

If you initiate the trade, and I have never traded with you, I will wait till I receive the cards before I send the ones you want out, unless otherwise agreed to.

All trades must be over $25, unless trades are slanted in my favor, or you pay for shipping ($1 PWE or 2.50 padded mailer w/ tracking).

I also trade on deckbox

If you see something you like make me an offer.

Will do trades for some things not in my want list, just let me know what you want and I will look at your binder to see.

I try to keep my binder updated, but I don't remove things that are in trades until they are completed. So some of these cards may be in trades or sometimes in decks.

Khanye back out of the trade after deciding he no longer needed the cards mentioned. This was after I said I would not forgo my ship second policy with him due to the issue with mathimus55.

The lists were copy/pasted from my deckbox account. So I may have more of a certain card, and the set may not match. Also some cards maybe promo, foils, etc.

All my cards should be in LP or better condition. I have not marked them all and will discuss condition when trading.

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.
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