Creature — Elemental


Whenever you cast a spell, if it's the second creature spell you cast this turn, you may return Vengevine from your graveyard to the battlefield.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Vengevine Discussion

wallisface on Vengeful weirdos

1 week ago

Some thoughts:

  • You’re only at 53 cards, below the threshold of the 60 needed for a modern deck.

  • Vengevine wants to be in a deck with lots of 1-drop creatures, so you can keep bringing him back. I don’t see you reliably doing that here.

  • Your mana curve seems pretty messed up, with no 2-drops, and almost everything being 4-drop. This is going to make your hand very clunky and unwieldy.

  • Modern is a fast format. Pretty-much all decks that aren’t running massive ramp, or heavy control, severely limit the amount of cards they play above 3cmc - Jund only runs Bloodbraid Elf , a lot of other decks run nothing above 2-3cmc. Your deck, being very top-heavy, is at a huge risk of losing before it gets to do anything.

  • The only decks that can get away without interaction are combo decks and hyper aggressive decks. Without a way to mess with your opponents board state early, you run the risk of losing to every combo & aggro deck you face off against.

Neotrup on ? about vengevine

1 month ago

Bazaar of Baghdad 's ability will cause you to draw 2 cards (taking the top two cards of your library and adding them to your hand) and discard 2 cards (exiling two copies of Basking Rootwalla from your hand and putting Vengevine from your hand into your graveyard). Then both Basking Rootwalla 's madness abilities will trigger. One will resolve, letting you cast it (moving it from exile to the stack), and when it resolves it will move from the stack to the battlefield. Then the second madness trigger will resolve letting you cast it (moving it from exile to the stack) triggering Vengevine 's trigger. Once Vengevine 's ability resolves, it will move from the graveyard to the battlefield, then Basking Rootwalla will resolve moving it from the stack to the battlefield.

desolate1 on ? about vengevine

1 month ago

if i use a Bazaar of Baghdad and discard 2x Basking Rootwalla and 1x Vengevine - does activating the Basking Rootwalla madness effect - in turn then proc the Vengevine effect for 2 creatures? Im not sure how the madness effects resolve on the stack if im discarding all 3 at the same time - or if the Vengevine would have to already have been in my graveyard first for its effect to go off.

zapyourtumor on Vengeful Shadow

1 month ago

Not gonna lie I was expecting Vengevine from the title

I don't really see why you have Sarulf, Realm Eater ? All of your creatures have very low cmc, and it also claps your Bloodghast s and prevents them from coming back...

zapyourtumor on Blightning Aggromancer

1 month ago

List looks good, but I have a few questions.

Is splashing white for 2 Path to Exile s and the sideboard cards really worth it? Why not replace them with Lightning Bolt ?

Also, why is there 4x Wild Cantor ? I don't really see that you need mana fixing, and there aren't any Vengevine s either, so I dunno what it's doing.

zapyourtumor on Oops [PRIMER]

2 months ago

Every since I saw this deck years ago, I've always wanted to make a version of it in my favorite format, modern, but Mana Severance wasn't legal. This the flip cards are a great way to get around that, and I never thought of using Sword of the Meek + Salvage Titan + Vengevine to supply that extra damage. +1

Flooremoji on Looking for (virtual-/) 1-drops w/ …

4 months ago

Vengevine would work, even if it has little synergy with some of the other cards.

Lowenstein on Oops [PRIMER]

8 months ago

sergiodelrio valid concerns. The deck is definitely sort of glass-canon, where when we decide to go off then yes we really need to win very quickly. There is one copy of Nexus of Fate so we at least survive another turn, and then you could potentially pitch it to Phantasmagorian to squeeze out one more. The deck should, however, win the same turn it combos. 4 Creeping Chill is 12 damage plus 4 hasty Vengevines adds up to 16 more damage that same turn, so 28 total. Luckily, all that damage can happen independent of the turn it flips :)

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