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Selvala, the REAL mana battery

Commander / EDH Elves Mono-Green Ramp Tap/Untap


Introduction and Game Plan

Two different plans where you can go pretty wide with elf synergies or go tall and rely on the commander to generate loads of manas. Each way we are planning to snowball ahead of our opponents and hopefully overwhelm them.

Synergies and Play Lines

First turns should be attempting to land a mana dork so you can play Selvala on turn 2.

All of these enable a turn 2 Selvala.

From there try to get one of the high power/low mana creatures onto the board to beef up the ability to generate mana with Selvala, also helped out by the many pump spells and untap effects. Once you believe you have generated all the mana you can, use a card draw effect (Most of them will reference the highest power among creatures you control, sometimes sacrificing them as a cost which is why you want to generate all the mana you can first) and the see where you can go from there.

Longer games you can steadily gain card advantage through repeatable card draw synergies:

Sometimes opponents will focus too hard on your Selvala. Priest of Titania and Elvish Archdruid can sometimes be decent enough stand ins for her mana generation if you have managed to draw enough elves.

Ending The Game

Ending the game will usually (if not always) happen in combat. You will quite often have a single creature with 20+ power which can sometimes kill people (if you choose not to use it to draw cards immediately. Sometimes the correct play if you believe an opponent is going to try and deal with your board, then you can focus on other players the next turn))


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