Llanowar Visionary

Llanowar Visionary

Creature — Elf Druid

When Llanowar Visionary enters the battlefield, draw a card.

: Gain .

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Llanowar Visionary Discussion

DemonDragonJ on Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and Crimson …

3 weeks ago

So many new cards have been revealed in a single day, there is no way that I can comment on all of them!

First, I am very disappointed that the only reference, thus far, to Emrakul’s invasion is the flavor text of Unruly Mob; are we, the audience, seriously supposed to believe that a reality-warping eldritch abomination had no long-term effects upon the plane? Perhaps the lights in the sky that numerous cards depict are remnants of Emrakul’s power?

Why is it necessary to now have a card that indicates day and night? What was wrong with the previous method of operation? Actually, I supposed that it allows for interesting effects beyond werewolves transforming, so that is not too bad, in my mind.

On that subject, why are the inhabitants of Innistrad afraid of longer nights and shorter days? Does that plane not have changing seasons?

I am always excited to have a new cycle of dual lands, but why did WotC choose to start a new cycle, rather than finish an existing cycle? This would have been a perfect opportunity to complete the cycle of “battle lands” (i.e., Canopy Vista, Cinder Glade, etc.), and, on the subject of those lands, these new lands are almost reprints of them, but they instead count all lands, not merely basic lands, in exchange for not having basic land types, so it is nearly an even trade, in my mind.

Tovolar finally has a card, and it seems that he shall be a great general for werewolf EDH decks, which many players have been desiring. I do also like that Arlinn has three different versions, but I hope that at least one legendary creature gets a full-art card, so that planeswalkers do not monopolize that frame style, in this set.

I wish that the new Sigarda was not so human-centric, but her second incarnation focused on humans, so it should not be a surprise that her third incarnation is, as well.

Brutal cathar can be abused with an effect that transforms it, as it can exile a new creature for each time that it transforms, which is definitely awesome.

I do like Avacyn’s Memorial, as a reference to Akroma's Memorial, but the first memorial was a colorless artifact that cost 1 mana less than the angel whom it honored, whereas this memorial has the exact same mana cost as its matron, which I feel is far too strict, as well as the fact that it affects only legendary permanents, so I highly doubt that I shall use it, unless I am desperate.

Candletrap is a very interesting card, and I like how it can incapacitate a creature initially and then dispose of it, later. Unfortunately, I suspect that this card shall become popular in EDH as a way to immobilize a general while making it very difficult for the controller of the creature to liberate it.

I like the visions cycle, but those cards are nothing spectacular, so I shall likely use those cards in my decks only if I cannot find better alternatives.

I am very surprised that it took as long as it did to make a card named "defenestrate," but I certainly like it; it is overshadowed by Infernal Grasp from the same set, but it certainly is far superior to is Walk the Plank.

Finally, curse of obsession gives a reference to Edgar Allen Poe on Innistrad (specifically, the Tell-Tale Heart)! I suppose that Nevermore could be considered as such a reference, but the lack of a raven in the artwork ruined that opportunity.

Dawnheart rejuvenator is nice, but I would rather have Llanowar Visionary for 1 less mana, as that creatures draws a card when it enters the battlefield.

I notice that this set has angels and evils, but no demons, thus far, so I do hope that it has some of those, soon.

multimedia on Lonis, Elfball Crypto Investor

2 months ago

Hey, you're welcome.

You could cut Drove of Elves for Sabertooth and cut Expel from Orazca for Staff. Some other upgrades to consider are tutors to get the more impactful Elves quicker.

Some tutors could replace some of the less impactful draw spells and ramp such as Bounty of Skemfar , Chart a Course , Harmonize , Sakura-Tribe Elder , Llanowar Visionary .

ClockworkSwordfish on Gruul horned kavu

5 months ago

I absolutely agree! I actually designed a similar build around Horned Kavu some years ago, seen here: RG Pauper. It might hold some inspiration for you!

Looking at your list, it's looking solid but there are a couple choices I don't really think are contributing to your deck's goal. Sylvan Brushstrider and Llanowar Visionary both feeling like they're kind of underperforming in a straight aggro deck like this. Yes, their comes-into-play abilities can be reset by the Kavu... but you only have four Kavu to go around, and do you really want to use one up paying three mana to gain 2 life? You should be more occupied with running your opponent out of life!

You already have plenty of creatures worth resetting, so in their place you might like some more aggressive creatures to help out. Orcish Hellraiser and Goblin Heelcutter are solid mid-sized critters that can help get damage through blockers. Kird Ape is the best one-drop this deck can buy, though you'd want to cut out some of those taplands for more basics. Reckless Abandon is another mana-efficient way to get a chunk of pile damage past enemy blockers, and combos well with Young Wolf! Hopefully some of these ideas help give your deck a little more teeth. Good luck!

TheVectornaut on Buff, Creatures

5 months ago

With a mana ramp core built around elves, I'm a fan of Joraga Treespeaker . Its production at 3 mana is somewhere between Llanowar Visionary and Llanowar Tribe , but if you can invest in it until level 5, all of your elves get an upgrade. Alternatively, if you prefer focusing on your lands, Arbor Elf + Utopia Sprawl and Voyaging Satyr + Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx are quite strong pairs.

Rockhart14 on

6 months ago

Honigkuchenx Those are some excellent points, thank you for the response!

  • Tyvar Kell - I've actually found him to be immensely helpful especially with mana generation for Elvish Warmaster 's ability. Especially when combined with Harald Unites the Elves ' 3rd tier it's usually a game-winner.

  • I was running Llanowar Visionary prior to my latest edit but felt like Woodland Mystic was an acceptable sub, though I could see the case being made for that +1 cost to draw a card. I might try them swapped with this list.

  • Skemfar Shadowsage is such a great card, I just found him to be a little spendy and haven't had trouble getting at least 1 of my 2 by late game where he makes the biggest splash. I also don't know what I'd cut for a 3rd or 4th copy but I'm open to ideas!

  • Faceless Haven has been an interesting card to run. I'm not 100% sold on it, but it has helped a little with board wipes and sometimes players forget about it when attacking so that can be fun. Overall mana-wise I haven't run into too many problems though I agree 18 is a bit low. Generation from Jaspera Sentinel and Woodland Mystic + land search from Binding the Old Gods and Adventurous Impulse tend to smooth things out a lot. Although a case could be made for swapping Adventurous for Roots of Wisdom too.

Hope that helps explain my thought process a bit more!

Honigkuchenx on

6 months ago

I have been playing BG Elves for quiet a while and my version looks a fair bit different. Here is some random thoughts & questions to start a discussion:

  • I find Tyvar Kell to be very underwhelming in actual games and cut him down to a single copy, which I am considering cutting as well.

  • No Llanowar Visionary seems odd, any reason not to run them?

  • I find Skemfar Shadowsage to be amongst the most important cards in the deck, it's 4 mana but the impact it has on games is worth it I find and I don't see running less then the full set.

  • How is your mana base performing? Considering adjusting mine a bit and the snow base with Faceless Haven seems interesting. Are they the reason for not running the full 4 Darkbore Pathway  Flip? 18 lands seems a little bit low as well.

Got quiet a few more things, but will leave it at this to start.

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