Been working on this EDH deck for my wife for a while since she already has an elf deck she really likes. I'm building it for multiplayer with our friends that we play with but we play a lot of 1v1 at home too (usually against my Niv deck: Wheel of the Firemind). The deck is mostly elf creature power centered, but controlling the game with discard mechanics and some resurrection. Lots of combos here too. Here's a list of some of them:

And these aren't combos per-se but just good pairings in the deck:

+1 if you like, and thanks for checking it out! Suggestions are welcome!


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Removing comment clutter from this page. SO Some new ideas have come to stabilize this deck a bit more and I'm testing them out: - Snazzy Fancy New Name! - Deadbridge Chant I can't wait to test it out because I love this thing! adding recovery and getting an extra card into my hand once per turn. Of course, if its removed, then my opponent just let me mill myself for 10... mrrr. - Blood Artist and Falkenrath Noble- not sure whether to use 1 or both... but its great board-wipe hate! And can combo with cool stuff like Attrition. - Cauldron of Souls - a new consideration! possibly thinking of replacing the Falkenrath Noble with it...

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