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Blood Pod Kiki Stax

Commander / EDH BRGW



PLEASE REFER TO METAPOD http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/meta-pod/

4c Kiki

UPDATE - 10/12/2018
Damping sphere is not doing the work it was intended to do. Replacing with Runic Armasaur for testing. Adding Ravenous Slime to the maybeboard.

UPDATE - 4/11/2018
Official state of the deck reddit post: Link to post

UDATE - 4/5/2018
The list has had several small changes since I last wrote up here, but an update is probably due. Finally removing one of the last flex slots in the deck in winter orb! With the release of Dominaria soon to come, Damping Sphere has finally arrived.

UPDATE - 9/2/2017
After testing, I've changed the list. Welcome to Tana Tymna 3.0 Link to the final iteration of my 2.x revisions: http://tappedout.net/mtg-deckpaste/end-of-tana-tymna-20/

Notable changes:

+1 Skullclamp Mainboard: I was having some problems with drawing dorks in the late game and not having ways to draw enough cards sometimes. Skullclamp has some great synergies with Tana and has proved to be quite valuable as a draw engine.

-1 Phyrexian Revoker Mainboard: Revoker is a great card in theory, but in actuality unless he specifically hits the commander of the player who you want to be stopping most he just felt way too lackluster. Many activated abilities in this format are used to win the turn they are played, so unless you have godlike predictions he often falls flat. He has been added to the maybeboard, as he is still a pretty strong pick overall. Maybe he'll be put in if a specific deck is ever as rampant as thrasios was a few months ago in hulk-fever season. If he works for your meta he's still a fine inclusion.

-1 Inferno Titan Mainboard
+1 Ghave, Guru of Spores Mainboard
+1 Inferno Titan Maybeboard
So I've replaced Inferno Titan with Ghave, Guru of Spores in my flex slot / anti-midrange slot. Ghave wins combats, it's just that simple. His flexibility and utility had served me quite well over the years and his interaction with Tana (make tana big, which makes more saprolings, then go wide or make her bigger to 1-shot) makes for a decently fast clock, though not norn levels. With the inclusion of skullclamp, he's felt like a very solid inclusion.

+1 Ulvenwald Tracker Mainboard
-1 Imperial Recruiter Mainboard
-1 Ulvenwald Tracker Maybeboard
+1 Imperial Recruiter Maybeboard
Although it looks like a pretty decent inclusion, Imperial Recruiter has been incredibly lackluster. The only thing it really enables is an easy line to kiki victory, but because it costs so much mana (3+4+5) and is generally telegraphed across 3 turns when there is a rule of law in play it just falls too short compared to the other "1-card wincons" like pod, yisan and survival. In addition, the reason you generally want any effect on creatures over anything else is because they are more easily tutored for, but tutoring for a tutor is so much of a tempo loss in stax that it has been too slow in most situations.
With an extra slot that used to be for tutoring / utility we kind of have an absolutely free slot here. I've decided to test out Ulvenwald Tracker, who I've heard from Luke has been very successful.

+1 Luminarch Ascension Maybeboard
+1 Ravages of War Maybeboard
Luminarch seems to be a pretty decent option for the flex / anti-midrange slot and a decent finisher as well. The trigger is very easy to accomplish and after that it turns unneeded mana into your eventuality. Armageddon has been so good that Ravages seems like an obvious followup.


Noxious Revival in for Eternal Witness as a recursion slot, that doubles as grave-hate.
Armageddon in for Contamination as a land hate slot.
Vexing Shusher in for Choke as an "anti-blue" slot.


Updates Add