I'm a janky Johnny whose decks are more creative than they are competitive. I usually make decks for modern, but I play every format a little bit.

My favorite card is Soul Conduit .

My top-rated decks

I have 5 decks on this site that have earned a #1 position on the 'top decks' list, if that means anything. These are presumably my most well-built and/or original decks. Because of that, they are the decks I've built that are most worth seeing, if you're interested.

Here they are:

The First Rule of Fight Club...

Modern Gargoyle Tribal

Let's switch life totals.

W/R Twin? (No longer Modern legal)

14 Infinite Combos In 1 Deck?! (No longer Modern legal)

My budget decks

Lately I have set my sights on making budget builds. Here are a few of my projects:

Too Much of a Good Thing - $40 Budget

The Empire Strikes Back - $30 Budget

Thrifty Affinity - $30 Budget

Gruul Unblockable - $25 Budget

Discount Zoo - $20 Budget

Mountains Like Fangs - $20 Budget


Let's switch life totals.

Modern DBCooper

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