Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Torment Rare

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The next creature spell you play this turn can't be countered by spells or abilities.

Draw a card.

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Insist Discussion

MagicalHacker on MagicalHacker - List of All Anti-Control Cards

1 day ago

Uskebasi, I like Multani's Presence a lot! That's perfect! As for Autumn's Veil, it fails under the first point under "What this list doesn't include", but you can find it and other similar cards in MagicalHacker - List of All Counterspell Cards.

As for Insist, I maybe decided in the past that it wouldn't work for a list like this, but I think that it and other spells like it could definitely work! Thanks!

mcavian on There Is No Cow Level!

3 months ago

Man! Now this is a tight list. Well put together sir! I saw that you were looking for Mana fixing for the list, and if I may be so bold to make some suggested cuts/ additions. Carpet of Flowers is substantially better in a 2 color deck list. There's just not enough islands for you to have it main deck. Have you checked out Burgeoning ? Its absolutely rediculous card advantage/ ramp. So honestly the only substantial suggestions I could make for this sweet looking list would be:-1 Carpet of Flowers +1 Burgeoning-1 Insist +1 Storm Cauldron-1 Nature's Lore +1Horn of Greed

This should allow you to adjust your manabase to allow for a more diversified and less island intensive list, while also allowing you to have a substantial leg up on card advantage and Mana as well in a multiplayer setting. Also if you can get a hold of it and find a place for it, Lotus Cobra with those 3 cards is busted. Cheers, and a +1 from me!! Thanks for your suggestions on my nekusar list :)

Gleeock on #XenagosLives

4 months ago

Fun! I also enjoy making players pay for having no board presence & trying to counterspell their way into a game-locking combo

A couple of underestimated cards I have used for that are Savage Summoning Gaea's Herald Autumn's Veil Insist Leyline of Lifeforce

Also, I have used those oddball chaos spells in this kind of deck to great effect... Forcing my instant-obsessed chumps into discards for eg: Omen Machine always makes me smile when those "symmetrical effect" cards like that cause me to plop complete gold on to the battlefield while my bluemage chums are dropping doofy counterspells & playing responsive cards that they really don't want to play... There are quite a few artifact or red spells that have a similar effect and are budget friendly

TOOMUCHDOG1 on Ghave, Guru of Counting

6 months ago

there are a few card draw spells that I might suggest for this deck Carnage Altar, Damnable Pact, Dark Prophecy, Decree of Pain, Dregs of Sorrow, Erebos, God of the Dead, Fruit of the First Tree, Greed, Inheritance, Insist, Mind's Eye, Nantuko Cultivator, Necrologia,Symbiotic Deployment Phyrexian Etchings, Well of Discovery, Wretched Confluence

Now, all of these are not perfect, and some will probably be easily vetoed but they all can function as good card draw in your deck. Well, besides insist, but that card is just nice to have.

0fizban0 on Simic Flying Casual Budget

11 months ago

Zauberer Thanks for your comments!

I went the Curiosity direction because it can hit the board so early.

I like Fathom Mage but agree that she belongs in her own build. Abundant Growth is nice and cheap but I don't know if color fixing will be that big of an issue in this deck. Insist seems like a great card to have on the sideboard to combat counter heavy decks. Shamanic Revelation is a definite possibility, although with exclusively evasive creatures, I am drawn to Bident of Thassa. I like it over Harmonize for the same cmc due to its ability to force a potential blocker to attack, opening the way for my fliers.

Increasing my chance to drop a turn 3 Warden of Evos Isle definitely could not hurt.

Zauberer on Simic Flying Casual Budget

11 months ago

I would go with 4 Warden of Evos Isle to bring mana costs down, then look for something like Harmonize or Recycle to push your card draw. Curiosity isn't bad, but each one will only draw you one card per turn. I like a little more punch, myself. Fortunately, card draw in green is usually pretty easy on the wallet.

I'd also cut down on the Hall of Triumph in favour of more card draw. Once you've got one of those on the field, the rest of them are dead cards.

Anyway, here's a few ideas to consider. I tried to stick with cheaper cards since this is a casual deck.

-Abundant Growth is cheap card draw, mana ramp, and colour fixing all in one.

-Airborne Aid could net you a few cards, since Warden and Cloudfin are both birds.

-Bident of Thassa is like Curiosity on all of your creatures at once

-Fathom Mage can net you a few, though she's better with a deck built around putting counters on her.

-Grip of Amnesia gives you a little bit of disruption to go with your draw.

-Insist is nice if you regularly see a lot of counters.

-Shamanic Revelation is one of my favourites. It's never drawn fewer than 4 cards a shot, and I often draw another one to its own effect.

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