Welcome to Edgar Markov and his Jacked Up Family. Edgar Markov is from Commander 2017 in which all five commanders have an "Eminence" ability, meaning that he can do significant damage without even having to be cast. In a sense, you start the game off with a free emblem. Then once you get to six mana you can bring out Markov and start having some real fun. He does have haste and will get a counter when you attack with him so he will definitely startle your opponents when he hits the table. As are all Commander 2017 decks, this is a vampire tribal deck and so as Markov attacks all your vampires will get a sudden boost further stunning your opponents. My version of this deck has a subtheme of +1/+1 counters (hence the jacked up family) and so the endgame is simple, swarm your opponents with a shit ton of increasingly stronger vamps.

Practical Precons

Cards straight out of the preconstructed deck that we are going to keep

Anowon, the Ruin Sage - Kicking off this vampire tribal, this is a good way to keep your opponents at bay especially before they get a big board

Dark Impostor - Exile a creature? And put a +1/+1 on it? sounds good to me. The rest is just a bonus really

Captivating Vampire - So this is kind of a chill vampire version of Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca. Very good in decks that rely heavily on their commanders, hijack it from them and make figure out a new strategy form there.

Bloodline Necromancer - Aww, did someone kill Captivating Vampire before you could have some fun? Bring it back real fast BOOM

Patron of the Vein - So this card is making an impact as soon as it hits the table. It's a little bit of Ravenous Chupacabra with a little bit of Patron of the Valiant all wrapped into a 4/4 creature which turns into a 5/5 as soon as it hits the board and boosts all your other vamps immediately also.

Vein Drinker - So this card is very good at getting some little to medium sized. Hopefully when it enters, Vein Drinker gets some perks of being a vampire from things like Legion Lieutenant and Stromkirk Captain so that its power gets larger and it can take out more stuff. or Just do this every turn until your opponents can't cast their commander anymore.

Disrupt Decorum - just a really fun semi board wipe you can drop right before a big swing

Fell the Mighty - Controlled removal spell that can allow you to destroy anything bigger than your vampires and then let your stuff grow while they are still recovering their board.

Kindred Boon - Indestructible vampires is pretty cool especially because most of them start off with low power/toughness. You can also keep the tokens as blockers that can be reused

Critical Upgrades

Cards not in the preconstructed deck that work perfectly

Elenda, the Dusk Rose - Counters? check. Tokens? check. Low CMC? check. seems like it works for me. You will have more than enough tokens to destroy to get those counters up and then if Elenda has to die, get your tokens. Also pretty cool with Bloodline Necromancer

Bloodline Keeper   - Great way to just pump out vampires (now with flying) and then eventually give everyone a boost, he'll probably be a blocker and token maker once you really get going

Indulgent Aristocrat - easy sac outlet for tokens to power up all the rest of your stuff. The one CMC is a nice touch

Vampire Nocturnus - seeing as two-thirds of this deck is black, this probably will not be too much of an issue, having your entire vampire army with flying can be a game ender versus the right deck

Necropolis Regent - yeah just an obscene amount of counters, especially in an army deck where the opponent might not have enough blockers for all the vampire tokens. One combat to get a bunch of counters and another to end the game.

Olivia Voldaren - Very fun card, get easy counters on Olivia Voldaren, then hijack their creatures (great against commander reliant decks) and screw with them. Those cards also get all the perks of being a vampire

Vish Kal, Blood Arbiter - yes I know the CMC is a little high compared to the other cards in this deck but he is really good. Firstly, both of his activated abilities are free, no tap, no mana. Now you can easily sac a couple of tokens and go right after their commander. Basically you can do this until they can't play their commander anymore. Also pretty filthy with Blade of the Bloodchief

Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord - Counters to gas em up, damage to knock em down and free things out of your hand and all of them are really cheap, can't really go wrong.

Door of Destinies/Coat of Arms - Counters on counters on counters

Future Cards

I am using my maybe board on this decklist to show cards that I want that are a little out of the price range. Most of them are either well known or pretty self explanatory, so I will not explain them. I would like to broaden the theme of this deck. I would like to have more token creation and/or sac outlets. Also, I am a big fan of the control cards (such as Olivia Voldaren and New Blood) and would like to add a couple more. Ways to get all creatures abilities such as vigilance, lifelink or deathtouch would also be nice.


So... thats it. Thanks for checking out the deck and please look at my other ones. Anything worthwhile is on my profile so if you could upvote them it would be greatly appreciated. My personal favorite is deck:Meren is a Cool Dude. I also am looking for help with this deck and just about all of my other ones so any recommendations for the above would be appreciated. Thanks and I will see you next time.

*Note if you buy the Vampiric Bloodlust C17 PreCon you can save some money on cards, it has however gone up a lot in value


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