Bloodline Necromancer


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Leviathan Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Uncommon

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Bloodline Necromancer

Creature — Vampire Wizard


When Bloodline Necromancer enters the battlefield, you may return target Vampire or Wizard creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield.

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Bloodline Necromancer Discussion

metalevolence on A Mind (Magus) is a Terrible Thing to Waste (Not)

1 week ago

Hey @hotshot14 thanks for your comment.

I have had Dark Petition in my IRL list for a bit but hadn't updated this page yet.

Buried alive would definitely be strong here but I don't know what I'd cut for it. I prefer graveyard-filling options that are cheaper or instant speed because it makes it easier to avoid graveyard hate like bojuka bog.

Wanderwine and Paradox engine, along with Bloodline Necromancer and Worldgorger Dragon, are cards I just personally dislike because they make it too easy to win the game outright. Similarly, I'm not interested in building a list that storms off as fast and consistently as possible. Most people I play EDH have decent decks, but nothing that's consistently winning through disruption on or before turn 5. More often they struggle to keep up with this deck as-is.

If you play in an especially high-powered meta this list would look a lot different. As you noted, it's a "fun list" first and foremost. I try to maintain a mix of busted powerful stuff and silly-synergy type stuff. I try to win the game, but not in a way that feels super easy to me personally.

j05h on If you flicker a creature ...

1 month ago

To set the scene:

-I have a Changeling Berserker in play that has championed a Bloodline Necromancer

-I have a Viscera Seer and a Sanctum Seeker in play.

-It is the declared attacker step. I declare my Changeling Berserker as an attacker to trigger Sanctum Seeker

-I then sacrifice the Berserker to Viscera Seer during the declared attacker step bringing back Bloodline Necromancer who in turn brings back and is championed by the Changeling Berserker

-I'm sure this loop between the Changeling and the Necromancer isn't entirely unknown to many players, but the question is can I redeclare the Changeling Berserker as an attacker to trigger my Sanctum Seeker given that it is still the declared attackers step, it has haste, and has entered as a new object? Rinse and repeat for as much life loss as I want?

If no, please explain why.

liquid_water on Mirrors and Mages

1 month ago

Xmasspecial + Sgtpopnfreash

I think Wanderwine has been pulling its weight for me. Even though it's kind of situational to pull off the infinite turns trick, the Champion a Wizard clause is useful in assembling combos on it's own. With no attacks necessary, you can use Ashnod's Altar to generate infinite colorless mana and then blast an opponent with an X spell. My list takes this in mind, as I run Trophy Mage to help tutor Ashnod's Altar and a small suite of X spells. However, if your list doesn't run some of those same cards, I can see Wanderwine being on the fence. Dualcaster Mage and bloodline necromancer have been very solid combo enablers too. Hell, even looping Time Warp can be a decent enough combo.

Also in regards to combos, I'm testing out Timestream Navigator soon. I'm skeptical she'll end up staying in, but there's no harm in trying!

FrigidOfficial on Inalla's Tap Studio (EDH Adaptive Combo)

1 month ago

Hey all. Just recently got back from a trip to Japan so I haven't had time to check TappedOut in a while. With that being said:

Xmasspecial, I think those cards could be interesting in our iteration of this deck. Koskun Falls seems outclassed by Propaganda, though there is merit in playing a World-class enchantment in case our opponents are playing something like Concordant Crossroads. Most of the time, however, I think Propaganda just works better generally. Another pillowfort card that works wonders is Dissipation Field. I used to play a Zedruu the Greathearted list with that card and it was invaluable for keeping myself safe. I agree that we need more ways to reanimate creatures aside from Apprentice Necromancer and Bloodline Necromancer, as we only play the latter when we are about to win. As of right now, I'm not sure what cuts to make for reanimator spells or creatures, but it is a definite possibility in the future. I have a few things in the maybeboard that deal with those lines of play.

Elywood, Timestream Navigator could be an interesting fit. Maybe it goes in over Wanderwine Prophets? That combo is more than the extra turns with Timestream that you just mentioned. I'll pick up a copy and see how it does soon.

MTG_Bard, Thank you very much! This deck is my child and I never thought it would get this much attention. I appreciate the feedback and hope you have fun with the deck!

APunyPenguin on Wizard Paradox

2 months ago

Venser, Shaper Savant is an amazing card in Inalla and even better since you're doing the Paradox Engine thing. Assuming you have enough mana to cast him and pay for Inalla'ss ability you can return all of your opponent's cards to their hand..

Cast Venser. Venser enters triggering Inalla and himself. Resolve Venser returning himself then resolve Inalla creating a venser token to return whatever.

Yeah you would have to sacrifice the token if you do it again. I Have only been able to do it once but it was great.

Ashnod's Altar and bloodline necromancer gives you infinite Bloodline Necromancers and colorless mana.

With Ashnod's Altar in play Cast Bloodline Necromancer.Bloodline Necromancer enters triggering Inalla and itself.Resolve Bloodline Necromancer (not relevant) then sacrifice it to Ashnod's Altar. Use one of the mana to pay for Inalla creating a token.Token enters targeting the Bloodline Necromancer in the graveyard.(Resolving the token Bloodline Necromancer is relevant to keep the combo going)Then repeat.

I like using this combo with Alchemist's Apprentice or Merchant of Secrets in the graveyard.

Dualcaster Mage is great. You can copy any instant or sorcery if you have Havengul Lich, Paradox Engine, and Ashnod's Altar in play with enough mana to cast the Dualcaster Mage through Havengul Lich

Copy an instant or sorcery with Dualcaster Mage. Sacrifice it to the Ashnod's Altar. Then cast it through Havengul Lich before the original spell resolves.

This little combo gave me my favorite win with my Inalla.. A X=1 Torment of Hailfire copied a million times

Zelpoke on Edgar Markov EDH

2 months ago

Triton Thanks for the help! I was wondering what I should take out to add Bloodline Necromancer and Falkenrath Noble?

Triton on Edgar Markov EDH

2 months ago

I'm surprised there's no Vona, Butcher of Magan. He costs less mana than Butcher and hits more targets for a mere 7 life. Also Impact Tremors or Purphoros, God of the Forge are cheaper than Warstorm Surge.

As far as the cards go, I'd recommend non-taplands rather than taplands, since 3+ color mana bases are very intensive on color; so I'd advise foregoing the cycle lands.

Bloodline Necromancer and Falkenrath Noble are two creatures I'd recommend adding in from the list. Sangromancer and Skeletal Vampire are okay.

The deck as far as I have noticed loves draw power, so any cheap draw engines or cards like Phyrexian Arena are good. I also like Harsh Mercy as a board wipe, especially against non-tribal decks.

Here's my take on the deck, feel free to ask about cards and take suggestions from it:

You Can Call Me Grandaddy

Commander / EDH Triton


Hope this helps!

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