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Akiri's 'smashy and stabby' Toolbox

Commander / EDH Equip RW (Boros) Tokens


The deck is built around a Sunforger package that should be flexible enough to deal with just about any situation. Some important cards to note for this engine are Tithe and Mistveil Plains .Tithe finds the Mistveil Plains, which can put any tool you use back into the toolbox(library) to be tutored up with the Sunforger as needed.

The Sunforger package provides hard removal with Return to Dust managing artifacts and enchantments, Swords to Plowshares for creatures, and Generous Gift being the catch-all for anything else. Angel's Grace and Tibalt's Trickery are the Hail Mary's. Angel's Grace gives you 1 more turn to try and eek out a win, and Tibalt's Trickery stops an ETB or Spell that you just can't let resolve.

The package also provides protection for your board with Teferi's Protection , Deflecting Swat and Akroma's Will (which is also a finisher for the deck) and then Cosmic Intervention if you end up not being able to stop a board wipe.

Once the Sunforger is up and running the artifact tutors can then be used to grab any of the powerful equipment cards, either to help remove threats with Argentum Armor , surprise combat tricks with Embercleave or to accrue value with the "Swords of"

The deck is flush with tutors, both for creatures and for artifact/equipment, to make sure there is always a way to bring the Sunforger online.

The majority creatures in the deck are built low to the ground to take advantage of the Imperial Recruiter and Recruiter of the Guard . This allows flexibility in finding exactly what you need: Stoneforge Mystic If you don't already have Sunforger running, Goblin Engineer to pull Sunforger out of the yard if it was destroyed, Puresteel Paladin for card draw and reducing the Sunforger loop, Serra Ascendant if you need an Evasive beater, Monastery Mentor if you have more equipment than creatures, and Imperial Recruiter can grab Leonin Abunas If your board is such that you just want to protect the engine.

Leonin Shikari and Brass Squire can maximize the benefit of Akiri's Indestructibility activation by allowing you to re-attach equipment at instant speed. They also allow for flexibility to move the equipment to an unblocked creature to get the combat damage trigger from an equipment or they can be used as combat tricks to blowout what was an 'even/safe' blocker.

Cards like Kemba, Kha Regent and Monastery Mentor provide bodies for the equipment to maximize Akiri's draw trigger. Bloodforged Battle-Axe multiplies to help make sure all these new bodies have a weapon to use.

There is one "infinite out" to ensure the game ends if it gets stalled: Godo, Bandit Warlord and Helm of the Host allow for endless combat steps with an infinite number of Godos. A side benefit of this is the ability to tutor all the equipment in the deck to make sure you're able to punch through any defense.

I'd love some comments and suggestions for any improvements or upgrades to the list.


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