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Monoblack Infect [Competitive/Primer]

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Normally, infect tends to be played as monogreen, UG or BUG(at least in legacy). However, I have a long history with the Monoblack archetype. It was one of the first cohesive decks I started to build, going through many iterations (golgari and orzhov to mention a few), tough none were any good. There was even a point in which I dismantled it and basically stopped playing infect. Still, my love for the Monoblack Infect archetype would never die and, as such, here I am.

This version tends to be a lot slower than the green ones due to the lack of explosive pump spells like Mutagenic Growth and Scale Up. Still, I tend to have way more fun with control decks, and the Monoblack version delivers exactly what I want.

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Having talked about what the deck wants to do, now it's time to detail exactly how the deck works, card by card.

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