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Monoblack Infect [Competitive/Primer]

Modern Competitive Control Infect Mono-Black Primer


Normally, infect tends to be played as , , or (in legacy). However, I have a long history with the Monoblack archetype. It was one of the first cohesive decks I started to build, going through many iterations ( and to mention a few), tough none were any good. There was even a point in which I dismantled it and basically stopped playing infect. Still, my love for the Monoblack Infect archetype would never die and, as such, here I am.

This version tends to be a lot slower than the green ones due to the lack of explosive pump spells like Mutagenic Growth and Scale Up. Still, I tend to have way more fun with control decks, and the Monoblack version delivers exactly what I want.

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Having talked about what the deck wants to do, now it's time to detail exactly how the deck works, card by card.

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One thing to note as I'm going into these mentions is they're not definitive analysis about why these cards work or don't work in Modern or any other format (except for Swamp Mosquito). They're just cards I wanted to mention because people have suggested them to me, I used them at some point and/or are common cards people tend to consider when thinking about Monoblack Infect. So, read these with a grain of salt.

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