Hi! I'm a Brazilian planeswalker who started "playing" around the first Ravnica set. However, only really started getting into it by the end of the Return to Ravnica Block/beginning of the first Theros block.

Magic has always been a game I loved, and recently my love for it has just grown bigger.

One of the best things about MTG, at least to me, is that each deck can be more than just a bunch of cardboard or keywords. Decks are the expression of the person as a player. A deck can show who you are as much as you want

I tend to write a lot here, and I mean A LOT. Since I'm not a native English speaker, I decided to use TappedOut also as a place where I can practice my writing skills. It also comes as a bonus that I show what I write to my students (I teach English).

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Ram Through is nice but I wouldn't run it unless this was monogreen. Being five color, I'd rather have more versatile removal, like Anguished Unmaking and Despark .

Colossal Plow is soooo tempting. However, it's only a 6/3 without trample as it becomes a creature :((((( I'll add it to the Maybeboard just in case. This meme is too good to pass.

March 4, 2021 6:02 p.m.

Apollo_Paladin, I appreciate the suggestions, though there are a few problems with them.

  • Unstable Frontier is, honestly, nothing more than a meme. Yes, it makes the third mode of Funeral Charm better, but just that. The last mode is nothing more than an added bonus. Giving swampwalk is just a cute trick that can help close a game. If I wanted to go down this route, I'd just run more copies of Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth .

  • Witch's Vengeance can be kinda useful. Still, it's a bit too situation. If I were to swap my boardwipes, I'd just run Damnation , as it's more effective. The ability to leave my creatures intact is a decent upside, I just don't know if I'd rather have a boardwipe, in the sideboard, that's good against any board or that's good against some decks.

  • Inscription of Ruin is completely off the table. While it's technically correct to say all of its modes are useful, at 3 CMC they aren't good enough. Making an opponent discard two cards of their choice for three mana isn't good, hence why something like Mind Rot has basically never seen play and Hymn to Tourach is an insanely powerful card. The Unearth "effect" also isn't good. It does seem nice to reanimate some of the cheap creatures but this list has only eight targets that cost two mana. Honestly, I don't want to spend three mana for a two mana creature. The last mode is just a worse Fatal Push or Bloodchief's Thirst . On the other hand, Collective Brutality gives me knowledge about my opponent's hand while also allowing me to pick the card, which could, and probably will, be a removal spell, thus being better than an effect similar to Unearth . It's decent removal that bypasses indestructibility and regeneration. And last, but not least, the drain mode can actually help against burn/aggro matchups and minimises the the lifeloss from Castle Locthwain and Thoughtseize . The cherry on top of all of that is I don't need to pay extra mana for extra modes, which is great considering this deck caps out at four mana.

  • Call of the Death-Dweller is basically in the same spot as the Inscription, so I'll just talk about what's unique to it. Giving menace and deathtouch isn't really worth the cost. I could just run another equipment that gives something similar.

  • There are quite a few reasons why Fatal Push is better than Bloodchief's Thirst . Chief among those is the fact it's an instant. Aside from Thoughtseize and the singleton Raven's Crime , the deck has no true turn one play. Funeral Charm is something that can be played turn one but isn't really wanted. Fatal Push allows for a better use of my mana on the first turn, whereas the Thirst forces me to wait until turn two unless I'm on the draw. That being said, I'm actually considering swapping one copy of Yahenni's Expertise for one Thirst.

Sorry I took so long to reply and my reply seems like I shitting over your suggestions. I do appreciate the time and effort you took to comment.

February 28, 2021 3:16 p.m.

Poseidon31, I've seen quite a few people advocate against the expertise. However, I want to at least experiment with it a little.

One of the problems of the deck is it wants to be a control deck that doesn't want a lot of lands. While Phyrexian Crusader is amazing and the equipment are basically staples, not necessarily the exact ones I'm using, of any Monoblack Infect, they make the deck really slow. Another problem is this list really hates aggro and burn. The Expertise sort of fixes this, or at least helps more, in this case, than Damnation . Despite not literally blowing up the board, Yahenni's Expertise should clear the board of almost any wide board, while allowing the deck to maintain the tempo, something not a lot of other boardwipes can do.

I'm not saying Damnation wouldn't be better. In fact, I can agree that it could be more effective at clearing the board. However, I think, for Infect specifically, the Expertise can perform just a tiny bit better. Still, I'm still open to swapping it after playtesting it, once COVID restrictions are over, in case it doesn't performa as well as I imagined.

If I told you I didn't consider that Thoughtseize and Collective Brutality make the Needle better, would you believe it? Gonna make the swaps now.

February 26, 2021 6:28 p.m.






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