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Disclaimer: Yes, this idea is really janky, but that's the point. Adventures in the Forgotten Realms introduced a ton of dragons and I wanted to brew something spicy to play with my friends when we finally get together for some kitchen table

Dragons are one of, if not the most, iconic monsters in fantasy media. Unfortunately, they have never been that good in Magic, with the exception from Khans of Tarkir Standard and Commander. Due to this, a lot of players, myself and some friends included, tried for some time to make dragons as playable as they can be.

I had a list in which I tried to pivot more to blue in order to use Silumgar's Scorn as we didn't have literal Counterspell in Modern yet. Then comes Modern Horizons 2 and ruins my fun (but not entirely because I'm thinking about a monoblue version with both counters). Monored seems a bit too boring as it's what most people try when it comes to dragons. All of that changed when Orb of Dragonkind and Temple of the Dragon Queen were spoiled.

With the new toys in mind, I decided to take a page out of the 5C Humans deck in Modern. If the reader doesn't know this deck, it's basically a deck that runs only Aether Vial as its noncreature spells and only Human creatures in order to take advantage from the lands that produce mana of any color but only allow the player to cast crrature spells. Those lands are Cavern of Souls, Ancient Ziggurat and Unclaimed Territory (I think there's one more, but I don't remember). The problem is, Dragons don't have an early game at all. Humans work so well because most of their creatures are very small so the downside of the lands that can only produce mana for creatures isn't relevant. Dragons need noncreature spells to control and maintain control in the early game.

This is definitely going to be a challenge.

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I have lots in my mind about this deck. I'm slowly organising my thoughts in order to develop this description. Still, suggestions are always welcome since people may see a route I haven't seen yet and that can help me fix the list.


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