Crook of Condemnation

Crook of Condemnation


, : Exile target card from a graveyard.

, Exile Crook of Condemnation: Exile all cards from all graveyards.

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Crook of Condemnation Discussion

VampRamped on An old elephant learns new tricks

6 months ago

Looks like a fun list wanted to get your thoughts on some card idea's I had for your deck.

Colfenor's Urn has a cool interaction with the trigger and looks like you have enough triggers to make it work.

Crook of Condemnation , Relic of Progenitus , Scrabbling Claws , are all cool cheap ways to trigger your commander. You probably don't want to get rid of a lot of your cards in your graveyard, but you have a lot of looting so you can just exile your lands for the free 3/2's. Additionally, you can also just use them as graveyard hate for opponents as well.

VampDemigod on Sleighs & Gifts Needed

1 year ago

Some effects that exile graveyards, again, budget friendly (useful for about 3 of the cards I linked): Burn Away, Hedonist's Trove, Sentinel Totem, Crook of Condemnation, Tormod's Crypt, Agent of Erebos, Nihil Spellbomb, Angel of Finality, Identity Crisis, Kaya's Guile, Remorseful Cleric, Rakdos Charm, Mnemonic Betrayal, Scavenger Grounds, Bojuka Bog, Day's Undoing.

I’d recommend only running 3-6 of these if you run the 3 cards that care about empty graveyards that I mentioned earlier.

GreatGoofini on Bruvac's Millibuster

1 year ago

I would suggest Crook of Condemnation as a way to prevent graveyard shufflers like the Eldrazi Titans

Fleda on Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle

1 year ago

I am running Tormod's Crypt, alongside Relic of Progenitus, Crook of Condemnation, Silent Gravestone, and Scavenger Grounds, but your point is valid and highlights why I am running quite a few gravehate options. Filling graveyards is often what people are trying to do, and in case someone is running some sort of graveyard recursion or, heaven forbid, something that shuffles their graveyard into their library, my strategy can be ruined quickly. Every time a new graveyard removal artifact comes out I consider it.

Thanks for the comment! I'll take a look at your Arixmethes deck.

Fraxure022 on God-Eternal Oketra (Self-Bounce and Tokens)

2 years ago

Update 9-1-2019:

Out: Crook of Condemnation <->In: Oketra the True

I am attempting to up the creature count, and I don’t play in a graveyard heavy meta. Plus, I acquired Oketra the True ’s Masterpiece Card, and am therefore legally required to jam it in here.

vatechguy on Marisi, can't block me

2 years ago

Reforge the Soul seems random. As do Prismatic Strands and Purify the Grave . If you're worried about Graveyard shenanigans just play Relic of Progenitus or Crook of Condemnation

I'd probably play Song of the Dryads over Darksteel Mutation

Might also consider some landwalk in lieu of relying on Shadow/Hormanship so much. Trailblazer's Boots for example.

I'd also probably play with Swiftfoot Boots over Lightning Greaves , so you can still target/equip stuff to it.

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