Avacyn, Guardian Angel


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 Rare

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Avacyn, Guardian Angel

Legendary Creature — Angel

Flying, vigilance

1W: Prevent all damage that would be dealt to another target creature this turn by sources of the color of your choice.

5WW: Prevent all damage that would be dealt to target player this turn by sources of the color of your choice.

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Avacyn, Guardian Angel Discussion

Nukulargear on Rise of the Angels

3 days ago

I've tried the mono-white angel EDH before. Never panned out, but since angels are usually expensive creatures, Quicksilver Amulet is usually a good idea. You also might want to consider more board wipes like Wrath of God and Rout. I'd also consider removing Avacyn, Guardian Angel because she doesn't really do enough (at least in my opinion).

schmandarinorange on Avacyn - The Fog of War

2 weeks ago

Hey I just read your primer over on MTG Salvation and I really enjoy your idea for this deck, so much so that I'm looking to build a deck around this Avacyn myself.

I might be biased in suggesting this because I love angels but I don't think a Deathless Angel would be amiss in a list like this. It's basically an Avacyn, Guardian Angel / Eight-and-a-Half-Tails but for indestructible. It's a bit mana-pricey but I think it fits the kind of theme you're going for.

CanEx on Trostani, Selesnya's Voice EDH

4 weeks ago

First off, sorry for the delayed response. I don't comment on this site too often.

ericweiss1999, regarding your suggestions:

Wayfaring Temple: I tried this for a while, but the lack of evasion often just made it a big blocker.

Growing Ranks: Just a little too slow for me

Avacyn, Guardian Angel: the deck is surprisingly mana-hungry as it is, so adding this would only accentuate that problem.

Precinct Captain: I actually play this in my Daxos soldiers deck, but it's just too little in this deck. This deck is on the slower side, so an aggressive 2-drop doesn't really contribute to the strategy.

Champion of Lambholt: Not a bad idea, but the deck normally doesn't make enough tokens fast enough to justify it.

Collective Blessing: Added it. I'm not sure if it's worth it, but I like that it makes most of your tokens into things that trade with most staple big dudes (6/6s, 7/7s).

Hornet Queen: A good idea. I should try to grab a copy to replace Wolfcaller's Howl.

Advent of the Wurm: Maybe? I'll have to think about it

Elven_gamer: Tenacity seems pretty good here, but I really want to add that to my Aurelia deck, I think. Or maybe Numot since it runs Sunforger.

Rhys the Redeemed I think is better as a commander and in a deck that's more about going wide. This deck is more about going... square, I guess? It wants a good number of tokens, but it prefers big tokens to lots of little ones.

sava629: Thanks you! I hope that EDH is as fun for you as it's been for me. I'll have to pass on Emmara Tandris, though. It's both just really expensive and the deck prefers to make bigger tokens, so I don't normally have to worry tokens dying and don't mind if I lose one in a gangblock or something. It might be good for dealing with voltron commanders like Geist or Uril, but I'm probably dead before I can reliably get this out anyway lol.

Yuri200X on The Final Crusade (Help needed)

1 month ago

Alright, let's do this...

I see you are playing lots of heavy creatures and heavy cards in general.

Modern is a fast format. You need to be able to do something relevant or at least wipe the board clean by turn 3-4 (and again about 2-3 turns after) if you want to play these big creatures.

One of the ways to play big creatures without having to worry too much about playing Wrath of God to survive the game is by ramping with green.

Right now your build is messy. There are some angels that are easier to cast and still good enough for modern: Sigarda, Heron's Grace, Angel of Invention, Archangel of Thune, Archangel of Tithes, Baneslayer Angel, Avacyn, Guardian Angel, Guardian Seraph are all creatures that would still be nice in a modern angel deck and would be able to finish off the game without some urge to ramp them.

I recommend you try better to hold out your game. You could give Green up and try for a Boros Angels. This way you'd be able to ramp with Boros Signet or Mind Stone and run Anger of the Gods. Anger of the Gods would mostly kill only the opponent's creatures since angels have 4 toughness usually. Aurelia and Gisela are nice angels, but you don't need them. Because a Baneslayer Angel or an Archangel of Tithes can smash your opponent if you give them the support of Lightning Helix, Path to Exile, Lightning Bolt etc.

Your Archangel Avacyn  Flip is doing next to nothing because it's very difficult to flip it... also your planeswalkers are doing very little too... Those artifacts as well...

Dude, in general... Try to stick with 1 theme and give it a bit of support. Add about 3-4 sweepers like Anger of the Gods, add Lightning Helix, Lightning Bolt, Path to Exile and maybe Roast/Blessed Alliance in order to hold out against faster aggro decks. Ramp a little bit with MindStone/Boros Signet or something of the sort... if you need mana filtering, try Boros Keyrune/Boros Cluestone. And only then try to add some angels and planeswalkers as finishers. But keep in mind that a finisher that takes too long to enter the battlefield will end up giving your opponent time to recover from your board control and won't close the game as efficiently (that's why finishers should have mana cost of 5... maybe 1 or 2 at 6 mana cost at most)

Take care and good luck.

Revedeka on Generator Angel - Unique deck ...

2 months ago

Hey guys,

For the last 7 years or so I've had a mono-white angel deck which I always had a lot of fun playing with. The deck would change every couple of weeks/months based on if I could think of a better way to run the deck. I know it's not a tier 1 deck by far, and that's not the point, it's just some kind of angel tribal personal deck which I have spend a lot of time on over the years and it has been a lot of fun. Over a year ago I finally got into MTG a bit more seriously and found this site to build deck and do alot of fun stuff like making descriptions as pretty as possible. The latest version of the angel deck is this one:

Defence of the Angels -- (Generator Angel updated)

Modern Revedeka


This version is pretty much pure control focussed, the base of the deck (which I would like to keep) is Extraplanar Lens together with mana cost cards. Originally I started using Extraplanar Lens because angels just costed so much mana generally. After a while I understood that it was a card you had to pretty much build a deck around, since it also costs a lot to play. I liked this version of the deck a lot, but I think it can definetely improve a lot. Again, it's an angel tribal so no tier 1, but it still needs to win as much a possible. Budget isn't that much of an issue.

For the new version of this deck I wanted it to be less focussed on control and more focussed on fighting and ending the game sooner. For the new deck, Cards I want to remove are:

-2 Avacyn, Guardian Angel

-2 Emancipation Angel (probably to sideboard)

-3 Wall of Omens

-2 Tower of Fortunes - Not sure yet, maybe I will keep this since I want the card draw

-3 Ghostly Prison

-1 Sphere of Safety

-2 Admonition Angel - Not sure yet

The deck without these cards is pretty much the core of the deck. I don't think I can remove much more, maybe Archangel of Tithes but I think that card is very powerful.

Now for the difficult part, the card which all seem really good and powerful, but I just don't know what to pick to keep it at 60 cards. These cards are:

Plains +4 - I would like to up the land total to 24 to ensure I will always have Plains

Admonition Angel - Im not sure If I want to keep this card, if I do I think I want to add 4 copies. Its very efficient, has great devotion and exiles creatures!

Baneslayer Angel - Would like to add 4 if im adding any at all, one of the most powerful and cost-efficient 5 CMC white cards ever printed, I think this would help the deck a lot, but it's very susceptible to removal.

Angelic Overseer - This card is much like Baneslayer Angel in certain ways. 5 Damage 5CMC flyer. Sure, Baneslayer Angel has lifelink and first strike and protection from 2 types that don't really matter, but I am only planning on running Angelic Overseer if im running at least 10 humans, meaning that the hexproof and indestructible are pretty much guaranteed. And if you ask me, I will always take a 5/3 hexproof indestructible flyer over a 5/5 lifelink firststrike flyer in the 5CMC spot, or am I wrong here?

Angel of Serenity - A 5/6 flyer that exiles 3 creatures when it ETB is great. However, the 7 CMC is not great, with the Extraplanar Lenses this deck runs, I could produce 6 mana at turn 4, so a 7 CMC card is just outside that peak. This is a shame, as I really like the card. However, in previous iterations of this deck, I always favoured Admonition Angel over Angel of Serenity since this deck was all about ensuring I would get Plains every turn. Now the deck still can do that even though I removed cards like Endless Horizons a long time ago, im still not sure if Admonition Angel is better. Admonition Angel is slow, but with an incredebily strong body, a 6CMC which means I can play it at turn 4, and it exiles all non-land premanents instead of just creatures. Im really unsure which one of these 2 is better. Maybe serenity' instant exiling is better, it can also target creatures in my graveyard to get them back in my hand, or vs some graveyard decks its great. However Admonition Angel will immedeatly return the cards back onto the field, while Angel of Serenity sends them back to your hand, which is better most of the time. Im not even sure if this deck needs and additional exiling effects, since it also runs 4 Path to Exile and 4 Quarantine Field.

Iona, Shield of Emeria - I would like to add 2 of these to the mainboard. Sure, it's kinda anti-fun to run it, but it's just so strong! I can play it at turn 6, or earlier if I can fetch or draw Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx and you win when you play her in uhm i dunno 90% of your games? This deck can produce insane amounts of mana, and I think I should use that even more to my advantage and play these insanely powerful cards that normally people would only play in some graveyard fetching strategy.

Emeria Shepherd - I'm thinking of adding 1 more to this deck, since together with Emeria, The Sky Ruin it's pretty good in this deck. The main reason why I would like to run 2 in total is that I was thinking of adding Smuggler's Copter as some early to mid game power, and card advantage. Then, If I discard some strong permanents, I can get them back easily. Not sure about this stratetgy yet though.

Student of Warfare - Were finally done with the angels im thinking about adding, so now the other creatures. These are all humans, which work well with Angelic Overseer. That was not on purpose, just all good early game cards in white seem to be human. Student of warfare is a great early game card, and can be a real threat in turn 2, as you can make it a 3/3 with first strike in that turn. I really love that this card can scale with how much mana this deck can make, it is both a strong early game as well as strong late game. Attracts removal so my angels can't get hit, great with Rogue's Passage and almost just as strong as one of the big angels late game. It also combo's well with another card I wanted to add, Smuggler's Copter. It can crew it easily. If im gonna run this, im thinking of 4.

Transcendent Master - One problem I ran into when thinking about changing this deck, and what made the selection of new cards very difficult, was that I was removing almost every early-mid game card in my deck. All 3 CMC cards that helped buy time for big creatures were lost, and after searching for a while, I thought this might be the perfect replacement. For 3 mana with two devotion to white, it is a normal 3/3 creature, which is.. ok I guess... But after spending 6 mana, which might be turn 4, it becomes a 6/6 with lifelink and with 12 mana, a 9/9 with lifelink and indestructible. This card gives me mid game protection, and becomes one of the strongest late game creatures in the deck. Attracts removal, which is ok, less removal for the other big creatures. Im not sure how many of these I should run if any at all.

Smuggler's Copter - I talked about this card a lot already, but I think this might also be some very good early to mid game presence that this deck needs. It also give me some form of card draw, which I really need. Can be crewed by cards like Weathered Wayfarer and Student of Warfare.

Ghirapur Orrery - Origianlly I had this card in mind as replacement for Tower of Fortunes. This deck has so much mana, it needs A LOT of card draw power to fully use it to its advantage. I eventually went with Tower of Fortunes for lack of a better alternative, as it could get me a lot of card for mana which I normally had enough of. However, with the deck' focus changed to be more dependant on lands, I thought Ghirapur Orrery might be good, 2 land every turn with Admonition Angel seems good on paper. However it comes with a lot of disadvantages. You have to play all your cards in order to get the card draw the next turn, and it also affects your opponent(s). Right now, I have no idea whether to take Ghirapur Orrery or Tower of Fortunes.

So as a little Summary, you can see the deck for yourself here:

Defence of the Angels -- (Generator Angel updated)

Modern Revedeka


I was thinking of removing:

-2 Avacyn, Guardian Angel

-2 Emancipation Angel

-3 Wall of Omens

-2 Tower of Fortunes

-3 Ghostly Prison

-1 Sphere of Safety

-2 Admonition Angel

However, there are a lot of very good alternatives which all push the deck in different directions, and I would really appriciate how other people think about them:

Admonition Angel

Baneslayer Angel

Angel of Serenity

Student of Warfare

Transcendent Master

Iona, Shield of Emeria

Emeria Shepherd

Smuggler's Copter

Ghirapur Orrery vs Tower of Fortunes

Angelic Overseer

4 additional Plains

I undestand that this must be very difficult for other people to help with since it's such a personal and pretty unique deck, but any help, thoughts, suggestions, whatever are greatly appriciated!

landofMordor on Painful Profiteer

3 months ago

I'd agree with the previous comments -- a good start. I'd try to include a few more win conditions, or at least some UW beaters who can hit the life total. Stormtide Leviathan, Dragonlord Ojutai, Lorthos, the Tidemaker, Inkwell Leviathan... just a couple creatures like these can be tough enough to disrupt that they can pull out a win for you. I'd maybe use the search function on tappedout to find UW, U, or W creatures that can get hexproof, especially, or at least have flying/trample/some other form of evasion. Avacyn, Guardian Angel would also be awesome for your Azor's Elocutors condition. Best of luck, and mention me in the comments if I can do anything else to help!

Revedeka on Revka - Defence of the Angels

3 months ago

@ ArTr,

I think I'm about finished deciding which cards to use. I've playtested a lot, vs no opponents, vs this version of the deck, vs the top 3 aggro decks which were recently deckcycled, the top 3 burn decks which were recently deckcycled, the top 3 control decks which were recently deckcycled, the top 3 token decks which were recently deckcycled and three random modern deck on the recently deckcycled page. I have too much free time atm.

The version I used, and really like, is the version where i removed 3 Declaration in Stone, 1 Quarantine Field, 1 Admonition Angel and 1 Celestial Mantle (a card I really like, and im really sad to remove it, but its the best option. Also possibly my favourite card art). And added 3 Ghostly Prisons, 2 Avacyn, Guardian Angel and 1 Sphere of Safety.

I think its pretty well balanced this way, and I will update the deck tomorrow, prolly with a new name and everyhting, updating the description is gonna be a lot of work, and im not gonna change the game simulation cause that actually took me a whole day. And for the new name, I need to think of something along the lines of angel prison like you suggested. What do you think of the final version?

ill give you a shoutout in the description cause you helped improve the deck so much! Thanks a ton!

ArTr on Revka - Defence of the Angels

3 months ago

Pretty good points there, i think as you said, that having all 3 Admonition Angel removed would be a terrible idea, but also it being your main brute force would also be quite risky (if it leaves the game, everything exiled with it comes back, and very angry). I think you can afford to replace 1 of the Admonition Angel. Now, regarding Avacyn, Guardian Angel, i would go with 2 copies just for the chances of drawing it, or even having one in backup if the other gets removed (and you dont have another way of bringing it back). For Ghostly Prison i think x3 is enough, remember that you have x4 Archangel of Tithes as well, and with replayable Wall of Omens you have a higher chance of drawing them (your deck is more than 10% taxes cards, counting the lands). I agree on removing x3Declaration in Stone, if you have really high tax power, you dont actually need to worry about your oponent attacking you with creatures, he/she wont be able to afford it, literally. My doubts are with two cards really, one of them being Celestial Mantle, because it cant actually make sure you get counters for Luminarch Ascension(the ruling says that the card checks if life was lost or not in during the turn, not giving importance if you later gained more life. only if life was lost, not the ending life total.) The other one i have my doubts with is Tower of Fortunes, because, if you add Avacyn, Guardian Angel the mana you will be spending on abilities and not on casting increases, and a lot, and more if you add, lets say, x1 Deathless Angel. Maybe removing just one copy, if you can afford it.

If i had to change the cards, these would be my picks:


+2 Avacyn, Guardian Angel,+3 Ghostly Prison

-3 Declaration in Stone, -1Quarantine Field, -1 Tower of Fortunes


+1 Iona, Shield of Emeria (-1 Celestial Mantle or Admonition Angel)

+1 Deathless Angel (-1 Admonition Angel)

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