Luminous Angel

Luminous Angel

Creature — Angel


At the beginning of your upkeep, you may create a 1/1 white Spirit creature token with flying.

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks Anthology (DD3) Rare
Duel Decks: Divine vs. Demonic (DDC) Rare
Mirrodin (MRD) Rare

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Format Legality
Leviathan Legal
Unformat Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Vintage Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Highlander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Noble Legal
Duel Commander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Modern Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Magic Duels Legal

Luminous Angel Discussion

DemonDragonJ on Commander 2019...

11 months ago

I am not fond of aeon engine, because reversing turn order is not a very useful effect, and can be abused to prevent a player from taking a turn; such effects should have been kept in un-sets, in my mind.

However, that new version of Chainer is quire awesome; is he the fourth character from the Weatherlight saga to be given a new card? I hope not, since he lived long after that story was over. The fact that the creatures that he reanimates do not become nightmares is a flavor fail, unfortunately. I now wonder if there shall be a new version of Braids in the future, or perhaps a card of Chainer’s mentor, Skellum?

Bloodthirsty blade is a very unique and interesting design, and does anyone here think that that is Gerrard in the artwork, when he and Urza were forced to fight each other?

The reprint of Geth is nice, since he has become expensive, recently.

That new demon is quite awesome, as it is essentially a second Phyrexian Obliterator for this format; its mana cost is rather high, but the fact that it has madness helps to balance that.

At this point, reprints of Akroma's Memorial and Vedalken Orrery are highly unlikely, but a reprint of Overabundance would be very awesome, indeed, and would perfectly fit the red/white/green deck.

Skyfire phoenix is a very nice card, and I especially appreciate the artwork; does it remind anyone here of the Firebird segment of Disney’s Fantasia 2000?

Yes, there is a new version of Greven! I especially like how his artwork is a dark parallel to the artwork in the new version Gerrard, although I do not remember if the two of them ever fight (although I still am reading Prophecy, and have not yet reached the Invasion cycle in the novels).

That reprint of Soul Foundry is great; it was not terribly expensive, but it still was long overdue for a reprint, in my mind; since I started playing this game in 2003, when I was still in high school, I have many fond memories (and some not-so-fond) of that card.

The reprint of Pristine Angel is also nice, but I do wish that she had been given new art for it. I actually am surprised that WotC did not reprint Luminous Angel , because she would have been perfect for the populate deck.

Mire in misery is definitely a bend for black, but at least it does not outright destroy enchantments.

StumpyIB on Commander of Angels

2 years ago

Yeah the deck was centered around combining abilities (Odric, Lunarch Marshal and Concerted Effort being the big plays) and control. The commander's ability does blend nicely with Concerted Effort for sure though. Luminous Angel would be a great idea if I decide to morph this into a token deck as all the abilities could be spread over all the tokens.

I have a tendency try not to include "staples" in my decks as you tend to basically just build the same decks other people make which is why I don't have Avacyn, Angel of Hope in here. That being said, I also want my deck to be good! I am thinking that I might make this instead but I can't decide on a commander.

Decisive on Angels

2 years ago

Angels tend to be expensive. Look at all the angels you control. If their power and toughness + their ability do not equal (In your mind) their cost, I could cut it.

Take a card like Luminous Angel, a 4/4 flyer for 7 mana that creates 1 token on your upkeep is quite useless unless you are in a stax heavy meta, or have more token generators.

_Kane_ on G/W Tokens

3 years ago



Second Harvest I have ~6 of these. Let me know if you need one.

Aura Shards, Parallel Lives, Elspeth, Sun's Champion, Secure the Wastes Great on all parts of the curve.

Win Con.:

Beastmaster Ascension, Eldrazi Monument, Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite

Potential Cuts:

Howling Mine could be cut for Shamanic Revelation

Fated Retribution could be cut for Hour of Reckoning

Luminous Angel could be cut for Martial Coup

Into the Wilds could be cut for Cryptolith Rite.

Bababad on Karlov's Chapel

3 years ago

Angel of Serenity over Luminous Angel for sure if you want fatty beats/good curvetopper. If you insist on having the token effect I would add Brimaz, King of Oreskos in over LA just for the mana efficiency.

VermilionNexus on WG Token Deck

3 years ago

No, I haven't. I'm unsure as to what Luminous Angel does. Of course, now I do know, because I saw the card from the tag.

JediCat on

4 years ago

You probably meant Luminous Angel. And no, I use Emancipation Angel exactly. I know, it looks strange in Selesnya tokens build, but it performs great. The spirits are created with Midnight Haunting.

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