Exile target creature.

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt (DDK) Common
Archenemy (ARC) None
Eventide (EVE) Common
Promo Set (000) Common

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Format Legality
Limited Legal
Pauper Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Highlander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Vintage Legal
Unformat Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Unmake Discussion

Zackary on B/W Pauper Soul Sisters Lifegain

4 weeks ago

i would take out Lone Missionary for Veteran Armorer or Lumithread Field to protect your creatures form Electrickery . Cut a Mourning Thrull , a Soul Warden OR a Soul's Attendant and a Plains for 3x Night's Whisper , you are going to need the card draw. Replace the Castigate with Harsh Sustenance or Unmake.


Take out Shadowfeed and put in Beckon Apparition , i think it will synergies with with the soul sisters and Edge of the Divinity by giving you a white/black creature token. take out Nihil Spellbomb for Relic of Progenitus , trade out the Swamp in the sideboard for a Bojuka Bog or 2x by taking out 1x Bonesplitter . Replace the Castigate and Disenchant with 3x Standard Bearer.


Crimson Acolyte , Obsidian Acolyte , Prismatic Strands , Battle Screech , Rune of Protection: Red , Rune of Protection: Green , Epicure of Blood , Oblivion Ring

sorry about the last post with no hyperlinks to the card names. i am new

PineSwampPete on Athreos’ Swarmyard

3 months ago

DemonDragonJ on Maro's Core Set 2021 Teaser

3 months ago

I wonder if angelic ascension will be a suitable replacement for Path to Exile and Swords to Plowshares; 1 additional mana could make a difference, but, not that planeswalkers are so prevalent, being able to unconditionally exile one is very useful, indeed, and giving an opponent a creature is, hopefully, not as severe a drawback as giving them an additional land. Now that both black and white can remove planeswalker from the battlefield, I wonder if there shall be a variation of Unmake that can exile both creature and planeswalkers?

ToolmasterOfBrainerd, I agree, completely; I understand that the card drawing ability triggers when the creature attacks, which is part of green's reliance on creatures, but it is definitely still too powerful, and encroaches on blue's territory in terms of drawing cards.

dbpunk, I am sorry that I need to ask, but what is a "signpost?"

DemonDragonJ on What is Your Opinion of …

3 months ago

Hybrid cards in EDH are a very contentious subject for the MtG community, so I wish to discuss it, here, to learn everyone's opinion on the matter.

Some players feel that hybrid cards should be allowed in decks whose generals do not contain both colors of those cards in their color identity, while other players feel that that should not be allowed: for example, allowing Unmake or Balefire Liege in a deck with Akroma, Angel of Wrath as its general.

I, myself, believe that hybrid cards should not be allowed in an EDH deck unless the general of that deck contains all colors in its color identity, because it would undermine the importance of color identity in that format.

For example, both Hearthfire Hobgoblin and Iroas's Champion are always both red and white, despite the fact that the hobgoblin does not need both colors of mana to be cast, so it would not make any sense for it to be allowed into a deck that did not contain both of those colors.

What does everyone else say about this? What is your opinion of hybrid cards in EDH?

MurderForBrunch on The Immortal King: The Fable of Oloro [cEDH]

4 months ago

GhostChieftain Right! In that case I agree with you, if the deck is pushing towards cEDH Yennett doesn't do enough then! Is a super good card... in casual tables. In cEDH it draws too little too late.

Now, if cEDH is the way this deck is pushing I would also get other pieces to make it faster. What I mean is, something like Linvala, Keeper of Silence is really good, but if the plan is to cast in turn 4 it might be way too late. I would cut stuff that is either too narrow, too mana intensive or too inconsistent or unreliable, like Sun Titan, Dimir Doppelganger, Mirage Mirror and Unmake. Strangely enough, by my experience Cryptic Command is too expensive and hard to cast most of the time, specially with 3 colours!

In exchange I would add fast mana like Mana Vault, Grim Monolith and Chrome Mox. And other staples like Windfall and Timetwister (availability or budget permitting). Casting a Windfall on turn 1 with 3 or 4 mana on the battlefield is bonkers! Or with a Narset, Parter of Veils!

As a final note, I would consider switching the most expensive ways to draw cards and add some cheaper ones. Like switching Esper Charm and Sphinx's Revelation for Ponder, Preordain and/or Brainstorm.

DemonDragonJ on How is Thought Collapse Justified?

4 months ago

Employees of WotC, or at least Mark Rosewater, have stated that a multicolored card can have a lower overall mana cost than a mono-colored card that performs the same effect, or can be more powerful than mono-colored cards with the same converted mana cost. For example, Aurelia's Fury is more powerful than Rolling Thunder and Merciless Eviction is more powerful than Final Judgement, whereas Unmake is less expensive than are Final Death or Final Reward.

Therefore, I am wondering how Thought Collapse can be strictly better than Psychic Strike when the former card is mono-colored and the latter card is multicolored; does that not violate WotC's policy on that matter?

What does everyone else say about this? How can Thought Collapse be better than Psychic Strike?

Jackrow on Living Death

5 months ago


Here's some change I do on my deck:

  • Skullclamp -> Seal of the Guildpact : Seal of the Guildpact have too much high CMC for the value that I can gain with it, so I change with something that will make me draw a lot more cards (mostly because of Teysa's doubling trigger).
  • Scheming Symmetry -> Tome of the Guildpact: Tome of the Guildpact has too much high CMC to draw a card sometimes and tap for one mana, so I prefer to use a tutor that can give me an opportunity to do some politic with someone.
  • Leonin Relic-Warder -> Solemn Simulacrum: I have a lot of card that make me draw a card of make me more mana, do I decide to put an infinite combo piece in this deck.
  • Animate Dead -> Ethereal Absolution: Ethereal Absolution has a high CMC only to buff a little bit my creature (and so to ruin skullclamp potential) nd to make a 1/1 spirit. I choose to put an infitie combo piece that will help me sometimes.
  • Swords to Plowshares > Unmake : It's more effective!
  • Generous Gift > Mortify : I can choose a permanent, so I'm not restrict to choose a creature or an enchantment.
  • Idyllic Tutor > Altar's Reap : I highly prefer tutoring than drawing cards. Plus, Idyllic Tutor is not so expensive and I can choose an enchantment that will make me win easier!
  • Living Death > Entreat the Dead: I will try Living Death (hey, that's my deck name!), seeing if this card will help me a lot. If it's not the case, I will change it with Entreat the Dead.
  • Astral Cornucopia -> Orzhov Signet : I want to have an artifact that will make me a lot of mana, and Astral Cornucopia is something that I really want to try!
  • Crypt Ghast -> Dutiful Attendant: Crypt Ghast will help me ramping my deck if I need some manas, but I keep in mind Dutiful Attendant in case I see a place for him.

A big thanks to multimedia for the tips!

Boza on Sick Pauper Divinity Rush

7 months ago

That description is very amusing - 80% of pauper decks using Dark Ritual is just not the case - not even mono-black control plays a single copy of the card, let alone any other tier 1 or tier 2 archetype.

Regardless, the dark ritual would be probably be a good addition here, but there are multiple better ones.

First, a fourth copy of the namesake card of the deck - Edge of Divinity there is no way to play less than 4 in this deck. Second, you need 4 copies of Nightsky Mimic - the best creature for that archetype.

Since mimic needs orzhov colored spells to work I suggest kicking out any non-orzhov cards as well. - 4 pilgrim (too slow anyways), - 3 umbra (that is just a much worse version of Edge), - 4 charms. Night's whisper is the only good mono-color card, but no room for non-orzhov. Since we are getting rid of bad cards, -2 harvest gwyllon as well, one of the worst orzhov cards.

That is a total of 17 cards to get rid of and I already suggested 5, so you need 12 more.

  • 4 Gift of Orzhova - now that is an aura worth its salt.
  • 1 castigate - might as well play the full 4.
  • 4 Kingpin's Pet - a flier and a source of damage even when not attacking.
  • 3 Unmake - get that removal in there

The sideboard could also be orzhov only, but that might be a bit too much. And I would not play so many comes into play tapped lands.

In addition, I think this pauper version of the deck is probably better than the non-pauper one in every metric other than mana base.

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