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Ninjas be like~But Wait!There's more!(UltraBUDGET)

Modern* Budget Control Goodstuff Tribal UB (Dimir)



Best Ninja deck you'll ever feast your eyes on

Also a deck to lose few friends

If you don't mind having it as nonModern legal, I would add 4x Thalakos Seer and remove 2x Triton Shorestalker and 2x Gudul Lurker. If you want some other unblockable/ninja-enablers; Dimir Infiltrator or a 0mana Ornithopter, or with few bucks in for a Baleful Strix or Will-o'-the-Wisp

Also by throwing extra money in, I would 100% recommend to have 2x Fatal Push instead of Go for the Throat

A ninja that I might be adding in near future... might be Sakashima's Student which ofc isn't Modern legal nor healthy for budget deck

Fun combo with Ninjutsu enabling would be Abyssal Persecutor

Maybeboard is filled with bunch of cards that I was looking at, while choosing cards for this deck

Open for tips and suggestions! Making a good op deck with somekind of budget... No Black Lotuses please, this deck will be there to piss of my friends :P

Every Upvote this deck gets, will be donated as a pray to my friends that are playing against this

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Each time the unblockables go through, opponents be like...

What ninja will he put next... art by: AnatoFinnstark


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