"Until you have lived as a statue, do not talk to me of pigeons." -Karn



- Karn is one of my favourite characters in the multiverse. Karn, Silver Golem represents all important aspects of Karns personality and that makes it a really great card.

- "[...] The golem rescued young Gerrard Capashen from the Phyrexian raids on Benalia, and brought him to his adoptive father Sidar Kondo. When Kondo's son Vuel turned against his tribe and stole the Legacy, Karn went to retrieve it. During this effort, he was tricked into killing an innocent bystander, and was frozen by the Touchstone. He was later found and freed by Sisay, with the memory of killing the innocent fresh in his mind. Karn took a vow of pacifism, swearing never again to take a life [...]"  (from "The Legacy" - this aspect is represented by Karns defensive ability).

- "[...] After the events of Time Spiral, Karn retreated to Mirrodin's Core, being worshipped as the new Father of Machines. When Phyrexia grew upon Mirrodin, Karn was trapped in his own mind, battling between himself and the role the Phyrexians were trying to force upon him.[...]" (from "Quest for Karn" - this is represented by Karns ability to turn artifacts into creatures)

- The phyrexian corruption that leaked from his body and corrupted Mirrodin is represented by his ability to destroy lands (destroy is actually the wrong term but its the most fitting lore wise... in mtg terms it would be: turns lands into 0/0 creatures which puts them into the GY.. FYI) (with mycosynth lattice etc) 

- "[...] When Gerrard placed Urza's powerstone eyes, the Mightstone and Weakstone, into Karn, the Legacy released a wave of white mana, destroying the Phyrexians and slaying Yawgmoth. While the two humans were killed, the powerstones turned Karn into the first -- and, so far as is known, only -- artificial planeswalker [...]" (From "Phyrexian Invasion" - this is represented by, well.... Karn Liberated)



Its really easy: ramp mana to cast more expensive rocks and utiliy, animate everything with Karn, kill, profit. This is really fast and hard to interrupt. It also gets quite borring after a while. So there are some funny combos and interactions to spice things up. 

You do not need any of them to win, tho.

As usual this is really strong against some setups and really weak against others.. all im saying is Stony Silence ;)


Example matches



Karn Combos and Interactions (a small selection)

Infinite ManaKarn, Silver Golem + Mana Vault + Voltaic Construct or any other with 3+mana (there are more than 5 at the moment)
Infinite Mana
Basalt Monolith + Rings of Brighthearth (+2 mana to get it started)
Infinite 0/1 Tokens or Lifeinfinite combo (above) + Mycosynth Lattice + Trading Post
Infinite damageinfinite combo (above) + Scarecrone + Triskelion // or Goblin Charbelcher // or Staff of nin
Infinite TurnsMagistrate's Scepter + Rings of Brighthearth + Voltaic Key or Clock of Omens
play every non land card from your oponent (or exile all)infinite combo (above) +  Mycosynth Lattice + Ornate Kanzashi
super evil land destructionKarn, Silver Golem + Mycosynth Lattice / Liquimetal Coating
wrath effect every turnDarksteel Forge + Nevinyrral's Disk
everything has reanimate (well kinda)  Karn, Silver Golem + Nim Deathmantle
remove any permanent+attack with 7/7 +sac it for 7 lifeKarn, Silver Golem + Miren, the Moaning Well + Spine of Ish Sah
infinite mana and other goodiesMetalworker + Staff of Domination + 3 artifact cards in hand
infinite manaMetalworker + Voltaic Construct  +2 artifact cards in hand
exile all attacking creaturesMycosynth Lattice + Mystifying Maze + Voltaic Key + infinite mana combo
infinite memory jar (if done right every1 dies at the same time = groupwin // otherwise make sure you have more cards left then the other players )Karn, Silver Golem + Memory Jar + Mimic Vat OR Prototype Portal + Memory Jar (infinite with 1 of the mana combos above)
free mana for every1!mycosynth lattice + Blinkmoth Urn
Mindcontrol lockdownmindlsaver + prototype portal // or Karn, Silver Golem + Mimic Vat + Mindslaver . with voltaic contruct infinite combo this can be used on any number of ppl.

(Red= Rude - Yellow= Ok - Green= Just do it already - Pink= Makes ppl smile)


Karn  and Sliver Queen

(this pretty much sums up Karn being Karn... walking straight into the Sliver Queens chamber, ignoring everything she throws at him, all while dropping one deep line after the other)



Cards that were in earlier versions and get suggested frequently:

Steel Hellkite, Eldrazi Conscription, Ulamog and all minor Eldrazi, Mishras Helix, Mutavault, Brittle Effigy, Arcbound Reclaimer, Eye of Ugin, Howling Mine, Gargoyle Castle, Erratic Portal, Mox Opal, Planar Portal, Darksteel Pendant, Myr Retriever, Junk Diver, Thopter Assembly..


All cards I want to add but dont own right now go into the update section!

The Maybeboard holds cards that i only put in against specific ppl in my playgroup. you can ignore them!


Updates Add

Over the last year or so my playgroup experienced a huge powercreep (can you say that... I dont even...), its all Jokulhaups and stuff like that now.

So I feel like i need some of my "evil" cards back in the 99. 


+1 Sea Gate Wreckage main
-1 Mindslaver main
-1 Vedalken Orrery main
-1 Arena of the AncientsIT main
+1 Null Brooch main
-1 Wasteland main
+1 Static Orb main
+1 Winter Orb main
+1 Shimmer Myr main
+1 Ensnaring Bridge main
-1 Crystal Vein main
-1 Meekstone main

example matches


Keep Suggesting!

(Comment clean up)

FAQ:  The "Basic-Land-Question" (because they are colorless permanents): "903.5d A card with a basic land type may be included in a Commander deck only if each color of mana it could produce is included in the commander’s color identity." With the new Wastes this question should not come up again ;)

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