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Selesnya Aggro Slivers

They are fast! They are aggressive! And the lack of a *real* boardwipe in pauper is also pretty great #chuckle

Multiple Bolts or Disfigures arent much of a threat (turn1&2 flame slash can be a bit annoying). If they have to drop half their hand to remove 1 Lord its a great trade for you. Play 2 new lords next turn. Bam. Edicts can also be annoying but there will always be enough sliver to choose a minor one.  Electrickery the same thing, it takes like 3 overloaded casts (or more most of the time). So Terror or Doom Blade effects are way more dangerous. Rolling Thunder can wipe the board but nothing besides Tron can even cast it. And Tron isn't the hardest matchup. Crypt Rats and Pestilenc are really dangerous.


The best thing that happens from time to time:

Many ppl have a hard time understanding multiple instances of flanking and absorb on a creature. They make so many mistakes when blocking or casting dmg based spot removal. 

Shamelessly advertising my Karn EDH:

Walking Fridges And Stuff

Commander / EDH PepsiAddicted

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Maybe you care more about an all out modern version of this deck:

Modern Worms

Modern PepsiAddicted



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