"Neisseria Gonorrhoeae" -Elesh Norns blessing

- An estimated 78 to 88 million cases of gonorrhea occur each year, out of the 448 million new cases of all curable STI each year [...]


Control can be a hard matchup. Real problems are Dark blast and Sudden Shock if they are played in your meta. Dark Blast in dredge will hit you every round, still possible to play around; Sudden Shock can only be answered by a turn2 Wild Defiance on the play.




replaces distortion strike when i board choke

Dismember / Vapor Snag

Melira, Mirror, skite, thalia...

Spell Pierce / Dispel

answers path, dreadbore, counter etc

Twisted Image / Nature's Claim (no do not run Natural State instead

Affinity, Spellskite, Tron etc; twisted image also vs birds, hierarch, cantrip and to fuel BI


GY and combo hate, local meta call

Wild Defiance

everything that runs dmg based removal, Grixis, Burn, Jeskai, the only thing we have against Sudden Shock


I prefer Vapor Snag in the SB as it deals with skites, melira, mirror and basically every creature based strategy except bogles; even Elesh Norn as many grixis decks run her now (with angler into eldritch evolution). Dismember is easier to cast most of the time. But Vapor snag can also be used as protection or even to bounce an extra inkmoth nexus back to your hand to get a landfall trigger.



To quote the great Reid Duke

"Infect is the fastest deck in Modern, and as such has a great matchup against Abzan and most of the format’s combo decks. What you really don’t want to face is a deck full of Lightning Bolts backed up by either Wild Nacatls and Goblin Guides or Snapcaster Mages and ElectrolyzesWild Defiance is a little slow, but can be an effective way to take games off of red decks."



Shamelessly advertising my Karn EDH:

Walking Fridges And Stuff

Commander / EDH PepsiAddicted

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