"It's a tool for aiding my other tools", explained Urza."Now they'll work in harmony."


My approach for Urza, Lord High Artificer is using modular and gain/remove +1/+1 with token generators, like Pentavus and such. You can create, tap, sac those tokens back and forth to power a large amount of fast and hard to interrupt combos, including but not limited to: infinte mana, infinite card draw (you and/or oponent), infinite tokens, infinite +1/+ counters on creatures, unexpected infect kills, endless GY recursion and and and... all while being able to allow fun and interactive gameplay on a fast paced competitve level WITHOUT locking the board for every1 else.

Cards Usage

Animation Module

great synergy with Urza, Pentavus and modular creatures

Arcbound Crusher , Arcbound Reclaimer

Crusher generates +1/+1 counters faster than you can blink. Great synergy with Animation Module and Pentavus.

Reclaimer is great recursion. Basically free and on instant speed.

Manifold Key

the better Voltaic Key , can be used to help with basically every chain or combo. probably run both keys now that Paradox Engine is banned. only downside is that it can not target itself, like voltaic can

Krark-Clan Ironworks

the more tokens, the more mana. part of many combos and chains. one way to move modular counters on a finisher like Inkmoth Nexus etc

Thopter Spy Network

still testing if I prefer this over Efficient Construction

Mechanized Production

Copy Artifact and wincon in one card. almost too boring to win with. just almost

Imprisoned in the Moon

very versatile. I normally use it to lockout dangerous Generals. Many General-centric decks have a hard time to get access again after I cast this

Unwinding Clock

Allows to do more, more often and more more more ;) Great synergy with the Pentavus + Animation Module + Urza, High Lord Artificer chain

Vedalken Orrery

i picked this over Leyline because as an artifact it also taps for mana when Urza is on the field. Ofc Leyline is just as viable

Relic of Progenitus

works against all GY based strategies. Is another cmc1 manadork with Urza. I prefer Relic slightly over Grafdiggers etc but really any of them work


works against every aggro based strategy and totally cripples voltron style decks

Pentavus + Urza, Lord High Artificer

semi self-fueling token generator AND +1/+1 counter generator, syngery with Animation Module and Modular creatures.

Basalt Monolith + Power Artifact

 Infinite colorless mana, will finish the game with Urzas activated ability in most cases. Also enables many other finishers in case I can't use Urzas ability, like Basalt Monolith + Power Artifact + Capsize etc



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Ideas are appreciated!


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this was everything but unexpected. why took it so long?

anyway, let me know if you have cool ideas how to use Painter's Servant in this list. other than Grindstone ;)



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