I'm a MTH trans (male to hermaphrodite transsexual) who enjoys playing magic as it helps take my mind off of daily stressors. My favourite ability is landfall from the Zendikar block. I hardly own 70% of the cards listed in my decks here on T/O. Basically I make a deck the best it possibly can be for reference of cards to get, and then I compensate where I have no money.

I once tried to get through university, but failed. Miserably. I was trying to get into graduate studies in Sexology, starting the undergraduate studies in a Major in Psychology and a minor in Critical Studies in Sexuality. However, I failed because of my lack of responsibility. I'm hoping that maybe after living a plain life for 5 or so years, finishing my transition and getting general life experience in my panties that I'll be able to go back and complete it with responsibility. But I'm unsure.

For many who know me, I'm a very sexualized individual, so head that as a fore-warning that sex will come up in my discussions. I'm an eager activist of prostitution, and I'm thinking of going into the industry myself, starting with online cam shows and selling used panties. So feel free to talk to me about this if you have any advice or are curious about the matter.

I'm also a role mother to a lovely little girl. I care and raise her as if she were my own and we have forged a loving bond together that shall never part.

Currently working on my own custom block which can have anywhere from 1536-1024 cards, whatever happens. The cards are based off of my favourite childhood web-cartoon. I was thinking 4 sets in the block, each set having somewhere around 386-256 cards, or make it a 2 block theme piece with 3 sets each with around 256-170 cards. Or even, with 256-128 cards. I'll just be making the cards for now, so nothing else is really gonna happen. Currently this block is on hiatus, because until someone who works on the styles for MSE makes a M15 Omega Style, I won't be able to do finish this set.

Current progress
Began 05/08/2014
321 cards

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    Hellsing says... #1

    Do you have admin privileges? or similar.

    January 25, 2019 5:14 p.m.

    Please login to comment

    JBecicka, if you check the buttons ontop of the comment box, those will show you all the links you need.

    In order to get a specific card printing, go

    • Cardname (TLA)

    Enclosed by double square brackets.

    Note that for your specific case, most commemorative products (collector's edition and world championship decks) are not presently on this site and will be a while before they get put in as I have other things in the backlog to complete first (basic land variations and promos).

    As for searching the forums, click on the little magnifying glass in the top right. That search field will search for decks, cards, cubes, users and forums, all portrayed in their separate boxes.

    February 15, 2019 6:05 p.m.

    Said on List of Bugs ......


    Uh, that's not what is happening Zaes. Whatever code you are using is taking a DOM mountain and not the RNA forest. Make sure that you are using the right code and remember that RNA only has one printing so you don't need to try and input collectors number or gatherer ID for variation. The same issue is happening with the swamp/plains confusion.

    I have not yet added all the basic land variations to any products that came before Shards of Alara. Of the ones after Shards, C16, HOP, M15 and ZEN are the ones I've yet to do. This is exactly how I can tell that these issues are happening because I haven't even touched RAV. So whatever basic you want from RAV won't be there.

    Since you are a supporter of the site, you can check the images yourself by going to the set page, click the "add/fix card" button, typing the basic land name and scrolling down to see the image used.

    EDIT: Also note that in the image links you posted above, it even tells you what set file the card image is presently sitting in.

    February 15, 2019 1:11 a.m. Edited.

    Until I can get confirmation from yeago that the promo-set no longer needs Wizards/Gatherer ID and I'm done with adding all the basic land variations, I won't be doing any promos that I don't already have the images for nor already have an entry. I'll work on adding all the promos once both of these criteria have been checked.

    (And then after that, the alters database gets wiped, updated and modded)

    February 15, 2019 1 a.m.

    Said on How to Change ......


    Zaes, it's because you are using the alter code. This is the proper thing to do:

    Cardname (TLA:Gatherer ID)
    Cardname (TLA:Card Number)
    1x Mountain (UN3:439604)
    1x Mountain (UN3:215)

    If you are uncertain on how to write anything out, check the formatting tips link below the comment box.

    (I want to mention that the TLA for some sets are incorrect since others added those instead of me, but cannot be changed ever, so check the card page for the TLA used.)

    February 6, 2019 9:03 p.m.


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