Benevolent Offering


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Rare

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Benevolent Offering


Choose an opponent. You and that player each put three 1/1 white Spirit creature tokens with flying onto the battlefield.

Choose an opponent. You gain 2 life for each creature you control and that player gains 2 life for each creature he or she controls.

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Benevolent Offering Discussion

TheatreJohn on Cards to help everyone play

3 weeks ago

I started building a Queen Marchesa deck because I have a weakness for Conspiracy: Take the Crown and the Monarch mechanic. After starting it, I realized that The Monarch mechanic really helps everyone actually play the game. Sometimes, you'll have people who don't get to do much because their deck doesn't pan out very well, or they just got unlucky early on with setbacks. So my goal was to add in a bunch of "Everyone plays if this spell resolves cards" such as Coercive Portal or Council's Judgment. I've already seen the 'Join Forces' cycle (Alliance of Arms), the '____ Offering' cycle (Benevolent Offering), and the 'Temptation Cycle' (Tempt with Immortality). Are there any cards out there that will help everyone get to play, even if they're stuck with a 7 land hand?

PS: Not all the "Everyone plays" cards have to be good, I am running Capital Punishment and Bite of the Black Rose.

solarbeam on Abzan Burn? Is That Even a Thing?

3 weeks ago

Made a similar deck that is just straight B/W, some cards you may be interested in that i found were Life Burst, Benevolent Offering, and Rest for the Weary. Blessed Alliance could also be of interest, and Dash Hopes is fun as well.

ThoAlmighty on Quick...Kill The Hippo!!

6 months ago

What are your thoughts on the Offerings? (Intellectual Offering, Sylvan Offering, and Benevolent Offering)

TheRedGoat on Politics, Schmolitics!

7 months ago

According to tapped out, Trade secrets is showing up as an illegal card for commander. But again, if you're only using this for casual games and not tournaments that makes no difference.

As far as the tax versus politics stuff goes, political cards to me are stuff like Mana-Charged Dragon or in your colors Hunted Phantasm or Tempt with Glory. Be like Bugs Bunny. As in, cast a card like Benevolent Offering to give the player not drawing into creatures tokens, but giving another player the health because they need it more. Or even use a Tempt with Reflections on a Swans of Bryn Argoll. You wouldn't need tax effects like the prison or propaganda then because people don't want to attack you anyway, lest you die and your benefits go away. I've survived a lot of multiplayer games till the end for exactly that reason. You want to get really deep into that style of play though? Then be willing to hit somebody else's lands with Rewind.

wisegreenbean on Bant Lifegain?

8 months ago

Swords to Plowshares, Wall of Shards, Avenger en-Dal, Luminate Primordial, Last Breath, Armistice, Benevolent Offering, Condemn, Oust are most of the notable "opponent gains life for a profit" cards.

Find ways to spend your life gain! Birthing Pod might be right up your alley.

Bant Charm, cuz. Ditto for Cyclonic Rift, Beast Within, etc.

Temur Sabertooth to bounce your stuff to hand and recast, while protecting ya dudes.

Drogskol Reaver for the dank life-gain synergies.

DaringApprentice on

9 months ago

Nice deck, Radiant is pretty interesting!

Here are some hopefully budget recommendations for this deck.

Flying creature token generators: Benevolent Offering, Custodi Soulbinders, Decree of Justice, Drogskol Cavalry, Herald of the Host, Moonsilver Spear, Requiem Angel, Sacred Mesa, and Spirit Bonds.

Wrath of God with flying creature tokens: March of Souls.

Enchantment-based flying creature token generation: Sigil of the Empty Throne.

Benefits for having flying creatures: Archon of Redemption and Serra Aviary.

Dealing with opponents with flying creatures: One-Eyed Scarecrow, Predator, Flagship, and Skyblinder Staff.

Also, since Forsaken Sanctuary, Nahiri's Machinations, and Spectral Shepherd have mana symbols that aren't just white or colorless in their rules text, for EDH/Commander, they don't have a white color identity, and so they can't be in a deck with Radiant, Archangel as the commander.

Ghost Town and Mage-Ring Network don't seem too useful in this deck, but if you are looking for storage lands that give white mana, Icatian Store and Fountain of Cho seem like better options. Also, while the art for Serra's Blessing is amazing, I think Brave the Sands would be a better option.

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