Enter my 14th commander!

This is my old favorite Elementary deck from Lorwyn, adapted to EDH. I wanted to bring it to commander a long time ago, but I had two 5-colored tribal decks that I loved and I ended up choosing slivers first. Only now I felt like spending on another 5-color mana base.

In the past few years, elementals became very popular in EDH, with a lot of strong names like Omnath, Muldrotha, Yarok and etc... So, in order to make this deck a little more unique, differentiating it even from other Horde decks, I'm limiting myself by using Jegantha, the Wellspring as my companion.

It is a HUGE limitation, I know. But I feel quite pleased to have it as my companion, and the deck ended up a lot more colorful this way. Not only it opened a single slot for another card, but actually it opened A LOT of slots, 'cause I'm working with a little less "must-have" elementals like Avenger of Zendikar , Bane of Progress , Hateflayer combos, the Cavalier-cycle and the Incarnation-cycle.

Anyway, I hope I can still achieve a strong field presence with this limitation, and I dunno, maybe pack a punch? This is kinda the first deck I've made where I feel like I dunno what is the game plan. I'm just playing the cards and seeing what happens.

Fun fact about the mana base: I'm playing only Lorwyn basics, because it was there where I started playing elementals. I have one of each art, and I'm aiming to get at least one foil of each type. :D

That's it, upvote if you like elementals and decks! \o/


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