This deck theme song is Giant, by Nebula (from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4).

This is the Waddle Into Battle deck from Commander 2015 collection, improved.

Boros is an aggresive color combination and giants are some cool motherfuckers, but it looks like these colors are terrible for commander... Anyway, in the right environment, it can still be fun!

This deck have a giant-tribal theme with a small angel subtheme to take advantage of Seraph Sanctuary and because they're simply too strong to stay out. Despite this deck ain't bad at casual multiplayer, it can be very threatening in 1v1 games! Sometimes I'm able to cast Kalemne by turn 3, but it's castable even by turn 2 with a Sol Ring and another drop-2 artifact if you're lucky. Then I proceed to play any drop-5 creature by the following turn and Aurelia, the Warleader for the win by the turn after that... And this is what I call a giant stomp!

What you guys think? Upvote if you like it! :D


EDIT: This deck is currently retired and disassembled. It was a good run, tho.


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