This deck is quite on a budget, first because I mostly used cards I already own... And second 'cause I'm being VERY economic on lands (I already had some Cavern of Souls lying around).

The easy part is that I also already own every single sliver, 'cause they're my favorite creatures since I started playing in 2003 (the first magic card I ever held in my hands was a Plated Sliver ). The hard part was choosing which ones I would bring to the table, 'cause I want to play them all!

Long story short: I finally disassembled my beloved legacy Sliver Slaying deck to make a commander, and for three basic reasons:

First: I was rarely using the legacy one.

Second: I am mostly playing EDH.

And third: Like someone once told me, "in commander I can use a lot more slivers, and they're better in play seeing some action than stored in my folder". :)

I guess it's true that I can use more slivers than I was using before, but I still can't use them all... It was a TORTURE to finally reach 37 in this decklist!

About the deck strategy: Search for basic lands, play some slivers, overwhelm your adversaries.

Some cards will make you a 'lil bit safer, like Sliver Hivelord , Darkheart Sliver + Hibernation Sliver , Sedge Sliver or Crypt Sliver , Diffusion Sliver , Ward Sliver , Root Sliver , Frenetic Sliver (in last case scenarios), Crystalline Sliver , Pulmonic Sliver , Asceticism , Privileged Position and Steely Resolve . I know Crystalline can get in the way of some targeting effects I control, but if it come to this I can return him to my hand or sacrifice him using other abilities. Safety first!

In case of unsafe environment, Necrotic Sliver , Harmonic Sliver , Constricting Sliver , Telekinetic Sliver , Cautery Sliver and Amoeboid Changeling + the commander can control some hazards for you. You can even search for Crib Swap using your commander's ability!

With this deck I can end the game with normal combat damage, commander damage, poison counters ( Virulent Sliver ) or playing some hard-to-achieve combos with Ashnod's Altar , Heartstone or Training Grounds , Sliver Queen and slivers giving haste and mana generation. Another combo is Paradox Engine with mana generation slivers: The right amount of slivers + your commander can cast your entire deck!

Actually with Basal Sliver + one mana generation sliver + haste I don't even need to reduce the cost of Sliver Queen ability. Just make a token, tap for 1 mana, sac for 2 mana, make a token with one mana floating. Repeat until you have as many mana of any color as you want.

In case of emergency, break the glass with Door to Nothingness . (it already won me a couple games)

I guess that's all I have to say... Upvote for Sliver Hivelord or Crypt Sliver + Supreme Verdict , or for Ghostflame Sliver + All Is Dust (this last one I'm still considering using, but both Ghostflame and All is Dust are kinda useless to me unless played together). :D

Upvote if you wanna gather all the slivers! \o/

P.S.: Which one you guys think it is better, Cautery Sliver , Acidic Sliver or Psionic Sliver ?


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