Enter my 7th commander! (what am I doing with my life?)

This one is a little bit different. After six successful EDHs, I had this increasing wish to assemble a bad/bellow average deck. (what am I doing with my life? [2])

After researching a lot, I was caught between making a "vanilla creatures only" deck (including the commander) or this one. The vanilla deck would have to get around only by combat and anthems, so in the end this Kamigawa spirit won because of its superior complexity. Not only Kamigawa is a "wtf is this?" set (despite being one of my favorites), but also Chisei's ability looks terribly sub-optimal. And for me, it was a perfect match! (what am I doing with my life? [3])



So, this deck run with counters. Generate early counters so you can sustain your commander on the field!

There are cards like Golden Urn, Eternity Vessel and Shrine of Piercing Vision who does this job quite well, they are there just to have a huge pile of counters to remove. They are like... The fuel of the deck.

Then there is the oil of the deck: The cards that helps the deck work out, lubbing the engine. Vedalken Infuser, Paradox Haze, Energy Chamber and Power Conduit are good examples of it.

If it is all rightly fueled and lubbed up, the engine runs. Cards like Lux Cannon, Ring of Three Wishes, Grindclock, Darksteel Reactor, Titan Forge and Magistrate's Scepter are the stuff this deck wants to be doing.

It can also run a couple Cumulative Upkeep cards, like Glacial Chasm and Tidal Control (for the ocean thematic? No, that's just an excuse to be a jerk), and other cards with "bad" counters like Chronozoa, Decree of Silence, Thing in the Ice   and Dark Depths. With Time of Ice you can just keep the Saga going forever and the creatures will never untap! But the commander is not that good and only removes one counter per turn, so be mindful to not be overwhelmed by "bad" counters!

Finally, there IS enough decent ramp, responses and control to maybe sneak up a pity win after laying there being useless for so long! Or maybe you can find some fun being a rock in the shoes of the other players, until you're shaken off~



I submitted this deck to the Commander Vs. Series from Star City Games YouTube channel, and it was actually played by Jon Suarez in S15E9! :D



Q: "Why are you playing this (X) card? It is horrible!" (Example: Vivid Creek.)

A: Probably because it allows me to keep my commander alive later.

Q: "And what will you do with your commander, once it is alive?"

A: I don't freaking know. The best thing I did with him so far was blocking.

Q: "Have you ever won a single match with this deck?"

A: Actually yes, for my own surprise. My opponent decided to sell his deck and quit Magic afterwards.

Q: "Why don't you run this (X) commander instead, or this (X) combo? It is so much better!"

A: Because I don't intend this deck to have a specific direction or objective at all. But I am up to suggestions and interactions, if they are not unfun or expensive. (looking at you, Aether Vial!)

Most Frenquently Asked Question: "Why?"

A: I lost control over my life.


That's all of it, hope you liked! :D

Please upvote so I can find a bit of sense in my choices. Also, feel free to leave fun name suggestions for this deck! xD

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