This is Brago, my tenth deck and second Commander deck, finally!

My first Commander, Bruna, satisfied me for years... She's still my favourite, but I was missing playing with a second option, so of course I had to make ANOTHER Azorius deck~ xD

Bruna is totally aggro, so at least this is a REAL Azorius deck, with control cards and stuff...

A cool combo is evoking AEthersnipe, Mulldrifter or Nevermaker, and then use Cloudshift, Otherworldly Journey or Momentary Blink so they aren't sacrificed. It is legal, I checked! You get them to enter the battlefield twice and still get a creature in the end. (Although it may be better to save the instant blinks for Venser, Shaper Savant!)

With Panharmonicon and the right amount of creatures (mainly Felidar Guardian and a clone of it) you can pretty much go infinite with any etb/ltb effects you have on the board. Sphinx of Uthuun can search your entire library, and cards put on the graveyard via the Sphinx can be used as much as cards in your hand when you're playing Reveillark, Karmic Guide, Sun Titan and Archaeomancer.

With Strionic Resonator you can take the most of Medomai the Ageless triggered ability. If you're also attacking with Brago, you can organize the triggers in a way that you can activate the Resonator at least twice! Or just target Brago's ability instead of Medomai's, and with Sol Ring or two common mana rocks you can flicker forever!

But of course, the easiest way to go infinite turns is with Archaeomancer + Time Warp + either your commander connecting or Conjurer's Closet.

I also run a soldier token subtheme here, if you guys noticed. Just three cards, but when they flicker it can get a little out of hand. :)

Sometimes this deck can end the game really fast by flickering Riftwing Cloudskate, Venser, Shaper Savant, Reality Acid and Spine of Ish Sah, leaving the opponents out of lands really fast.

Oh! And me and some friends are going to make a Commander League tournament, like Pokemon League but instead of gyms we will use the 10 guilds, and the badges will be guild bottons. I'll be the Azorius gym leader with this deck, that's why I'm using as much Azorius cards and Ravnica basic lands as I can. :3

I've been representing Azorius in my group of friends for a long time, having two Azorius commanders and a couple other decks:

Azorius Senate

Dragon's Maze Winner

Hope you guys like it and upvote! My friends will certainly dislike it when they see Altar of the Brood on the field while everything is either flickering or creating soldier tokens... Maybe you can win by simultaneously milling everyone. It is evil! :D


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