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Budget EDH Animar build. Hoping to get all of this rocking and rolling for $100 or less. Might be going over depending on how the initial build works.

This deck is going to utilize creatures enter the battlefield effects and bouncing those cards back to my hand. The goal with Animar is going to be to utilize any creature abilities in place of instants/sorceries if possible.

Have utilized several different resources in gathering ideas for this deck- mostly mobile research so I will include some links when I have a chance.

Thanks for checking this out!

Update: 1) Switched out a lot of expensive lands for tap lands. This is the best way to keep this deck on budget. 2) Took out a lot of the more expensive cards and the cards that weren't on theme as much. After several play tests it seems like this deck gets really out of control by turn 7-8 frequently. Many Animar decks can spiral on turn 4 or 5 but in my meta I'm not trying to go infinite so I excluded several of the more powerful cards. This also allows the deck to remain at $116 (I already owned ~20 of the cards)


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