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Omnath locus of mana (opinions needed)

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Starting on omnath cmdr deck, first cmdr build

Still in the works with this build but made some big changes this week. The idea is to ramp ramp ramp, draw as many cards as you can and place all the pieces you need in place. I plan to sit down later and break down all the combos cards and make sense of the cards that seem out of place.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment this is built to just keep hitting and growing, theres a few cards now that are game enders, but more want this to be a very intimidating figure on the field in a 4x player commander game.

Its omnath so its pretty self explanatory for the most part. However a few things a little different is I've worked in the ability to attack your own creatures while Vigor is on the field. Using Predatory Urge or Spinning Wheel Kick will allow you to do damage to any creatures including yours and with Vigor on the field and the attacking creature being omnath, thats some major power increases. Also by attacking Viridian Joiner Gyre Sage or Marwyn, the Nurturer thats some massive mana ramping, paired with Nyxbloom Ancient (Who you can also generate copy's of via Lithoform Engine or Soul Foundry) omnath will become insane very quickly.

Still working out kinks and welcome to all suggestions. Main problem is early game is lacking, first 4-5 turns mainly. Very often turn 7 it seems to just explode and you’re all set.

Thanks for looking!


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