Ended 9 months ago

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Seat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 - 1 Nightmarish End Dictate of Kruphix Aegis of the Gods Eidolon of the Great Revel Squelching Leeches Doomwake Giant Hour of Need Triton Cavalry
1 - 2 Gnarled Scarhide Dictate of Heliod Solidarity of Heroes Armory of Iroas Nightmarish End Twinflame Solidarity of Heroes Starfall
1 - 3 Hypnotic Siren Doomwake Giant Armory of Iroas Font of Ire Crystalline Nautilus Brain Maggot Magma Spray Aerial Formation
1 - 4 Grim Guardian Goldenhide Ox Whitewater Naiads Forgeborn Oreads Nessian Game Warden Harvestguard Alseids Sigiled Starfish Forgeborn Oreads
1 - 5 Humbler of Mortals Interpret the Signs Ajani's Presence Eagle of the Watch Golden Hind Disciple of Deceit Ajani's Presence Starfall
1 - 6 Market Festival Satyr Hoplite Nature's Panoply Bladetusk Boar Feast of Dreams Akroan Line Breaker Humbler of Mortals Dakra Mystic
1 - 7 Bloodcrazed Hoplite Pin to the Earth Oakheart Dryads Armament of Nyx Grim Guardian Nature's Panoply Rouse the Mob Flamespeaker's Will
1 - 8 Spite of Mogis Dreadbringer Lampads Flamespeaker's Will Sigiled Skink Reviving Melody Aerial Formation Cruel Feeding Nature's Panoply
1 - 9 Mortal Obstinacy Triton Shorestalker Supply-Line Cranes Font of Ire Aspect of Gorgon Ravenous Leucrocota Deserter's Quarters Cast into Darkness
1 - 10 Font of Fertility Oreskos Swiftclaw Thassa's Devourer Sigiled Skink Disciple of Deceit Rouse the Mob Thassa's Devourer Flamespeaker's Will
1 - 11 Aspect of Gorgon Font of Vigor Pensive Minotaur Gluttonous Cyclops Renowned Weaver Lagonna-Band Trailblazer Gluttonous Cyclops Lagonna-Band Trailblazer
1 - 12 Hubris Satyr Grovedancer Oppressive Rays Bladetusk Boar Desecration Plague Font of Vigor Renowned Weaver Goldenhide Ox
1 - 13 Font of Fortunes Gluttonous Cyclops Gluttonous Cyclops Forest Renowned Weaver Rotted Hulk Cruel Feeding Bladetusk Boar
1 - 14 Triton Shorestalker Stonewise Fortifier Kruphix's Insight Pensive Minotaur Countermand Armament of Nyx Cast into Darkness Stonewise Fortifier
2 - 1 Archetype of Imagination Fated Infatuation Archetype of Courage Impetuous Sunchaser Pheres-Band Raiders Fated Conflagration Fated Intervention Siren of the Fanged Coast
2 - 2 Searing Blood Hunter's Prowess Herald of Torment Pharagax Giant Nyxborn Wolf Raised by Wolves Lightning Volley Oracle's Insight
2 - 3 Ephara's Enlightenment Siren Song Lyre Archetype of Courage Akroan Phalanx Archetype of Courage Pillar of War Oracle of Bones Glimpse the Sun God
2 - 4 Kragma Butcher Reap What Is Sown Aerie Worshippers Akroan Skyguard Whelming Wave Nyxborn Triton Bolt of Keranos Vanguard of Brimaz
2 - 5 Nullify Asphyxiate Fanatic of Xenagos Fearsome Temper Akroan Skyguard Satyr Nyx-Smith Fall of the Hammer Acolyte's Reward
2 - 6 Lightning Volley Retraction Helix Revoke Existence Epiphany Storm Retraction Helix Mortal's Resolve Pharagax Giant Rise to the Challenge
2 - 7 Setessan Oathsworn Excoriate Gorgon's Head Rise to the Challenge Nyxborn Eidolon Setessan Oathsworn Plea for Guidance Servant of Tymaret
2 - 8 Impetuous Sunchaser Revoke Existence Weight of the Underworld Elite Skirmisher Oreskos Sun Guide Floodtide Serpent Sphinx's Disciple Nullify
2 - 9 Crypsis Crypsis Nullify Great Hart Cyclops of One-Eyed Pass Ephara's Radiance Evanescent Intellect Mortal's Ardor
2 - 10 Nyxborn Eidolon Mortal's Ardor Sudden Storm Reckless Reveler Evanescent Intellect Deepwater Hypnotist Necrobite Satyr Wayfinder
2 - 11 Swordwise Centaur Sanguimancy Hold at Bay Elite Skirmisher Claim of Erebos Swordwise Centaur Warchanter of Mogis Sphinx's Disciple
2 - 12 Nyxborn Eidolon Great Hart Claim of Erebos Reckless Reveler Griffin Dreamfinder Ephara's Radiance Necrobite Hold at Bay
2 - 13 Warchanter of Mogis Eternity Snare Divination Divination Deepwater Hypnotist Stratus Walk Epiphany Storm Deepwater Hypnotist
2 - 14 Forsaken Drifters Sphinx's Disciple Eternity Snare Floodtide Serpent Eye Gouge Ephara's Radiance Forsaken Drifters Setessan Starbreaker
3 - 1 Fabled Hero Meletis Charlatan Hammer of Purphoros Ember Swallower Fabled Hero Nemesis of Mortals Labyrinth Champion Temple of Mystery
3 - 2 Vaporkin Vaporkin Griptide Fanatic of Mogis Sealock Monster Keepsake Gorgon Soldier of the Pantheon Phalanx Leader
3 - 3 Soldier of the Pantheon Voyage's End Prescient Chimera Wingsteed Rider Phalanx Leader Fanatic of Mogis Pharika's Cure Prescient Chimera
3 - 4 Nessian Asp Warriors' Lesson Fate Foretold Fanatic of Mogis Sea God's Revenge Lightning Strike Voyaging Satyr Battlewise Valor
3 - 5 Time to Feed Wavecrash Triton Vaporkin Akroan Crusader Omenspeaker Baleful Eidolon Feral Invocation Setessan Battle Priest
3 - 6 Hopeful Eidolon Gainsay Gainsay Wingsteed Rider Prescient Chimera Nessian Asp Pharika's Cure Evangel of Heliod
3 - 7 Read the Bones Dragon Mantle Felhide Minotaur Dragon Mantle Sealock Monster Vanquish the Foul Titan's Strength Shipwreck Singer
3 - 8 Warriors' Lesson Disciple of Phenax Chosen by Heliod Rage of Purphoros Vulpine Goliath Portent of Betrayal Blood-Toll Harpy Prowler's Helm
3 - 9 Battlewise Valor Ray of Dissolution Boon of Erebos Leonin Snarecaster Blood-Toll Harpy Ray of Dissolution Blood-Toll Harpy Aqueous Form
3 - 10 Chronicler of Heroes Leonin Snarecaster Agent of Horizons Traveling Philosopher Rage of Purphoros Scholar of Athreos March of the Returned Nessian Courser
3 - 11 Cavalry Pegasus Boon of Erebos Triton Shorethief Silent Artisan Nylea's Disciple Bronze Sable March of the Returned Anvilwrought Raptor
3 - 12 Commune with the Gods Boon of Erebos Coastline Chimera Destructive Revelry Staunch-Hearted Warrior Lost in a Labyrinth Unknown Shores Triton Shorethief
3 - 13 Satyr Piper Agent of Horizons Wavecrash Triton Witches' Eye Leafcrown Dryad Satyr Hedonist March of the Returned Satyr Piper
3 - 14 Priest of Iroas Satyr Hedonist Boulderfall Guardians of Meletis Satyr Hedonist Staunch-Hearted Warrior Lost in a Labyrinth Fleshmad Steed