Harvestguard Alseids


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Journey into Nyx Common

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Harvestguard Alseids

Enchantment Creature — Nymph

Constellation - Whenever Harvestguard Alseids or another enchantment enters the battlefield under your control, prevent all damage that would be dealt to target creature this turn.

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Harvestguard Alseids Discussion

BeaudaciousGiebs on Cage em up

3 weeks ago

With any enchantment deck, constellation cards are incredibly useful, such as the previously mentioned Harvestguard Alseids and Skybind.

Other very useful abilities are those that get you things for noncreature spells, like Student of Ojutai, Myth Realized, and things with the prowess ability.

Journey to Nowhere is a pretty good removal control card.

If you are cool with splashing another color, Yavimaya Enchantress was the driving force of my own enchantment deck from a while back. No matter how much control you may have, creatures are kinda needed to be out sooner. Other good enchantment related creatures include Argothian Enchantress (bit pricier), Blessed Spirits (so gosh darn cute yet sad), Celestial Ancient (doesn't really solve speed issue), Herald of the Pantheon, Mesa Enchantress, and Verduran Enchantress. You never realize just how useful plenty of card draw is until you end up solely topdecking.

Also, from personal experience, I would advise cutting down on some lands to about 21 and balancing out the important cards. Sphere of Safety is insanely cool in this deck, as would Ethereal Armor be, but with only a single copy in the deck your odds of getting it at all are slim, so you want to make sure you have a decent chance with at least 2-3 in the deck, because they do stack.

discipleofgary73 on Did I Just Deck Myself?

3 weeks ago

I really like what's going on with this deck!
It's hard to tell how everything will run without play testing, so sorry if any of the suggestions I have aren't relevant.

The ramp is set up nicely.
For the mana side of things: If you do end up changing your creature base a bit, I think swapping out a mana generator and the Ulvenwald Tracker (without capitalizing on clues via other cards, or even artifacts being out, I don't think investigate is worth it) for a Cryptolith Rite would give you some wiggle room to throw in other creatures.
For the draw side of things: I would be careful about too much ramp happening, since most of the enchantresses are mandatory draw. You might play it and find it necessary to cut one or two. Alternatively, adding in some more insurance beyond reliquary tower could help, such as Thought Vessel, Library of Leng, Venser's Journal, or Spellbook. If you find you want even more draw to happen, Alhammarret's Archive might have some nice potential with your setup.
Another search option if you find you need to be more responsive is Plea for Guidance.
I think any enchantress that runs green should have a Herald of the Pantheon.

You also might need a few more things to discourage/respond to board wipes (something like Fracturing Gust, which actually might be worth you using yourself, depending). I've always liked Karmic Justice, though having a Replenish handy is also helpful.

If you're feeling gutsy, Vernal Equinox would probably benefit you most, and something like Horn of Greed could maximize your ramp from both sides.

I think adding a few more creatures and cutting some other cards out would make the deck the right amount of aggressive, especially with as low of an average cmc as you're running for EDH (which I respect haha, I struggle getting it that low). If you do, putting in more auras and adding Greater Auramancy could also make your deck more threatening. It depends on how you want to win: it's easy enough to pillow fort with enchantments and hold out - alternatively, fast aggro can also be super powerful in enchantress. Regardless, I think Rancor is a must-have.
Some creatures to consider: Archetype of Courage, Heliod, God of the Sun, God-Favored General, Sigarda, Host of Herons, Ajani's Chosen, Harvestguard Alseids, Humbler of Mortals, Celestial Ancient, Custodi Squire, Tethered Griffin, Yavimaya Enchantress, Gaddock Teeg and Krond the Dawn-Clad. Speaking of Krond, he might be a good alternative to Dramoka, depending on what type of control you want.

If you're looking to cut anything, I'd be partial to starting with either: Dromoka's Command, Worldly Tutor, one of the exile enchantments, Wellspring, Oath of Ajani, and/or Abundant Growth.

Hope at least some of this helped! Happy deck-building!

DaringApprentice on Witness Me!

5 months ago

I might consider going more heavily down the wheel route at some point, they seem pretty sweet in an Alesha, Who Smiles at Death deck, and Past in Flames could help me get more uses out of them for sure, thanks for that tip!

I'll be keeping Harvestguard Alseids since it can protect Alesha, Who Smiles at Death if it's brought back using her ability, but I will be replacing Whispersilk Cloak with Mother of Runes. It seems like a great card for Alesha, Who Smiles at Death, and it of course has amazing Terese Nielsen art! What's not to love? Thanks again for these great suggestions!

JacctheInsomniac on Witness Me!

5 months ago

No problem DaringApprentice, the wheel effects are fantastic for refilling your hand and dumping stuff into the graveyard. It's a bit tough at times to lose some cool stuff from your hand, but getting access to more of your deck is worth it. Plus cheating stuff in with Alesha is much easier than getting it to resolve at times.

If you wind up taking the deck down that hole, Flashback cards like Past in Flames work extremely well with mass discard outlets, and there is lots of fantastic instant speed removal in Mardu.

I'd also recommend Mother of Runes in place of Harvestguard Alseids as they both keep a high profile creature alive, but the former doesn't need any additional investment or conditions to function.

TheJTrain on Throwing a chainsaw into a room full of my friends

10 months ago

Cards to DEFINITELY 100% take out: Aura Finesse - Cantrip at best, 1/10 times will do anything notable. Simic Guildmage - Again, all auras are already going onto Karnoa anyways. Dawn's Reflection - so many better ramp spells. At best its a constellation trigger after turn 6. Fevered Visions - It contributes nothing to the grand scheme of things.

Borderline cards that should be considered being cut: Harvestguard Alseids - If someone can take out a 22/22 Karona, it most likely won't be by combat damage, and it won't save you against karona swining at you. High Priest of Penance - Neat card, but seems out of place. All auras want to be on Karona, so beefing up this guy seems counterintuitive. Lost Auramancers - good in theory, but incredibly slow. Underworld Coinsmith - in a format of 40 life, losing 1 life for two mana is underwhelming. Arrest - So many better removal spells. So. Many. Fencer's Magemark, Guardian's Magemark, and Infiltrator's Magemark - When karona isn't under your control, these are screwing you up bad. Fertile Ground and Trace of Abundance - Enchantment ramp can be destroyed, or that land that is enchanted. Mystic Remora - Awkward card draw spell. Pollenbright Wings - I'm not sure if you get the saporlings from your opponent's combat damage. Seal of Cleansing - again, there's better.

Specific suggestions: Flameblade Angel<>Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs - Kazuul does a better job of saying "hey don't attack me". Harvestguard Alseids<>Eidolon of Blossoms/Whitewater Naiads/Herald of the Pantheon - better constellation effects. Arrest/Seal of Cleansing<>Oblivion Ring/Swords to Plowshares/Path to Exile/Anguished Unmaking/Go for the Throat/any removal spell - self explanatory.

Other Suggested Ideas: Assault Suit Cultivate Ghostly Prison/Propaganda/Sphere of Safety Cyclonic Rift Illusionist's Gambit Solemn Simulacrum Indestructibility Dawnstrider/Prismatic Strands/Spike Weaver/Moment's Peace Blazing Archon/Chronomantic Escape/Elephant Grass

Also, search around for solid auras like Armadillo Cloak, things to replace awkward underwhelming cards like the magemarks or Pollenbright Wings.

Panzerforge on Piles of Pauper Legal Paper

1 year ago

Okay, from what you have here I would go 1 of 2 ways (and maybe combine them after playtesting.)

You have a solid pack of griffin, and could run in that direction, beating people down with heavy fliers.

I'm more likely to go with:

4x Akroan Skyguard
2x Heliod's Pilgrim
2x Auramancer
4x Nyxborn Shieldmate
2x Hopeful Eidolon
2x Harvestguard Alseids

4x Armament of Nyx
4x Oppressive Rays
4x Ethereal Armor
2x Lifelink
3x Pacifism

4x Gods Willing
2x Celestial Flare
1x Gideon's Reproach

20x Plains

This is, of course, just where I would start testing from.

You have good sideboard options in there for more removal, lifegain, protection, and token creation.

Mono-red burn is going to be mean to you (but might be off-set by enough lifegain in your SB), and mass-creature/token decks (like my Spawning Pool Party.) as you don't have access to good board wipes.

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