Beckon Apparition


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common
Eventide Common

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Beckon Apparition


Remove target card in a graveyard from the game. Put a 1/1 white and black Spirit creature token with flying into play.

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Beckon Apparition Discussion

KoriAne on I Can't Believe It's Not Not Pauper!

17 hours ago

You also have to fear Electrickery, and the edicts shut you down. Is the problem of every aura deck without hexproof. It's too easy to do a 2x1. Why not add Beckon Apparition?? It's super synergic, instant, activate the mimic, counter the edicts, remove a card in the oppo's graveyard and you can use it on oppo's turn to enchant in in yours and attack with a 4/4 lifelink.

ginko2580 on Budget GW Tokens

3 days ago

Beckon Apparition might help for some early Flying defence and along with Wake the Reflections. cheaper than Lingering souls but without the flashback.

or even a Deadly Recluse to slow down opponents until you can get your Wurms out....?

does Ready / Willing help you at all?

ginko2580 on Wurms+Ramp = Wamp

1 month ago

I love the G/W Token decks... too much fun.

Just a couple thoughts; I'll start at sideboard ideas. (just thought's ideas for you, don't laugh and hate on me, lol)

Beckon Apparition might help you?

Sundering Growth, Druid's Deliverance, Rootborn Defenses Instant speed and Populate... Druid might be a good main for you?

I also like the Wake the Reflections even at sorcery speed (with Thragtusk for )

You didn't like the Parallel Lives? vs. your Growing Ranks same CMC? and could trigger multiple times rather than just once during your upkeep?

Ok, maindeck thought's;

Grove of the Guardian ... that's an 8/8 with Trostani OTB?

you got 4x Elvish Mystic's already and the 2x llanowar's... what about drop the llanowar's and try Whisperer of the Wilds... just about everyone (other than elves) trigger Ferocious for you? OR Gyre Sage's will pump up fast for you too... just x2 though...

ginko2580 on Budget 8-Rack (Needs Help)

1 month ago

Appetite for Brains ... Despise ... I didn't see them in there....

Cremate .. Beckon Apparition .. Vile Rebirth.. something to do with those Discards? and these are Instant's???

Black Cat Vs.Drainpipe Vermin not sure, (2CMC) but Cat is a "Random" Discard??? and doesn't need to be paid to activate...

or maybe a Wight of Precinct Six? again something to do with the Discards?

Seeing this is "Your" take on the Rack... what about adding in Blue and the Mill??? and Alt-Win-Con's

Jace's Phantasm might work along with the Wight's if you liked them???

also opens options like Dimir Charm and Psychic Strike Mind Grind Pilfered Plans

Mind Sculpt and Tome Scour with the Phantasm/Wight's???

Quicken might work with all the sorceries you have (20 of them)?

Just thought's good luck...

MrJH on Orzhov Tokens

2 months ago

If you are looking for card search Diabolic Tutor could work for you. Quarantine Field and Beckon Apparition could give you some removal while you build up your tokens. Tablet of the Guilds and Death Grasp can give you some life gain. Zealous Persecution could be used as an all in finisher.

HalfaCatfish on Puny pawns of the puzzle

2 months ago

That's pretty good suddestions, I'll think about running Spectral Procession and Mogg War Marshal, I've already considered Triplicate Spirits but even with the convoke they r too much mana. Beckon Apparition is very good and I will probably end up using that too, thanks PlanarDevourer

PlanarDevourer on Puny pawns of the puzzle

2 months ago

Mogg War Marshal is much better than both Dragon Fodder and Krenko's Command. Also have you considered Triplicate Spirits, as it essentially acts as a Spectral Procession at common. Also Beckon Apparition works wonders in the board against reanimation, providing both disruption and additional pressure in a single package.

VermilionNexus on WG Token Deck

3 months ago

You would destroy Doomed Traveler So you could get the 1/1 with flying. So then when you play at least one Intangible Virtue you would have a 2/2 with flying and vigilance. Doomed Traveler Itself is used to get a 1/1 with flying. Although I may edit the deck to include Growing Ranks, because who wouldn't want to populate every turn? Also, Second Harvest might be used to replace my current Druid's Deliverance, since it's a better instant for gaining tokens. However, Raise the Alarm is like Gather the Townsfolk except with Soldiers instead of Humans, and if you have 5 or less life you get 5 1/1 Humans. Spectral Procession Would probably be better than both though. Since it is 3 1/1 with flying. Beckon Apparition is also a decent one for spirits, if there's at least one card in either graveyard.

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