Beckon Apparition

Beckon Apparition

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Remove target card in a graveyard from the game. Put a 1/1 white and black Spirit creature token with flying into play.

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Beckon Apparition Discussion

Thalanza on 2014-12-15 update of Surprise!!!! (Sideboard ...

1 week ago

Not the best one because you need a card in a graveyard but you have Beckon Apparition

dsagent on 2014-12-15 update of Surprise!!!! (Sideboard ...

1 week ago

Beckon Apparition

Also I recommend something that makes tokens like one of the Elspeth cards.

pigsforever on 2014-11-28 update of Now you're ...

3 weeks ago

You can also exile an Emrakul on a Windbrisk Heights to cheat it out. Beckon Apparition SOMETIMES works as a flying Spiritual Visit. That depends on your meta.

Regi2000 on 2014-11-20 update of Flying Spooky ...

1 month ago

The main problem I see is that if your opponent draws two Path to Exile, it becomes very hard for the deck to win. Oblivion Ring and Detention Sphere have a similar effect.

I also question the very logic behind bounce spells. It is pure card disadvantage 90% of the time. Look at Cyclonic Rift. For two mana, it gets rid of a nonland permanent for 1 turn. Wouldn't you rather pay 3 mana for an Oblivion Ring or one mana for a Path to Exile and get rid of it permanently? How about 2 mana for a Mana Leak? In my opinion, those sound better.

Prophetic Prism is terrible. If you have mana problems, fix your mana base. Don't add cards that cost you tempo and do nothing beyond what a good mana base does.

Mire's Toll is another card that I do not agree with. You want to combo off on turn four. On turn three, you cast Proteus Staff, and it is exposed to counterspells. If you do get to turn four with a staff, the best you can hope for is revealing four cards. Compared to Blackmail, that's one card more on turn four, and by then the opponent may not even have four cards in hand. Blackmail isn't the best spell either. Inquisition of Kozilek effectively weeds out most removal, since most removal is 3cmc or lower, and doesn't give your opponent the choice what to show you.

Beckon Apparition is another one. It could be a sideboard card, but 4 of in the mainboard? Really? There are some matchups where all it does is make a 1/1 for 1. That seems very suboptimal. Compare it to Relic of Progenitus. The relic cycles for two mana, at worst, and removes the entire graveyard, not to mention shrinking it by one every turn.

Also, Triplicate Spirits is bad. You do not need millions of tokens to combo off. One is enough. Try running Raise the Alarm. It's an instant, costs much less mana, and is on-curve with proteus staff.

DuTogira on What? I thought they were 1/1s!

1 month ago

Since the idea is to be poly morphing ASAP, might I suggest replacing your high mana cost token makers with cheaper ones like Beckon Apparition and Spiritual Visit . All you need is one card in your yard, and if u add draw engines like Serum Visions and Gitaxian Probe over Polymorphous Rush , that wouldn't be hard at all. You already have 8 other Polymorph spells anyway, so with these draw engines it shouldn't be hard to get to them. I still love the idea of this deck. It opens like a white weenies deck them BAM!!! Inkwell Leviathan .
+1 for creative genius and comical value.

awesomealex77 on Spirits

1 month ago

Spectral Procession and Lingering Souls are very good in my spirits deck. The Most Awkward Wedge Just Got More Most Awkward. Beckon Apparition is also sweet to control graveyards.

RDorothy on Solar Eclipse

1 month ago

another update lol. more combat tricks with Beckon Apparition and threat removal with Memoricide .

Femme_Fatale on Abzanian Death March

1 month ago

Your mid game problem from my standpoint is because you don't have enough creatures to pull through at that point but yet you are relying heavily on permanents that rely on a heavy board state.

In that regard: I would remove 1x Ajani Steadfast , 1x Spirit Bonds , 1x Beckon Apparition (wha?) and 1x Hardened Scales for now. Later you might find the need to remove another Hardened Scales and a Abzan Ascendancy .

Your creature base is also pretty bad for mid-game too. Too many one drop deathtouchers. I would remove 6 of them. Preferably leaving only one rat and one snake left over.

As for what I would add: 3x Siege Rhino , 3x Sylvan Caryatid and 4x Fleecemane Lion . Maybe some Rakshasa Deathdealer s and Courser of Kruphix s as well.

Then, your mana base needs fixing. Far too many tap lands for all these one drops. 3 Windswept Heath s at the minimum for you, followed by at least 1 of all three pain lands in your colour (Mana Confluence is included here, though I usually like to go these up to 2 if I have Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth ).

Hornet Nest is only really good if you can burn it yourself, so I wouldn't use it in Abzan because of that and all the fliers in standard. Removing that would leave some room for the Courser of Kruphix s.

Power / Toughness 0
Color(s) Black White
Cost {W/B}
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 2.91
Avg. cube pick 2.86


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common
Eventide Common

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