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Birds of a Feather Storm Together

Commander / EDH RW (Boros) Spellslinger Storm



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Feather Storm

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With how commander oriented any Feather deck is she needs to be protected and we have a good protection package for her. Best part is that they are all reusable because of her.

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The best way to get any of the game winners in this deck is luck of the draw or the better of the two: card advantage of which we have damn near a dozen reusable forms of it.

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This one kind of speaks for itself.

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List is small but what there is is very effective.

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If we draw into more of these than damage dealers then these cards will give us enough critters to win through combat.

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Speaking of winning through combat these cards will help the token army finish opponents faster.

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These cards will deal damage just for casting any of the instants and sorcery spells which we will be doing multiple times per turn

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