Put on site to keep track of the deck for myself.

This deck is primarily group hug focused but with a twist. Give everyone the resources to do with what they want then flip the script and go for the KO with the gifts provided to them.

Halo Fountain + Sylvan Awakening

A very very silly way to win but still a win con in this deck!

Insurrection/Reins of Power

What was given can just as easily be taken away.

Phelddagrif + Fractured Identity

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas....only a hippopotamus will dooooooooooo

This deck is so fun and versatile, it accelerates the game quickly and gives everybody at the table the ability to play, even from behind, which is what magic is really all about. Nothing is fun about having someone sit there being land screwed or top decking unplayable cards the whole time.

My only recommendation is to not play this deck when a landfall deck is in the same group. The advantages this list provides to them is unmatched and the game will be very favorable on their end. cough Treacherous Terrain

This decklist is forever in flux as this is the main deck I play with my playgroups. It will change regularly but the cards removed from the main list will be added to the maybe-board as they can always be swapped back in for whatever mood I am in.

Thanks for the views and upvotes and as always any recommendations are appreciated and noted!


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Greetings all,

I have been unable to play magic since the New Year due to a new job but now I am finally able to go back through my catalogue and start making major changes and or completely overhauling decks from the ground up. I have made A LOT of decks public for the first time and or privatized others while i update their deck lists completely. Thanks for your understanding and as always feedback is appreciated!

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