Built to be played exclusively in french commander 1v1 (20hp).

Like pretty much every Narset, Enlightened Master deck, the game plan is to hold and handle everything the opponent is trying to do, and find the right window to cast the commander onto the battlefield. Once it's there, one attacking phase should be enough to take the advantage and in some case even close the game thanks to the triggered ability of Narset, Enlightened Master.
Typically you want to play an extra turn every turn and play some planeswalkers along the way to seal the victory.

Some synergies worth mentioning :

- Maze of Ith can tempo your opponents attack as usual, but since Narset, Enlightened Master has Hexproof and not Shround, it can also be used to save her from ambush blocks of from a difficult board where attacking would normally kill her.

- Eiganjo Castle kind of serve the same purpose to save Narset, Enlightened Master from combat damage, but it also allows me to cast Pyroclasm, clearing the small creatures without killing her (providing that I have enough mana available of course).

- I play both Silence and Orim's Chant because it can either gives me some kind of an extra turn when I cast it during my opponent's upkeep before the draw step (particularly effective vs aggro decks), or it can allows me to cast my commander or any other important spells without the fear of a counterspell if I'm in a control mirror match up.

- It goes without saying that Jace, the Mind Sculptor is one of the most powerful card in the game, but it fits particularly well when Narset, Enlightened Master is on the board and ready to attack thanks to its +0 ability that can allow you to put in your library some of the most expensive spells that are too "heavy" for your hand, and will be cast freely once Narset, Enlightened Master attacks (especially good if you have any extra turn spell in your hand).

- Since Mystical Tutor is banned in the format, I play Long-Term Plans in replacement. It's less powerfull of course, but it does the same job when Narset, Enlightened Master is on the board and ready to attacks. Nevertheless, it's a bit "dead" when she's not and that's probably why it's not a very popular card in other lists. Also, Personal Tutor can do the trick and is still relevant on an empty board.
Both allows me to go fetch for Time Stretch or any other additional turn available in my library before the attacking trigger of Narset, Enlightened Master casts it for free.

- Snapcaster Mage is oftenly played as the one and only creature in a Narset, Enlightened Master deck, but I decided to go with Mission Briefing instead. Although it's a little harder to cast because of the double blue, and doesn't have a body, it also doesn't go to the bin when exiled by Narset, Enlightened Master attacking triggered ability. Plus, the Surveil 2 part is also relevant in this deck, considering the amount of instants and sorceries.

Feel free to add any suggestions or comments :)


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