I've been thinking a lot about my Necrobloom deck, but I'm kind of stuck right now. Maybe that's because I'm having a hard time committing to a mechanic, but I don't really want to. After all, the deck should be fun and not just be designed to lay down a specific combo. So I tried to combine a mixture of landfall, dredge, and toolbox mechanics without keeping the power level too low, because my playgroup tends to play mid to high power decks.

This Commander deck is all about making the most of your lands, bringing cards back from the graveyard, and having a ton of fun with landfall abilities. You’ll ramp up quickly to get lots of lands onto the battlefield, which triggers different effects that create tokens, draw cards, and make your creatures stronger. The deck is pretty resilient too, with plenty of ways to bring back important cards from the graveyard so you can keep playing your best stuff even if it gets removed. You’ve got protection for your key creatures and flexible removal to handle any threats. The main idea is to overwhelm your opponents with a growing army of creatures, keep the pressure on with recurring cards, and use your lands to control the game and secure the win.

This is my current deck list and my maybe list, from which I would like to make any adjustments. I look forward to your feedback and am also happy to receive good suggestions.


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