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Tishana Combo: The Card Advantalanche *Budget MTGO

1v1 Commander* Budget Combo Elves G/U (Simic) Ramp Voltron




This is my favorite online deck to play. Seriously its so fun. You get to ramp like crazy and draw like a million cards. There are so many ways to use the same cards for either tempo or comboing out and winning its nuts. Games are over between turn 5 and 8 usually. Especially in a creature heavy meta with minimal board wipes around, this deck is just amazing.

Blinking, bouncing and copying effects will draw a ton of cards targeting Tishana late game, or early game it can reuse an ETB removal dork like Acidic Slime. Blink effects also work like a counterspell to protect an important creature from opposing spot removal. It's not hard to accumulate a 30 something card hand and attack for the win in one turn. Many people scoop just to the card draw effect too (which is a let down). Vizier of Many Faces and Cackling Counterpart are especially great because you can use them to copy Tishana and when you choose the real Tishana to keep, you get a card draw trigger, and then the card goes to the graveyard to be cast one more time! A common line for me is casting (or tutoring out the Vizier with a Birthing Pod or something) and Embalming it the same turn to draw a ton of cards.

Psychosis Crawler is the other primary win condition with Tishana. It will do huge amounts of damage with all the card draw triggers happening so we don't even need to attack to win. But if we plan to attack, there's also ways to give the Crawler or Tishana unblockable or trample or haste to one shot kill players literally outta nowhere.

If we get our first wave of mana dorks wiped away, then its potential for winning drops quite a bit. Its kinda a glass cannon in that way, so I've been adding counter magic to protect from this. Planeswalkers and powerful enchantments will also help keep a board presence through most board wipes, but it's important to play cautiously and not run into a situation where a board wipe kills everything you have if possible. If we have 5 or 6 lands in play, and have already drawn cards off casting a Tishana, a board wipe isn't too bad anyways. Its the early ones before casting Tishana that really slow down progress and wreck games.

I've flashed in Tishana in response to a board wipe just to draw a bunch of cards before she dies. Killing this commander is often a mistake if you are playing vs. this deck, because I usually try to recast her as often as possible. Unless I somehow couldn't get value from casting her or could not afford to cast her, she is crucial for our primary game plans. There are backup ways to win without her just in case she's not available but she does everything best. The backup backup wincons are simply replacing Tishana with Prime Speaker Zegana, getting a big Garruk Wildspeaker ultimate, Overwhelming Stampede for the win...or chipping away with mana dorks?

Tishana's the primary win condition and card draw engine. She also combos beautifully with a couple important mana dorks Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix & Selvala, Heart of the Wilds, to generate a proportionate amount of mana to the amount of card draw done. The turn we begin to combo, we will likely need lots of mana to win on the spot. If neither of those scaling mana dorks are in play, another big mana card(s) probably needs to be out. Its also quite possible to draw into Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx from Tishana and explode with mana the same turn as casting her. I always try to avoid making land drops before casting Tishana just in case I draw into an important land.

A lot of times we can go turn 1 mana elf, turn 2 play a 3 drop mana dork, and turn 3 we have between 5-7 mana to play a big spell like Mana Reflection. Something like that happens in a decent percentage of games. Getting to play Tishana turn 3, and drawing 3 cards is a fine way to jump start the mid game.

Wild Pair + Psychosis Crawler Combo

Here's a cool interaction that came up already. I had bounced Tishana to my hand to replay her to get another card draw trigger, and when she was re-cast from my hand it triggered the Wild Pair in play. Because Psychosis Crawler and Tishana, Voice of Thunder both have the same power and toughness all the time I was able to choose it as it's pair amazingly. So the Crawler came into play before Tishana's card draw trigger went onto the stack and it surprisingly killed my opponent without attacking!

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